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tlotzeI've a question on
tlotzeIn the doc tests of of, it says that a container sets an item's __parent__ and __name__ and fires events unless the __parent__ and __name__ have already been set.14:00
tlotzeWhat's supposed to happen if the values are inconsistent, i.e. I do some_container["foo"] = bar where bar.__parent__ == other_container and bar.__name__ == "baz"?14:01
tlotzeIn particular, what is supposed to happen if I add an item to a container twice, under different names?14:01
tlotzeCurrently the values on the item are silently overwritten, but this doesn't feel like a good idea, and in any case it seems like an under-specified spot.14:02
mgedminI agree that it is horrifyingly underspecified14:04
mgedminhowever I have found the behaviour useful14:04
mgedminwhen you want to replace the container type with something else14:05
mgedminyou can do14:05
mgedminnew_container = MyContainerType()14:05
mgedminfor key, value in old_container.items(): new_container[key] = value14:05
mgedmindel old_container14:05
mgedminactually, I take the "horrifyingly underspecified" bit back14:06
tlotzeI wondered about all this in a similar case; in a zodb evolution, we rename an item: x["new name"] = x["old_name"]; del x["old_name"]14:06
mgedminthe Pythonic thing is that code should be obvious and should not require the reading of documentation to understand what it does14:06
mgedmintlotze: the best thing to do is to write a test14:07
mgedminor at least add assert x["new name"].__name__ == "new name" and x["new name"].__parent__ is x14:07
mgedminto the generation script itself14:07
mgedminbut a unit test is better14:07
tlotzeI just wonder what happens if one doesn't use this "feature" like in our two examples, but adds the same object twice. That silently leads to inconsistencies.14:07
mgedminthen when someone decides the current behaviour is a bug and merges the "bugfix" into the release branch, you'll notice14:08
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fcorreaHi srs, quick q about views as actions of forms. I have a view called searchResults.html. I am trying to set this in my form  like this tal:attributes="action context/@@searchResults.html" but I am getting a Bus error here. Am I missing something?22:23
fcorreaBTW-If I hard code the action="@@searchResults.html" it works22:23
Theuniyou don't want the view there, but the URL to the view22:23
Theunicontext/@@searchResults.html *renders* the view, not determine it's url22:24
fcorreathe view is registered to *22:24
Theunijust doing @@searchResults.html should be fine though22:24
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philiKONfcorrea, string:${context/absolute_url}/@@searchResults.html22:25
fcorreaok. Thanks. I thought the best way to do it was using TAL, but that's ok22:25
philiKONif you want to be absolutely sure22:25
fcorreaphiliKON: better one ;)22:25
philiKONfcorrea, string:${context/@@absolute_url}/@@searchResults.html   even22:25
fcorreaTheuni, philiKON Thank you guys22:26
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