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tlotzestill wondering about stuff...12:18
tlotzethis time the containment constraints12:19
tlotzeIs there any special reason why constraints on container types and types of items in a container are expressed in such different way?12:19
philiKONtlotze, what do you mean?12:20
tlotzeEspecially the fact that the container type constraint is a Field on the contained interface is a bit annoying, since it keeps interfering with any other schema fields on the interface it is used on.12:20
philiKONwell, it is a constraint on the __parent__ field12:21
philiKONi think that makes sense12:21
philiKONif you want to avoid interference, put the constraint on a different interface12:21
tlotzeThe trouble is that __parent__ is a field at all.12:21
philiKONIRecipe has the normal fields and IRecipeCOntained has the __parent__ field12:21
tlotzebut that leads to a lot of small interfaces which exists for a purely technical reason12:21
philiKONyou're trying to express a technical thing :)12:22
philiKONnote that the "interference" can easily be avoided, too12:22
philiKONwhen in formlib, just omit __arent__ and __name__12:22
philiKONfor example12:22
tlotzebut it feels a little awkward having to do this12:23
tlotzeI mean, you have no choice whether to exclude __parent__, for example.12:23
philiKONwhat do you mean?12:23
tlotzeThere's simply no widget for it, so formlib will bomb if you forget to exclude it.12:23
philiKONexlude it :)12:24
tlotzeThat's what I feel is awkward.12:24
philiKONform_fields = Fields(IRecipe).omit('__parent__', '__name__')12:24
tlotzeHaving to express things which don't give me a choice anyway.12:24
philiKONwhy not12:24
philiKONthere could be a widget for __parent__12:24
philiKONperhaps someone has that use case12:24
philiKONformlib and containment are orthogonal12:24
* tlotze tr4ies to imagine one...12:25
philiKONzope.schema.Object has a widget12:25
philiKONfor example :)12:25
philiKONanyways, you could of course register a null-widget12:25
philiKONfor __parent__12:25
tlotzeI mean, strictly speaking, you're right.12:25
philiKONbut that seems hardly worht the effort12:25
tlotzeIt's just that I find code littered with these containment interfaces which all look the same - not very elegant, I feel.12:26
philiKONi think it depends on the way you want to express things12:27
philiKONif you can imagine recipes that aren't contained, splitting it up is ok i think12:27
philiKONIRecipe expresses recipe data12:27
philiKONIREcipeContained expresses how recipes fit into the hierarchy in a particular app12:28
MJphiliKON: Nice solution to the virtual host prob12:28
MJphiliKON: I take it you'll need to assign the custom IVirtualHostRoot interface to the folder traversed?12:29
tlotzephiliKON, sure12:29
MJ(you didn't say in your email)12:29
philiKONMJ, yeah, forgot to say that12:29
philiKONMJ, feel free to reply12:29
tlotzeIt's just so wordy...12:29
* MJ closed the browser already..12:29
MJSorry, I am about to leave, so I can't.12:30
philiKONtlotze, true. what are you suggesting though?12:30
philiKONi mean, the inteference in formlib, etc. can be dealt with by either explicitly omitting the fields12:31
philiKONor by writing helpers that do that12:31
philiKONso you don't have to do it all the time12:31
philiKONother than that i'd be happyt o listen to suggestions ;)12:31
tlotzeI'd have suggested using an Attribute instead of a Field, or maybe something involving a method - anything that doesn't get in the way of schemas.12:32
philiKONAttribute has no way of specifying constraints12:32
philiKONwe want to express a constraint12:32
philiKONthat's what schemas are there for12:32
philiKONschema fields that is12:32
philiKONexpressing constraints12:32
philiKONthe fact that you can make forms out of them is just *one* application of schemas12:32
philiKONas you see, containment constraints is another one12:32
tlotzeIt's admittedly an elegant and clean design.12:33
philiKONi think so too12:33
tlotzeIt just ends up yielding wordy code in simple use cases.12:33
philiKONi sort of agree12:33
einsdid any body succeed to use different sqlalchemy engines for different instances of objects of the same class? is it possible at all?12:33
tlotzephiliKON, if we accept using a Field for __parent__, why not use a Field for contained items? Why stick that constraint to a method?12:35
philiKONwhich field would you use?12:36
philiKONcontainers don't store their contained objects in attributes12:36
philiKONthey use __setitem__12:36
philiKONso we have a precondition for __setitem__12:36
philiKONthe precondition says: only foo bojects allowed12:36
tlotzetechnically it's clear12:36
tlotzeJust caught myself in time before over-generalizing thing12:37
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philiKONtlotze, ;)12:38
philiKONtlotze, btw, the precondition system allows you to write very flexible preconditions12:39
philiKONsuch as: this container only takes persistent objects12:39
philiKON(of course, that could still be expressed with the interface-based one, using IPersistent)12:40
philiKONjust giving an example12:40
tlotzeanother wild idea: what about __setparent__()? Setting the precondition on that would make for symmetry and wouldn't force a __parent__ field on an interface.12:41
tlotzeIf someone wants such a field (and widget and all) they can always choose to add one. Other don't have to...12:43
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philiKONtlotze, so you're suggesting that IContained objects gain a __setparent__ method?12:59
tlotzeOne might even consider sending events there, or doing something about the name the object is being assigned.13:00
philiKONhow would get an an objects parent?13:01
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tlotzeIt would make for some symmetry while I don't see why one shouldn't just look at __parent__.13:02
tlotze(I'm not suggesting taking __parent__ away...)13:03
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philiKONseems very unpythonic to me13:04
philiKONnot being able to set __parent__, but getting it13:04
tlotzeWould a property help solve this?13:05
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tlotzeSetting the precondition on the getter wouldn't force a field on the interface, just a declaration of the getter.13:06
* tlotze is away for lunch for a short while13:06
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tlotzeback again13:40
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tlotzecontainment constraints lend themselves to funny things ;o)15:09
tlotzeSuppose I have a container A and a container B. the latter being an attribute of A.15:09
tlotzeSuppose further I have objects of class C which physically belong in B.15:10
tlotzeAnd now suppose I want the add menu on A to show an entry for adding a C object (which will be added to B, not A under the hood).15:11
tlotzeIt sort of "works" if I ly to Zope about containment and put contains(<some interface implemented by C>) in an interface implemented by A.15:12
philiKONtlotze, don't do funny things like that :)15:12
tlotzeBut the add menu isn' the only one interested in containment constraints, so this is bad.15:12
philiKONthe "under the hood" statement is already a sign that you're exceeding the standard containment machinery15:12
tlotzeBut what's the right way to do it?15:12
philiKONi odn't know your use case15:13
tlotzeI just wonder how to clean up this code...15:13
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tlotzeA represents a rather complex entity which can be assigned many objects of types C, D, E...15:13
tlotzeTo get some sort of order into things, we collect C objects in the B container.15:14
philiKONwhat is "it"?15:14
philiKONsorry, what is "A"15:14
philiKONand it what terms is it "assigned"?15:15
tlotzeA is a person, C is, say, letters related to the person, D might be the person's friends, whatever15:16
philiKONa person's friends are also persons?15:16
tlotzeSorry for the generic "assigned"...15:16
philiKONi mean, you don't necessaril yhave to express all this in containment constraints15:16
tlotzeOr make it email addresses.15:16
tlotzeHow to affect the add menu then?15:17
philiKONwhy use the add menu?15:17
philiKONbtw, the add menu is controlled via <browser:addMenuItem />15:17
tlotzeBecause we use it in other places and it is what users are used to if they want to add something.15:17
philiKONwhich can point to pretty much any factory or add view15:17
philiKONif you want to use the add menu and do funky stuff, i want you rown adding (+) view15:18
tlotzeWhat if I use addMenuItem in contradiction to container constraints?15:18
philiKONthis adding view produces the info for the add menu15:18
* tlotze might just as well try it out before asking stupid questions...15:18
philiKONi'm not convinced the add menu is useful for adding stuff that isn't directly containment related15:19
philiKONthere's nothing wrong with custom menus15:19
tlotzeAh, I didn't think of @@adding... sounds like what we want.15:19
philiKONnot @@adding15:19
philiKON+ is the adding view15:19
philiKONadd forms are registered for IAdding15:19
philiKONit's all in my book :)15:19
dobeeprojekt01: ayt?15:32
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timteis their any info on using local utilities in zope 3.3?23:44
philiKONmy book has some23:46
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timtephiliKON: I meant available _now_  :)23:52
philiKONtimte, 1st ed is available now23:52
timtebut isn't local utilities rewritten in 3.3?23:52
philiKONjus tmade simpler23:53
timteok, I'll read in your book then, I have it here... somewhere  :)23:55
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