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benji<fire-starter>yeah... Gentoo isn't anything to get excite about</fire-starter>00:48
philiKONdid i miss anyting?00:54
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rockyphiliKON: seems like the gentoo project made a global announcement about some new gentoo release00:57
rockyi know i got a notice or privmsg or something00:57
rockywhich i quickly dismissed00:57
* philiKON sees it now00:58
* philiKON always ignores lilo's msgs00:58
d2manyone experiencing problems with the zope3-dev mailing list ? no new postings for more than 2 days now...00:59
philiKONsrichter, *cough* this is the checkin police speaking... where are your tests? ;)01:01
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sivangphiliKON: they said something about Gentoo's new release..;-)01:14
srichterphiliKON: in my code; I noticed that the ZCML directives are undertested; also I do not like the viewlet ZCML directive policies; I put this collectively in an urgent To Do01:18
philiKONsrichter, 'in my code' == your sandbox? because the checkin certainly doesn't have any tests01:19
srichterI know ;-)01:20
srichterI meant customer code ;-)01:20
philiKONuh huh...01:21
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Theunii saw the first laptop on with a core duo 2!06:10
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SmokeyDhi all, I've got some formlib views generating tables for output. I also want to export this data to xml. Any hints/suggestions on how to start this?13:36
SmokeyDI know the xml basics, xslt stuff and the like, but not the tools in python/zope3 to generate xml13:37
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MJI'll have to symlink the zope.html library into my Zope3 software home, don't I..13:39
floxSmokeyD: look at xml.minidom13:42
floxthat is Python standard library13:42
flox ./++apidoc++/Code/xml/dom/minidom13:45
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SmokeyDthanks flox13:49
SmokeyDi'll look at it13:49
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* baijum_ expects some comment on chapter organization/ordering of
mexiKONbaijum_, i'd change the name of the book :)16:40
mexiKONit souns like you're trying to imitate a well known brand16:40
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baiju1mexiKON: any suggestion for book title?17:05
* baiju1 is afraid of trademark issues17:05
mexiKONbaiju1, what's the goal of this book?17:06
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benjimexiKON: the goal should be to keep baijum online for more than 10 minutes at a time17:09
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mexiKONbenji, ah, and how do we do that? tsunami prevention system?17:10
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baijummexiKON: an online uptodate comprehensive guide to Zope 3 maintained as a wiki book by community17:11
* baijum 's inet connection is still not good17:12
mexiKONbaijum, how about "Zope 3 Online Book"17:13
mexiKONor, "Zope 3 Online Guide"17:13
benjigood acronym: ZOG17:13
mexiKONZ3OG /me hides17:13
mexiKONactually, since i've volunteered for' documentation section and all that17:14
mexiKONi'd love to see such efforts back on zope.org17:14
mexiKONthe ZDG, Zope Book, etc.17:14
mexiKONso, it'd be good to be able to distinguish them17:14
baijumI wan to move this to new zope.org17:14
mexiKONyes, good idea17:14
mexiKONwe should talk about this17:15
mexiKONi have some ideas17:15
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TheuniZ3 OGR (pronounce: oger) (17:16
mexiKONzope 3 online guide R...?17:17
mexiKONactually, we're in a dilemma a bit17:18
mexiKONon one hand, i think we should not emphasize zope 2 vs. zope 3 as much17:18
mexiKONwe're zope. we borrow technology from all projects nowadays17:18
TheuniResistance is futile17:18
mexiKONon the other hand, documentation is often specific to a certain project, like zope 2, zope 3.17:18
* mexiKON shoudl really write down his ideas17:19
* baijum leaving17:19
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whitis there a version of the testrunner that works with eggs? ie can find tests in eggs or tests in packages installed ala python develop?18:20
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whitJ1m: a testrunner question for you18:26
whitis there a testrunner version that can discover tests in egg and other easy install setups?18:26
whitor an easy way to hack that into an older testrunner?18:27
whitc'mon, somebody has to have encounter this problem at some point18:31
benjiwhit, I can throw something at Jim if you want :)18:40
whitbefore you bug him benji, does it make sense what i'm asking?18:40
benjiI think so, but I haven't dug into eggs yet18:41
J1mwhit: testrunner isn't egg aware yet.18:41
J1mIf eggs are unzipped, then the testrunner can work with them just fine.18:41
whitmy "eggs" are just pkgs install via python develop18:42
J1mThen the test runner should be able to handle them just fine.18:43
J1mOf course, you have to tell it to search them.18:43
whitvia --path?18:44
J1mThe zc.buildout zc.recipe.testrunner recipe does this for you.18:44
J1mAlthough the testrunner recipe doesn't work w zope atm because it needs an option for extra paths to include.18:45
J1mI hope to fix this in the next few days.18:45
whitis there some design reason that automatically adding the pkg to the source path doesn't occur?18:46
whitin most situation it would seem the package found in sys.path would be the package you want to test...?18:46
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J1mSo you would run all of the tests in the standard library?18:49
J1mI wouldn't like that myself.18:50
J1mI generally *only* want to test the things I'm working on, not everything I'm using.18:50
whitJ1m:  different concern.   ie when I run -s blah.mypackage18:51
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whitI'm actually using ianbickings workingenv to constrain python's execution and installation environment18:53
benjiwhit, you might like zc.buildout18:53
whitI wouldn't mind if all the tests in  myenv/lib/python were run18:53
J1mBut the system libraries are still in your path.18:53
whitbenji:  I've been looking at it18:53
J1mZODB is in your path too I bet.18:53
J1mDo you want to run al of the ZEO tests>18:53
whitJ1m:  don't be dense. of course not18:54
whitmaybe I mistunderstand the --path option18:54
whitand maybe I should explain a bit better about the layout18:55
whitworkingenv lets me unpack eggs into a directory as one would do with site-packages, and then inserts this into my sys.path when I activate the environment18:57
whitthe packages that I am developing to work with zope are also 'installed' here18:57
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whitif the actual code it's in myenv/lib/python(as would be the case with python develop), I'm assuming that the testrunner can't find it?18:59
whitw/ --path?18:59
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ignasyay got a bug in HTTP caller20:50
* Theuni runs20:51
ignasanyone with commit rights who wants to fix it ?20:52
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Theunidid you report it?20:55
* Theuni looks at ignas 20:55
Theunidon't you have commit rights?20:55
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ignasno, not yet20:56
ignasok g2g at the moment will report it when i'll be at home20:56
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J1mwhit: the test runner can find it w --path.  You have to give the path to the actual source directory that the egg-link points to.21:25
J1mYou eggs are probably already on the path (by virtue of workingenv)21:25
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J1mThe test runner needs to be told to work there.21:25
J1mBut, if they are develop eggs, you have to point at the directoy contained in the -link file.21:26
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whitJ1m:  right.  part of my issue was some silent errors due to not expanding the user path: ala ~/dev/blah21:26
J1mThe testrunner recipe handles this properly.21:27
whitI had reasonable success using --test-path=/src/pkg/src/21:27
J1m--path should work too, but --test-path is more precise.21:27
whitJ1m:  can I use that recipe for zope2 too?21:27
J1mYes and no. :)21:29
J1mYou can't actually use it for zope 3 either.21:29
* whit chuckles21:29
whitsounds like I can't use it today but maybe soon ;)21:29
J1mI need to add an option to specify extra paths so you can specify the path to your Zope source area, since Zope isn't an egg.21:30
J1mRight, I need to fix this before next week.21:30
whitcool! I'll keep an eye out.  I need to teach testing to a bunch of zope newbs who will be using eggs and trying to make it as simple as possible21:30
J1mI use the testruner recipe in some non-zope projects, like the buildout itself.21:33
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mjIs it possible to make schema field constraints depend on other values of the bound object?23:37
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philiKONmj, you want invariants23:37
philiKONmj, you know where to read about them :)23:37
mjThanks, I'll find them23:38
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mjphiliKON: Thanks for the pointer; I knew I had seen the functionality somewhere23:51
* mj completely forgot about invariants again23:51
Theuniis that an invariant in itself? that you keep forgetting about it? :)23:53
* philiKON needs to extend ezmerge to automatically prepare log entries23:55

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