IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-09-01

mgedminquick poll: should a zope.schema field for decimal.Decimal values be called Decimal or DecimalField?00:00
mgedminDecimal conflicts with the actual type (unlike, say, Float and float)00:01
mgedminthere's a precedent, of sorts: InterfaceField00:01
philiKONyeah, still00:01
Theunii'd prefer dealing with the conflict00:01
philiKONmgedmin, well, INterfaceField is not in zope.schema00:01
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mgedminthis makes life easier for me, because I already have a patch that adds zope.schema.Decimal00:02
benjiDecimal (careful importing should be used to deconflict, IMHO)00:02
Theunibenji: exactly00:02
mgedmindon't blame me when the users start complaining00:02
philiKONmgedmin, don't worry, svn will do that for us :)00:02
mgedminfoo_field = Decimal(min_value=decimal.Decimal("0.5"))00:02
* mgedmin has IRC logs for proof of innocence00:03
Theunino you're not innocent00:03
philiKONare you blackmailing us?00:03
Theuniwe're just guilty as well00:03
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philiKONgood point00:03
* Theuni takes his guilt and puts it to the rest00:03
* Theuni shrugs00:03
* philiKON takes his guilt out the backyard and shoots it in the head00:04
Theuninow you have meta-guilt!00:04
philiKONnah, i'm not taht complex00:04
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mgedminif some_field.fromUnicode raises an exception, should it always be a ValueError?00:11
mgedmindecimal.Decimal("bad syntax") raises a decimal.InvalidOperation, which is a subclass of ArithmeticError00:11
mgedminfeels weird somehow00:11
philiKONwhat does IField.fromUnicode say?00:11
benjiyeah, you'd think it'd raise Value00:12
mgedminIFromUnicode.fromUnicode says nothing00:12
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philiKONperhaps iFromUnicode should be clarified00:12
philiKON+1 on ValueError00:12
philiKONit's what i'd expect00:12
mgedmin+1 for clarification00:13
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* baijum thinks irc through ssh tunnelling is cool10:17
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philiKONBjornT, you seem to know about browser encodings a lot13:24
philiKONwhen i have an Accept-Charset header like this:13:24
philiKONdoes this know iso-8859-1 gets qualifier = 1.0?13:24
BjornTphiliKON: i think so. i'm quite sure that * affects only encodings not explicitly mentioned.13:25
SmokeyDhi all, how can I generate a file and send it as a http request to the client in zope3? I am generating an xml file on the fly and do not want to store it in the filesystem of the server but just generate a link that allows the user to download the file.13:25
philiKONBjornT, ok, thx13:26
SmokeyDjust an action in a form and the action generates the xml file and sends it to the client13:26
SmokeyDI know how to generate the xml file, just not how to send it to the client13:26
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philiKONSmokeyD, uhm, write a browser view like you normally do?!?13:28
philiKONSmokeyD, do you have my book?13:28
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philiKONthen read the "Advanced Views" chapter13:28
philiKONwhere we return PDF data to the client13:29
philiKONreturning xml data isn't that much different13:29
SmokeyDok, thanks. I'll look there13:29
philiKONof course, you can also geneerate the xml data in a zpt13:29
philiKONthen it becomes *really* easy13:29
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SmokeyDYeah, I've got an html file that generates an html table. I want to use that same form to also generate an xml file and then send it to the client. But the easiest would be to create a new view for it?13:30
SmokeyD" html file" I mean a formlib form13:31
philiKONdifferent page form13:31
philiKONuse the same formlib form component13:31
philiKONbut a different template13:31
philiKONone that generates xml instead of html13:31
SmokeyDok, just have an action in the form that when clicked chages the template to the xml templatefile?13:32
philiKONi thought you wanted to render form in xml13:32
philiKONwhat has that got todo with actions?13:32
SmokeyDI have a form with a template and it generates html data. From that form I want to give a link that allows the user to download the same data in xml13:33
philiKONyeha, action sounds feasible13:34
ignascan i assume that is used only for functional tests ?13:39
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philiKONignas, bin/debugzope uses it13:45
MJGrmbl, doesn't check for invariants13:45
philiKONMJ, right, it doesn't13:45
philiKONMJ, use formlib, dude13:45
MJI was already planning on adding a formlib-based UI13:45
MJbut the UI is a 'alpha-software' fallback13:45
MJWould have been nice ;)13:45
MJphiliKON: Pity about the default table layout. :)13:46
philiKONyou can always extend it in your own subclass to check for invariants13:46
MJIn the current project we have, of course, replaced it with a div layout.13:46
philiKONtable layout?13:46
MJformlib's default page template uses a table layout to display widgets.13:46
MJSee pageform.pt13:47
philiKONMJ, see the "usual source" for teaching formlib to produce the same form layout as
philiKONit involves using widget_macros or something like that13:47
MJAs I said, we already supply our own template13:47
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MJ(the invariants were for my personal project, z3wingdbg, btw)13:48
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koboldare there nice date and datetime widgets in zope3?14:50
SmokeyDkobold, yeas14:51
SmokeyDsee http://smokin:8091/++apidoc++/Code/zope/schema/interfaces/index.html14:51
SmokeyDwell, without the server part14:52
SmokeyD++apidoc++/Code/zope/schema/interfaces/index.html in your own zope installation14:52
koboldSmokeyD: I do not resolve smokin :)14:52
SmokeyDno of course, it's not accesible from the internet14:52
SmokeyDEvery zope3 installation contains the ++apidoc++14:52
koboldthose widgets are like TextLine and parse a string.14:52
SmokeyDyes they are14:53
SmokeyDbut they do check if it is a valid datetime which is entered14:53
koboldSmokeyD: I'm looking for a widget for a real UI. :)14:53
koboldsomething like two/three select boxes (day, month and year)14:53
SmokeyDOk, the you could use the List field14:53
SmokeyDthree actually14:54
koboldSmokeyD: but I want to store the result in one field, and I do not want to have a custom view for handling this.14:54
SmokeyDand create vocabularies for them which generate the data for the select boxes14:54
* kobold thinks that zope3 should have support for this out-of-the-box.14:54
SmokeyDyou could write your own widget and make it available14:55
koboldSmokeyD: yeah, I'll try to do so.14:55
koboldSmokeyD: I'm also looking for a field which should store date and month (but not year).. does it exist or I have to use the Date field?14:56
koboldI need it for a "name day" attribute.14:56
SmokeyDhmm, I don't know14:56
ignasanyone with commit rights and with some knowledge of Zope3 Debugger/HttpCaller ?15:00
philiKONignas, what do you need to know?15:00
ignasi want to patch it15:01
ignasas I think it is buggy15:01
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philiKONi suggest you write a bug report15:01
ignasi did15:01
ignasi even fixed it and have a patch15:01
philiKONsounds great :)15:02
philiKONhmm, sorry, i'm wouldn't know15:04
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philiKONat least not w/o digging into the code15:04
philiKONgotta go :(15:04
philiKONplane to catch15:04
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BjornTignas: the patch looks correct. i don't want to commit it without looking closer at the issue, though. i could try to do it tonight or tomorrow if no one else does gets around doing so. it'd be even better if you could produce a test case to go with the fix :)15:12
ignasBjornT: well schooltool functional tests are failing without the fix ;)15:13
ignasbut it's just way too big for a testcase15:13
ignasdebugger has no unit tests which kind of complicates stuff15:14
BjornTyeah, i can imaging that producing a test case for it isn't easy.15:14
ignaswell it is when you have an application15:15
ignaswell ok15:15
ignasit takes some time15:15
ignasas i'd need at least 1 stub view with a strange name15:15
ignaswhere would one put a functional test for the Debugger/HTTPCaller ?15:16
ignasor a unit test for the debugger would be enough15:16
BjornTignas: for a simple unittest, i'd assume zope/app/debug/tests15:18
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koboldwhat is the easiest way to have a custom widget as sum of simple widgets (for example, three select box)?18:45
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koboldnobody can help me with the complex widget (as sum of different simple widgets)?19:19
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benjikobold: it sounds like you want zc.form.browser.combinationwidget or .unionwidget19:59
koboldbenji: is zc part of the standard zope319:59
benjinope, you can check it out from svn://svn.zope.org20:00
benjibrowsable here:
koboldwhat zc stands for? zope components?20:00
benji"Zope Corporation"20:00
koboldbenji: is there any reason why this stuff isn't part of zope3?20:00
benjibecause there's too much in z3 already20:01
koboldI just do not want to use code that won't be maintained in the future...20:01
koboldbut if it is from zope corporation, I bet this won't happen..20:01
benjiat the moment all the zc packages are in use by ZC, and many are in use by other people20:01
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koboldbenji: sorry if I abuse of your knowledge, but do you have an idea if I need comination widget or union widget?20:03
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koboldI have the impression that zope3 lacks of detailed documentation, and it is not easy to learn from source code.20:03
benjiquite the contrary20:05
benjinearly all packages have detailed docs20:05
benjiand there are two books currently published if you prefer dead trees20:05
benjikobold: if you want a quick taste look at
koboldbenji: I already use zope3 in production, here.. the problem is that there are a lot of quick start but no documentation for advanced things20:07
benjifor the most part  the doctests are the documentation for advanced things20:08
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koboldbenji: yeah, you are right.. but I needed at least a hint on where to look for.20:08
benjiwhat are you looking for?20:08
koboldanyway, the combination widget is what I was looking for20:08
koboldyou already fixed my knowledge hole. :)20:09
koboldthanks a lot, really.. I've lost a few hours implementing hot water.20:09
* kobold goes back hacking on his zope3 project20:09
Theunihmm, hot water20:09
* Theuni gets his cup20:09
benjiwe hope to get all of the zc packages into pypi in the future, so people will be able to find them there20:09
* benji goes to the fridge for a Coke.20:10
SteveApypi is a very good thing20:20
SteveAan additional option is to register these packages in launchpad, and use that for bugtracking and perhaps internationalization.20:21
SteveAI think launchpad is good for a bunch of small interrelated things, because you can show they're related products by grouping them in a "project", and you can redirect bugs from one product to another20:22
benjialmost as good as a little Red Leicester20:22
SteveAif for example a bug reported in an add-on for rendering tables turns out to be a bug in some core zope infrastrcuture20:22
SteveAnow, obviously, I work on launchpad, so I rather biased about it20:23
SteveAbut, this kind of thing is what it's for :-)20:23
Theunihmm. bias.20:23
* Theuni gets his cup20:23
* benji suspects Theuni has been caught in a time warp20:24
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Theunihmm. timewarp20:30
* Theuni gets his cup20:30
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oferwxenru|clone: hi :)23:15
xenru|cloneoferw: hi23:16
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