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oferwxenru|clone: check your skype00:18
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runyagaSteveA, ?00:33
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koboldI have an adapter for a content object which provides IVocabularyTokenized. In general, it works and I can adapt but if I use it while defining an interface zope3 refuses to start with "Could not adapt". Is it possible at all? Is the problem the order used to load the components/zcml files?10:14
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koboldhello, I have an adapter for a content object which provides IVocabularyTokenized. In general, it works and I can adapt but if I use it while defining an interface zope3 refuses to start with "Could not adapt". Is it possible at all? Is the problem the order used to load the components/zcml files?16:54
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projekt01kobold, what does the adapter do in __init__?17:13
koboldprojekt01: something like self._object = object17:15
projekt01Can you post is somewhere? (pastebin)17:17
koboldprojekt01: no, I've trashed the code and starting it from scratch... let's see if the problem pop up again.17:20
projekt01kobold, ok, make sure the __init__ method get called and raises no error, probably try import pdb;pdb.set_trace() and check if adapter the __init__ get called.17:22
projekt01adapter the/the adapter17:22
koboldprojekt01: one minute and I'll be ready again..17:22
floxphiliKON: ayt?17:23
floxi want to re-open issue #23917:24
projekt01flox, your logout work for global and local PAU principals?17:28
floxit works for HTTP Basic Auth or Digest Auth17:28
projekt01flox, did you test it with local and global principals?17:29
floxso, it will work for global principals17:29
floxfor local principals, i use Session credentials...17:30
floxso, i've not tested with local principals, but it should work, i guess17:30
projekt01I guess we droped the logout because it didn't work for all kind of usecases.17:31
floxthe patch need further tests, i agree. But it should work for all use case when you choose Basic/Digest HTTP Authentication17:32
koboldprojekt01: here there is my code:
floxSessions have not such problem.17:33
projekt01flox, I see, whould be cool to have a working logout back again.17:33
floxprojekt01: i need the issue reopened, so we can discuss further, if we can implement it.17:34
floxi've tested Internet Explorer and Mozilla, but i need other browsers feedback, too...17:35
koboldI wonder what is the best way to have a container act as a vocabulary, speaking in general.17:35
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projekt01kobol, does this code work?17:36
projekt01srichter, hi17:37
koboldprojekt01: yes, if I use it when zope3 is already up.17:37
projekt01srichter, don't work, enjoy the weekend ;-)17:37
koboldmy problem is that I can't use it as in the snippet example, while defining a Choice attribute in an interface.17:37
koboldall I need is to use a container as a vocabulary for a Choice field.17:38
projekt01kobold, ah, you mean the interface?17:38
koboldprojekt01: yes17:38
projekt01you can use a factory IVocabularyFactory which does the adaption when processing.17:39
koboldprojekt01: that's probably what I miss, do you have some example code for this?17:40
projekt01not really, but since the refactoring from philiKON, there should be some useage of IVocabularyFactory in the trunk17:45
projekt01kobold, such a IVocabularyFactory can do what you need.17:47
koboldprojekt01: thanks, I'll try to use it.17:47
floxsrichter: this issue is assigned to you, #23917:50
floxi wrote comments on the issue17:51
floxcan you re-open it?17:53
koboldprojekt01: it works! :)17:56
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