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batlogghi there, what's the current contributor agreement? is it ?19:09
srichterbatlogg: yeah, that's the old one for Zope Corp., which is as far as I know the one that is still needed19:13
batloggdoes the employer need to sign this too?19:14
srichterI think we were not that formal back then, but J1m should know for sure19:15
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runyagaTheuni, ?19:24
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Theunirunyaga, !19:33
runyagaTheuni, email19:33
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J1msrichter: there is no space on the old form for the employer to sigh, so no, the employer need not sign.20:16
srichterok, good to know; thanks20:17
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* Theuni argls21:39
Theuni"PublicationTraverse" does not have any associated interface and no docstrings21:40
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WebMavenAre there any known problems running Zope 3.2.1 with Python 2.4.3 (as opposed to Python 2.4.2)?22:11
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philiKONWebMaven, no. the installer is borked22:11
philiKONjust say --with-python=python2.4.3 and you'll be fine22:12
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Theuniwould anybody mind if I extend the menuItemsDirective with a 'permission' field?22:20
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WebMavenphiliKON: thx.22:26
philiKONWebMaven, i fixed this for zope 3.3, i should backport this to zope 3.2 and make a new release22:27
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philiKONin fact, we should all backport our stuff to zope 3.2 :)22:27
philiKONhi Theuni *wink* :)22:27
philiKONTheuni, i wouldn't mind, but why don't you ask the list22:27
Theunibecause i need a quick decision22:31
Theunii just made the decision to go forward22:31
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