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romanofskimoin :)12:00
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TheuniphiliKON: i think the on 3.3 branch is ok. i'm checking in the one for the trunk now.12:28
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philiKONTheuni, no it's not entirely12:51
philiKONTheuni, you need to revert
philiKONTheuni, i wrote you a list of revisions in which you accidentally commited things12:52
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floxwhy ZCML configuration for  'zope.component' is stored in '' ?13:49
philiKONflox, because i hadn't moved it yet13:49
philiKONflox, needs to move13:49 should disappear13:50
floxok, i am doing this13:50
floxi will not remove
floxbut i try to move the 'configure.zcml to zope.component13:50
philiKONok13:50 still contains tests13:50
philiKONthat would have to be worked on before can be removed13:50
floxi will run tests, to be sure13:51
philiKONof course13:51
philiKONrunning tests is a *requirement*13:51
floxi have good practice, now....13:51
philiKONwriting tests is also a requirement13:51
flox... i hav to train myself at doing that :-(13:51
floxphiliKON: the z/app/event/test/ can be moved to the z/component/ folder?14:00
philiKONflox, well, it uses
philiKONso, the test needs to be refactored14:01
philiKONto not use anything from zope.app14:01
philiKON(and, btw, by "removing", i obviously mean deprecating. most of it is deprecated already)14:02
floxi don't know if it is better to let this test file in, until we change the dependency on
floxor if i move it to zope.component14:04
philiKONyou can't move it to zope.component like that14:04
floxok, that's clear14:04
philiKONyou first need to rewrite it so that it doesn't use anything from zope.app14:04
floxok, i will look at it14:05
philiKONin fact, it can only use stuff from zope.component and zope.component's dependencies (zope.interface, etc.)14:05
philiKONthen you can move it to zope.component14:05
philiKON(and when doing that, it should probably also be convered to a doctest)14:06
floxthe "DEPENDENCIES.cfg" does not mention "zope.event'...14:06
philiKONzope.event is a loose dependency14:06
philiKONyou can use zope.component w/o zope.event14:06
philiKONbut if you use zope.component.event, you need zope.event14:06
floxi see14:07
TheuniphiliKON: no, some of those changes actually weren't accidents14:25
philiKONuh huh14:25
Theunithe devmode default actually *did* change14:26
Theunithis was discussed and documented while handling a security issue that steve alexander filed14:26
philiKONi see it now14:26
Theuniand i think i only accidentally checked the zeoclient in on one branch14:27
Theunii fixed that this morning14:27
philiKONsaw it14:27
Theunimy fault14:27
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rockyanyone around this morning?15:14
srichterme, on and off15:15
rockyi have a bit of "what would be the best way to go about this?" scenario...15:16
rockybasically i have a schema that has a file field (a new field i created)15:16
rockyi have a formlib display view that exposed that schema field using a custom download widget15:16
rockynow, i also need to represent that field with a flash audio player and i was thinking of doing it as a widget...15:17
rockyis that a good idea? or am i going about things the wrong way? and if so... how would you display the same field twice on the same form using 2 diff widgets?15:17
srichtera widget would be the most elegant way15:20
srichterin general 2 diff widgets for the same field are not possible15:21
srichterhowever, you can always do this manually during update()15:21
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rockysrichter: one other question, that audio player may be different based on the mime type of the file field ... so i'm considering having the widget do a named adapter lookup for IMediaPlayer or something similar where the name is the mime type... how does that sound?15:23
srichteryep, sounds ok15:24
srichterbtw, lovelysystems converts all media files into a common format, but we deal with videos not audio, though this would be a good approach for you too15:25
srichtercommon format: flv & mpg415:25
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rockysrichter: when you said i can do the widget thing during update() ... did you mean add a new widget to widgets during update() or?16:18
srichteryou do not have to make everything part of the form machinery16:19
rockyyeah that's what i've been learning16:19
srichteranother option we sometimes use is to create helper fields16:19
rockyi was considering to do something like that, define extra_widgets or something such16:20
srichterlike for password and password confirmation, we create a small schema for password and confirmation and create an invariant that they must match16:20
rockyoh ic16:20
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* flox like to write doctests when it rains outside...17:24
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