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danfairshi, I'm getting an error on startup from a clean Zope 3.3.0 RC101:54
danfairsTraceback here:
danfairsmissing meta.zcml from
philiKONyou're using an old instance01:55
philiKONlike, a zope 3.2 instance with zope 3.301:55
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philiKONcreate a new instance from zope 3.301:55
danfairshm - yeah, it's 11:30 pm her01:55
philiKONand copy over the packages and var/*01:55
danfairshere and I probably forgot to delete the old 3.2 instance ;)01:55
philiKONand perhaps zope.conf01:55
danfairsthanks philiKON01:56
danfairsyup, that solved it. More sleep required! Thanks again.01:58
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febbhello all !09:02
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rockyanyone know how webdav compares in zope2 and zope3 these days?15:10
srichterrocky: the default webdav code in the core is pretty much the same, but the new stuff mkerrin did is quiet a bit different --> you definitely should use mkerrin's stuff15:15
rockymkerrin's stuff is only in z3 ?15:15
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philiKONsrichter, that sounds misleading :)15:23
philiKONthe zope 3 webdav stuff is pretty much the same as it was in zope x3 3.015:23
philiKONwhich means it's old, incomplete and possibly broken15:24
philiKONrocky, zope 2's webdav is more powerful and more tested15:24
rockywow, that's quite a different impression altogether ;)15:24
philiKONof course, mkerrin's extra packages probably solve most of the problems for zope 315:24
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philiKONbut, again, mkerrin's stuff is new and probably not yet tested at a lot15:25
philiKONand it's not core to z315:25
srichterI would not use anything else, though15:26
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srichterI know that the old Zope 3's stuff is effectively a port of Zope 2's code, and it was not nice15:27
philiKONit's far from a port of zope 2's code15:28
philiKONthere are a few similarities, e.g. the both use minidom15:28
philiKONbut zope2's code is much more mature15:28
philiKONand yeah, i'd not bother with anything else than mkerrin's stuff in zope 315:29
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rockyi'm only asking since i saw the pywebdav release announcement on cheeseshop15:35
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jintyhmm, anyone got any suggestions/examples of how to implement a form where the values of one vocabulary depend on another vocabulary in the same form?17:53
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mgedminthat's tricky17:56
srichterjinty: I have not seen such code, but I know what you are referring to17:56
mgedminone possible way is to write javascript17:56
jintyI was trying to avoid too much of that17:56
srichteryeah, that's what is commonly done17:56
jintyone way I thought of was to submit the form on the selection of the first value, thn do some magic in the view17:57
jintythat small drop of javascript I can stand17:57
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koboldjinty: you can probably do this using azax.18:00
* jinty googles for azax18:01
jintyah, yeah, thought about that as well18:02
jintywas more just checking if there was a common "right" solution. Seems there isn't...18:02
koboldjinty: this is what you need,
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jintykobold: thanks! looks nice, will investigate what's behind it18:07
srichterjinty: it would be really nice, if you could contribute the Zope code behind this back :-)18:09
srichteroh, it uses AJAX with KSS :-(18:09
srichterand does not work in Konqui :-(18:09
jintyit's also not testable18:10
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jintyunless testbrowser has somehow learned javascript;)18:10
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srichterjinty: right, but benji is working on a selenium-driven version :-)18:16
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WebMavenMorning folks.18:20
WebMavenI've got a conundrum, and lack the unix/python chops to diagnose it further.18:20
srichtershoot :-)18:21
WebMavenAs far as I can tell, the Zope daemon restarts the main zope process at some point overnight, after which it loses access to a bunch of libraries installed as eggs.18:21
WebMavenSo, Zope itself is running, but my app breaks.18:22
WebMavenOr, at least, that's what I thought was happening.18:22
srichterok, maybe the way this thing restarts does not use the same script?18:23
srichterso that the incorrect Python paths are setup18:23
WebMavenWith some advice from pje, I got my host to alter the file so an explicit export PYTHONPATH is no longer necessary for the libraries to import correctly in the first place.18:23
WebMavensrichter: Maybe, but I was very careful not to actually make any changes to the startup script. it is a vanilla Zope3.2 install, aside from my app.18:24
WebMavenIt's also possible that I misdignosed the problem in the first place.18:25
WebMavenThe remaining symptom is that after the restart, it can't find the MySQL connection.18:25
WebMavenBut, I don't need to do anything to MySQL at all.18:26
WebMavenJust ./zopectl restart18:26
WebMaven(which was the fix before, too)18:26
srichtermmh, strange18:27
WebMavenfirst step of the fix was to do export PYTHONPATH=$HOME/lib/python2.4 and the ./zopectl restart18:27
WebMavensecond step was to add the export to .bash_profile18:28
WebMaven./zopectl restart still necessary.18:28
WebMaventhird step was to have the host alter their like this:18:28
WebMavenimport os, site18:29
srichterwhat a hack :-)18:29
WebMavenso I could remove the .bash_profile customization.18:29
srichterI am 90% sure your manual and automated startup are not the same script18:30
srichteror do not do the same thing18:30
WebMavenWell, that's instead of just plopping it into sys.path, which wasn't doing it for eggs without the export.18:30
srichterof course, without having the system this is hard to debug18:30
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WebMavenI have done ps wwxuf to check. The command lines are the same.18:31
srichtermmh, wow18:31
WebMaventhe same before and after the restart.18:31
srichtermaybe your automatic startup sets up environment variables it should not, liek PYTHONPATH?18:32
WebMavenAbout the only thing I can still think of, is that the daemon somehow does not have access to the real user env when it spawns a new process.18:32
WebMavensrichter: I'm not sure I understand...18:33
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WebMavenDo you mean the startup, or the auto-restart?18:34
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WebMavensrichter: I am perfectly willing to let you into my account for you to poke around.18:36
srichterWebMaven: no thanks, I am busy myself ;-)18:36
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WebMavensrichter: AYT?18:47
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WebMavensrichter: OK, false alarm. It looks like the PYTHONPATH problem *is* solved, but that it was previously masking a MYSQL problem.19:10
WebMavensrichter: which is that new vewrsions do not recconect by default.19:10
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WebMavenAh, and here is the zope3-dev thread:
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febbHello all19:36
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