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febbhello philiKON.00:12
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WebMavenjinty: Hi Brian.02:27
jintyhey WebMaven02:27
* jinty is still downloading his mail;)02:28
WebMavenjinty: So, is there anything I can do to help you diagnose or test for the mysqldbda timeout problem?02:28
jintyif I make a patch, will you test it? basically that's it02:28
WebMavenjinty: Ah, OK. I'm here for the next few hours.02:28
WebMavenjinty: Yes, definitely.02:29
WebMavenBut I won't know if it worked until 8-9 hours later.02:29
jintybecause we're not in unit/functional testing kansas anymore02:29
jintyI don't mind:)02:30
WebMavenOK, then.02:30
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WebMavenjinty: Well, in theory, you could control MySQL's timeout with a command-line arg.02:31
WebMavenso that it times out in 1 minute.02:31
jintyand you re-connect every request;)02:32
WebMavenBut in my case, although I *think* I can do that on my desktop, in the host env MySQL isn't under my control.02:32
jintybut really you have a ready made test environment which would cost me a lot of work to duplicate.02:33
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WebMavenjinty: As I said, if you don't mind waiting, I will test it.02:33
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WebMavenif you want to put it on a branch, I can do a checkout of the branch. If you want me to apply a patch, I can do that too.02:36
WebMavenis your change just the added code in the thread (ie. here: ?02:39
WebMavenjinty ?02:41
jintyI'm having a read thorugh the thread to remember all the details;)02:42
WebMavenAh, OK.02:42
jintyI seem to remember thinking that patch wasn't good enough02:42
jintyI think I posted a message about it, but can't remember now02:42
WebMavenI considered just applying it myself, but something about it made me feel... itchy.02:43
WebMavenSo, I posted to the list instead.02:43
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jintywell, there's that bare except for example;)02:51
jintyWebMaven: any ideas what exception should be caught there?02:51
WebMavenDoes the one that I'm seeing in the traceback make sense?02:52
WebMavenor is that no good because itraised after the connection has02:53
WebMavenSorry, I meant: or is that no good because it is raised after the connection has already failed?02:53
jintyno, the one ping should raise if it cannot find a connection02:55
WebMavenOh, you meant what exception should be raised... Hmm...02:57
WebMavenNo idea.02:58
jintySeems like it's this in my test:02:58
jintyTraceback (most recent call last):02:58
jinty  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?02:58
jinty_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (2002, "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)")02:58
WebMavenWould it be the same as if you tried to make a connection to a non-existen server?02:59
jintydunno, my test was with my MySQL shut down03:04
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jintywhen I re-start, it magically re-connects...03:07
WebMavenSounds good.03:12
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WebMavenReading through the errors defined in MySQL-Python's, it seems as though OperationalError is the right one.03:13
jintyok, just sent my best effort at a patch to the list03:14
jintycatches only OperationalError03:15
jintyand puts a bare except around the closing of the connection03:15
* WebMaven scratches head.03:18
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jintyif close() fails, _v_connection is not set to None, and you get to start the cycle again in the next request;)03:21
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WebMavenjinty: It's not working for me.03:28
WebMavenjinty: I'm trying to paste it, but the pastebin is slow.03:31
jintyWebMaven: I also sent an alternative that's much simpler03:32
jintyhmm well there's the reason people felt the need for the bare except03:35
WebMaventhe simpler patch works.03:37
jintythere's a lot to be said for simplicity03:37
jintynow, does it work after 8 hours03:38
WebMavenI'll let you know tomorrow. ;-)03:38
WebMavenjinty: So, the first patch failed because the connection was None, so you couldn't ping it.03:45
WebMavenBut even if the the connection is not None, couldn't an OperationalError be raised?03:46
* WebMaven is groping in the dark here...03:47
jintyI think ping re-connects automatically03:47
jintyso if OperationalError is raised, your server is probably down03:47
jintyand then OperationalError is the least of your problems03:48
jintyor at least my experiments/the docs say ping re-connects03:48
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WebMavenjinty: OK, that makes sense.03:49
WebMavenAre you going to post the simpler patch too?03:49
jintyyeah, if it works;) (maybe posting many non-functional patches to a list is a bad idea)03:52
WebMavenWell, OK, but the simple patch at least doesn't make Zope barf.04:04
WebMavenWheras the first one definitely did.04:05
WebMavenHeh. "Doesn't work in an interesting way!"04:07
jintywell, the way it didn't work kinda lead me to the second patch...04:11
WebMavenalso, see this followup on the link you pasted:
jintyhmm, different problem to ours04:12
jinty_v_connection is actually a property that gets the connection from a thread local...04:14
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WebMavenDoes anyone have a generic event content type?04:27
WebMavenI mean something like a Plone Event.04:40
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febbhello again06:03
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febbhi all:   any ideas regarding this error after passing all tests (make check)  , this is python Fedora Core 5, Python 2.4.3, Zope 3.2.1:07:35
febb  Ran 8045 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 1019.707 seconds.07:35
febbError in atexit._run_exitfuncs:07:35
febbTraceback (most recent call last):07:35
febb  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 24, in _run_exitfuncs07:35
febb    func(*targs, **kargs)07:36
febb  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/logging/", line 1332, in shutdown07:36
febb    h.flush()07:36
febb  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/logging/", line 718, in flush07:36
febbValueError: I/O operation on closed file07:36
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einshi all08:07
febbhi eins08:07
einsfebb hey08:12
febbeins, how are you  ?08:12
einsprobably quite well ;)08:18
* eins has catched a cold08:18
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febbthats too bad.  hope you get well.    I am trying to solve an installation error with Z3, just after the make check and sucessful tests.08:25
febbthen I get a  ValueError: I/O operation on closed file  and traceback....08:26
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* baijum wathing Keynote by Martijn Faassen
* baijum Zope History is really interesting, Zope 3 is great but not
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* baijum : Yes, we need to actively engage our Python friends/competitors09:44
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faassenwhit: hey16:40
whithiya faassen16:40
faassenwhit: just sent you another email.16:41
* whit checks16:41
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WebMavenjinty: AYT?18:00
jintyhey WebMaven18:00
jintyany luck?18:00
WebMavenDidn't work.18:00
jintyhmm, can you pastebin something?18:01
WebMavenYes. One moment.18:01 is faster than pastebin.com18:01
WebMavenjinty: so, any ideas?18:07
* jinty curses the docstring of the ping function18:08
* WebMaven summons the forces of darkness and chaos to assist in jinty's curse...18:09
WebMavenjinty, I'll be afk for about 10 minutes, OK?18:12
jintybusy mixing the two patches from yesterday18:13
WebMavenjinty: back18:23
jintyhmm, if ping fails, do we really need to close the connection?18:25
WebMavenWasn't ping supposed to automatically reopen the connection?18:29
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jintyyeah, it was18:30
WebMavenLooking at the 'Jim Washington' patch again...18:30
WebMavenOK, so your objection to that one was mostly the bare except, right?18:31
jintymysql_ping will only attempt to automatically reconnect if that option has been previously set. As of 5.0.3 the default is to not reconnect.18:31
jintydo you have mysql greater than 5.0.3?18:32
WebMavenLet me check...18:32
jintyfrom here:
jintyanyway, sent you a new patch18:32
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WebMaven 5.0.1918:33
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WebMavenjinty: still haven't got it...18:37
WebMavenok, got it this time.18:43
WebMavenIs the retry stuff necessary?18:43
WebMavenDoes that result in a prgressive backing off behavior?18:43
WebMavenAlso, would it be cleaner if you were testing for 'is None', and returning False, and then put everything else in an 'else'?18:46
jintywell, I presume the publisher will only retry the request a certain number of times.18:46
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jintyfeel free to modify:)18:47
jintyyeah it does look nicer18:49
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WebMavenjinty: Will the publisher retrying ever result in the connection being re-established?18:53
jintyyes, precisely becuse we set _v_connection to None18:54
jintyto on the next retry, isConnected returns false18:54
jintyand then it's caller connect() in zope.rdb will connect.18:54
WebMavenAha. So it's an indirect recursion.18:54
jintythis way you can do the right thing even if you lose your connection half way through the request18:55
jintyonce you've already sent SQL to the database18:55
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WebMavenBecause just returning False will lose that info?18:56
* jinty get's very worried about persistent DA's now18:57
WebMavenjinty: does this look better:
jintyyeah;)... I would even get rid of the else19:00
WebMavencheck it now:
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WebMavenWell, it works right now. We'll see whether it deals correctly with a timeout19:08
WebMavenDo you need me to email you my revision?19:08
WebMavenjinty: Do you need me to email you my revision?19:11
jintyif it works;)19:14
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febbHello all.19:17
febbAre there known bugs in Zope 3 (3.2.1) regarding the use of the python (2.4.3) logging mechanism ? (As I am getting a consistent I/O error operation on closed file just after the 'make check' even tough all tests passed sucessfully).19:18
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WebMavenjinty: emailed.19:21
jintyWebMaven, thanks, then I guess till tomorrow19:22
srichterfebb: not that I know19:23
WebMaventomorrow, then. Cheers.19:23
WebMavenjinty: uh, wait...19:23
WebMavenI just noticed that your patch was against a later revision...19:24
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WebMavenyou're on rev 70218, My checkout is 7016319:24
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WebMavenOh, nm.19:25
WebMavenI just did an svn up, with no changes.19:26
febbsritcher, I am getting that error consistently.... let me put the output on
febbhere it is :
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philiKONJ1m, have you seen martijn's keynote at the DZUG conf yet?22:28
J1mPretty funny22:29
J1mand lots of good points.22:29
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