IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-09-30

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timteI see two different patterns in code.00:37
timtefrom zope import component00:38
timtefrom zope.component import provideAdapter(...)00:38
timteWhat's preferred?00:38
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febbhello all !07:36
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harobedphiliKON: you are here ?12:26
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timteIf I add and register a utility using zmi, shouldn't I be able to queryUtility(IMyInterface, 'utilityname') ?12:44
timteit returns None12:44
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philiKONtimte, sure, but only in that site13:02
timteI use the default one13:02
philiKONoh, and 'utilityname' has to be the name with which you registered the utility13:02
timteyes it is13:03
philiKONnot the URL name of the object13:03
philiKONharobed, yes, what is it13:03
timtezmi registration says "events.interfaces.IEventUtility utility named 'eventtool'"13:04
timtequeryUtility(IEventUtility, 'eventtool') returns None though13:04
philiKONwhere do you do the queryUtility call?13:04
timtedoes queryUtility know which site to look in?13:04
timtein a zopectl debug session13:05
philiKONit knows after traversal13:05
philiKONwell, that's your problem13:05
philiKONyou haven't traversed to anything yet13:05
philiKONhow would it know where to look13:05
philiKONyou need to imitate traversal to the site13:05
timtethat's what the magic of zope should solve  ;)13:05
philiKONthere's no magic13:05
philiKONfrom import setSite13:05
timtecool, it works13:07
timteDoes it make sense to store events in an event utility? To me it doesn't make sense to store them in a certain folder, I think they should be placeless and then I think of utiliities.13:09
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philiKONwhat kind of events?13:12
timtecontent types with start, end and location13:15
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philiKONtimte, doesn't feel like a utility to me13:28
philiKONbut it's your call :)13:28
timtecertainly  :)13:32
timtebut I don't know what alternatives there are13:32
harobedphiliKON: you are see that
philiKONharobed, read the docs!13:33
philiKONyou're asking many many questions that are answered by the docs13:34
harobedok, I read13:34
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philiKONharobed, please don't ask further questions till you have read the docs13:35
timtewhat are the alternatives? Is there any other alternative than storing them in a certain event-folder?13:36
philiKONstore them where you want13:36
philiKONit all depends on your use case13:36
timteit's not a folder users are meant to visit13:37
harobedphiliKON: I read zope/app/keyreference/persistent.txt but I don't solve my issue13:37
harobeddocumentation is very scatter13:38
philiKONpersistent.txt explain NotYet13:38
harobedyes, I know, but in my last test I use ztapi.provideAdapter(IPersistent, IConnection, connectionOfPersistent)13:39
harobedand it doesn't work13:39
philiKONyou have to save your object in the zodb first (e.g. transaction.commit() or transaction.savepoint()), or have its __parent__ be a saved object13:39
philiKONharobed, don't use ztapi13:39
philiKONharobed, documentation is not scattered, it's collectedin the apidoc book13:41
harobedok, I'm going study13:42
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harobedI think than I don't understand the base of Zope 313:44
harobedI'm going to reread persistent layer13:44
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projekt01benji, ayt15:27
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projekt01Does anybody know why a Data.fs generated during generation tests is 4 times bigger on linux then on windows?15:29
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romanofskimoin :)16:10
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timtewhat is this a symtom of?20:03
timteTypeError: ('object.__new__(Event) is not safe, use persistent.Persistent.__new__()', <function _reconstructor at 0xb7e0d064>, (<class 'events.event.Event'>, <type 'object'>, None))20:03
benjitimte: it doesn't appear that persistent objects are meant to be used that way20:06
timtemy Event class inherited from object before, but I changed to Persistent20:07
radixdid you fix all the upcalls?20:07
radixtimte: upcalling is when you call a superclass' method from an overridden method20:08
timteradix: ah, I have an init method without an upcall, maybe that's what20:09
timtewhat's wrong20:09
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timteIt was caused by me changing the superclass method. It didn't like that.20:15
timteDo you have to write migration scripts if you choose a new superclass to inherit from?20:16
d2mi get this when running from a custom site.conf "ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'menu', "ImportError: Couldn't import zmi_views, No module named zmi_views")" -- any hints what to include to make that go away ?20:19
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d2mthe error is triggered from a <page ... menu="zmi_views"> directive20:21
timtewhat if you specify browser:page?20:22
d2mi already did <include package="" file="meta.zcml" />, but "zmi_views" is defined somewhere a place i could not find so far20:24
radixtimte: generally, you need to migrate data when assumptions about data change. it's not unlikely at all that changing which superclass to use for a class will change assumptions about data.20:24
timtebah, I renamed my utility to IEventUtility, now when I want to add an Event it thinks I want to add EventUtility20:24
timteradix: I have no idea how to write such migration scripts though  :/20:26
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timted2m: what happens if you add the browser namespace in the configure tag?20:31
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d2mtimte: its already there, as default namespace of the included config file20:34
d2mi think there is a machinery setting up zmi_views (and zmi_actions) that is not done through configuration20:35
philiKONd2m, is this in five?20:35
d2mno, i 'simply' try to bootstrap a site.conf in order to a songle package (apidocs) running20:36
d2mso i created an site.conf, only included the "zopeskel/etc/package-includes/apidoc-*.zcml" files and now try to include all dependencies to get the config run20:38
philiKONright. you need to define the zmi_views menu20:38
philiKON<browser:menu name="zmi_views" /> or something like that20:39
timte"This object isn't yet registered."20:39
timteWhat does this mean?20:39
philiKONit's not registered as a local utility yet20:42
d2mphiliKON: cool, <browser:menu id="zmi_views" /> did it so far, thanks20:42
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timtebut it's a content type I'm trying to add, not a utility20:43
philiKONthen don't register it :)20:43
timtebut it suggests me to, that's confusing  :)20:43
philiKONthen disable it20:44
philiKONyou can register it any object20:44
philiKONso that's why the view is there for all objects20:44
philiKONjust like you could use <utility /> with any object20:45
timteok, so if I don't have a "view" view, then I get the registration view20:45
timtecan the registration view be disable for all objects that are not utilities?20:46
philiKONhow would you know it's a utility?20:46
timteutilities are specified in zcml, no?20:47
philiKONlocal utilities aren't20:47
philiKONnot necessarily at least20:47
philiKONthat's what the Registration tab is for, dude20:48
philiKONregistering an object as a local utility20:48
timteI see20:49
regebroOK, having the local registration view end up as default may not be very intuitive. Maybe we should fix that.20:56
regebroLike when you get the undo-screen in the ZMI because you haven't defined anything else. :)20:56
* regebro has 2 cents20:57
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rockyanyone know if i can use multiple component.adapts() lines to adapt multiple interfaces individually ?22:22
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rockythat's too bad22:28
philiKONadapts(), implements() etc. can only occur ones22:28
benjirocky: if it's technically possible, I'm sure that feature would be accepted if you want to add it22:29
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