IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-10-02

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regebroHi all! Via the discussion on whether to use trac or not, I stumbled upon Genshi.
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regebroQuestion: Has anybody tried to make a Zope3 integration for Genshi? That might interest for example faassen, who did something similary with clarity.15:18
regebro(And it interests me. ;)15:18
regebroOnly drawback so far is that you can do python expressions, but I don't know how advancd yet.15:18
regebroAs long as you can't define variables in them I'm OK with it. :)15:19
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scherandHi everybody.16:14
benjihi scherand16:15
scherandCan anybody tell me how to best handle static content in zope3?16:15
scherandLet's say a list of links, for example.16:16
scherandDo I write a ZPT on file system level for this? Or put it in a (plain-text) file on ZODB and "parse" it?16:17
benjiyou just want to display an HTML page?16:18
benjisee the ZCML directives <resource> and <resourceDirectory>16:18
benjithey let you publish static files through Zope16:19
scherandbenji: Thank you. I think this is the hint I needed. I read about this some time ago but for some reason I keep forgetting things I don't use right away...16:25
benjiglad to help16:25
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faassenJ1m: hey, I have this weird problem with buildout.16:26
faassenJ1m: sometimes all my eggs never get unzipped.16:26
faassenJ1m: meaning that any zope 3 extension doesn't work anymore.16:26
J1mDid the eggs declare themselves zip unsafe?16:27
faassenJ1m: I am not sure how to reproduce. it might have something to do with buildout configs that include others.16:27
faassenJ1m: yes, they're zip unsafe.16:27
J1mhm, that sonds like a bug.16:27
J1mIf they say they are zip unsafe, they should all be unzipped.16:27
faassenJ1m: I actually reuploaded some eggs last week when I ran into this, thinking I made a mistake.16:28
faassenJ1m: but today it happened again.16:28
faassenJ1m: anyway, the only clue I have on what triggers this is using buildout includes.16:28
faassenJ1m: but I'm not sure whether that's the only thing.16:28
J1mIf you give me something I can reproduce, I'm happy to look into it,16:28
faassenJ1m: yeah, I'll try to find something.16:28
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faassenJ1m: okay, I sent you a minimal case.16:48
faassenJ1m: that is, as minimal as I can get it now.16:48
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* philiKON kicks zpkgtools, or his powerbook... either one has got to work faster17:14
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benjithree words philiKON: mac book pro17:15
philiKONbenji, three words: piece of crap17:15
philiKONat least until they fix all those bugs17:15
benjiyou've been talking to Jim :)17:16
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J1mdon't leave out the macbook. :)17:16
J1mActually, I forgive them the hw problems.  The laptops are awesome most of the time.17:16
philiKONbenji, i've been talking to MBP customers17:16
J1mThe problem is that apple despises their customers.17:16
philiKONbenji, out of, say, 20 people, i've only met 2 or 3 who had no complaints about their machine17:16
philiKONbenji, it's worse with the macbooks17:17
J1m2 out of 4 of my MBs work fine (so far :).17:18
philiKONtres didn't update packag emetadata17:18
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J1mfaassen, I found a logic error in the zip handling.18:00
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philiKONdoes anyone know where the '+' (IAdding) view for standard containers is registered?18:30
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