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philiKONtristil, "referencing" something in a TALES path expression calls it automatically00:07
philiKONso, you're actually already calling the method the first time probably00:07
tristilphiliKON, I don't really understand.00:10
philiKONtal:define="foo some/path/to/method"00:11
tristilIt's view/xmlContents, which is the name of the method in the view class. The other method works fine. Both are allowed_attributes.00:11
philiKONview/xmlContents will *call* the method00:11
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tristilphiliKON, it's an an xml-return method. Call it and it gives back a xml representation of the folder contents.00:14
philiKONi dont' care what it does00:14
philiKONi'm just telling you what's happening00:14
tristilI just don't know what TraversalError means here.00:14
philiKONdude, are you not listening?00:14
tristilOr anywhere really :)00:15
philiKONtal:define="foo view/xmlContents"  is equivalent to tal:define="foo view.xmlContents()"00:16
philiKONnotice the ()00:16
philiKONeither you want nocall:00:16
philiKONor you simply don't want to try to call the stuff twice00:17
tristil<div tal:define="xml view/xmlContents" tal:replace="xml"/>00:17
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tristilphiliKON, thanks for trying to help, but I don't think you really tried to understand my problem. Maybe that was the next problem I was going to run into, but my problem was a TraversalError: <div tal:define="xml nocall:view/xmlContents" tal:replace="nocall:xml"/> This causes a TraversalError.00:30
philiKONdoes your 'view' have a 'xmlContents' method?00:31
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philiKONTraversalError is an an indicator that it doesn't00:32
tristilphiliKON, yeah.00:32
philiKON it doesn't00:32
tristilphiliKON, it does. It's just weirdly offset in the paste. But maybe this indicates problems with the indents.00:34
philiKONthat's what i suspect00:34
philiKONanyways, TraversalError indicates that the path expression can't be resolved00:35
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tristilphiliKON, Yeah that was it! It was treating it as a nested def. Thanks.00:36
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russfphiliKON: regarding...
russfI'm working on it, and don't have the answer, but first of all there's this patch:
philiKONrussf, i'm about to go to bed here...01:08
russfI'll put a note in collector. Go sleep!01:08
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baijumhmm... zope3-dev mail archiving still not working?10:06
baijumoh! gmane works
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floxbaijum, ayt?10:58
baijumflox, ?10:59
floxi hv problem with the logout link, on my instance.10:59
floxIt does not work anymore.10:59
floxi will invetigate next week11:00
baijum3.3 branch ?11:00
floxwith Firefox.11:01
floxwith IE, I hv no problem11:01
baijumFirefox version ?11:02
floxlast 1.511:02
floxthe logout feature is not the same on IE and on Mozilla11:02
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floxon Mozilla, we use an XMLHttpRequest object.11:03
floxi will do more tests next week, to track down where is the problem11:03
floxhave a nice day.11:06
baijumflox, just wait11:07
baijumit's working here for trunk in (same version)11:07
baijumin Linux11:07
baijumany special case to test?11:08
floxok, thanks11:08
floxmaybe some Firefox plugin..11:08
floxor I should try with a clean ZODB11:09
baijumhow this will relate to ZODB?11:09
floxno idea11:11
floxif it works for you, i think this is related to a misconfiguration on my instance.11:12
floxI will do a fresh checkout from trunk.11:13
floxIf it works, i will compare both instances11:14
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baijumflox, why go for fresh checkout always, ust clean the changed files.11:15
floxbaiijum: I removed some packages11:15
baijumsvn up?11:15
baijumif you really want to do fresh checkout, just keep a tar ball of fresh check out somewhere, then untar and svn up, again keep a clean tar ball always..11:17
floxi hv11:17
floxok, i replace the 'zope' folder, and i do a single test11:19
floxbaijum: mayb i hv a test case11:33
floxbaijum: u can try with URL '/++skin++Rotterdam/'11:33
baijumyes, logout not working with Rotterdam skin.11:35
floxi think this is the '++skin++' thing that does not work11:35
floxi've done other tests, and i hv same problem11:36
baijumyes, '++skin++' may be the problem, '/++Boston/' also not working11:36
floxok, we have the test case....11:37
floxnow, i'm not available.11:38
floxi will look further later.11:38
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dokaihi timte11:44
timtehi dude11:44
dokaigot back home alright from the training?11:44
timtesure and got some needed sleep too  :)11:46
timtewhat about you?11:46
dokaisame here :) i was pretty tired when i got home11:47
dokaiphiliKON: thanks again for the training, it was great!11:47
timtedid you give the adapter to the headnet guys?11:48
dokaiyes, they have it11:49
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timtedokai: are they mailing it or will they keep it until I come and get it?12:07
timteit's more cheap to buy a new one than taking a train to get it  :)12:08
dokaitimte: i think you need to contact them about that12:13
baijumzope.decorator is deprecated and new code is used in and zope.location (in trunk),12:44
baijumso we can remove zope.decorator from src/zope/app/DEPENDENCIES.cfg and src/zope/location/DEPENDENCIES.cfg ?12:44
timteThere's a SSHServerFactory, does that mean zope has ssh support somehow?13:06
floxbaijum: for zope.location, ok13:07
floxbut for, i think the 'deprecation' process is to keep the module until the end of the deprecation period13:07
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baijumflox, really? I just committed it, ok will revert it.13:12
floxnot sure 100%13:12
baijumwill ask and revert, if required.13:12
floxfactly, it should be included in future Zope 3 release (3.413:13
floxi think you have to let it in some 'DEPENDENCIES.cfg' file in order to have it included.13:13
baijumyou mean, zpkg will only include packages in src/zope/app/DEPENDENCIES.cfg ?13:14
floxi fuess13:14
baijumok, after confirmation, will revert that change.13:15
floxi figured out what is wrong with 'logout' link13:17
floxi will fix it13:17
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* baijum realized that zope.decorator dependancy shouldn't be removed from untill 3.6 release, otherwise zpkg will not include it14:12
baijumso, should I revert this and commit again ?
baijumor just make changes again ? (That commit, doesn't fail any tests)14:13
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floxhi baijum14:20
floxi see u forgot some svn properties on the /zope/component/testfiles/*.py14:20
floxsvn:eol-style and svn:keywords14:20
baijumflox, will add, but I am thinking to revert commit..14:22
baijumshould I really revert it, or make changes again ?14:23
floxIMHO, better to make change.14:23
floxrevert is when u break something, and in emergency14:24
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floxi go to lunch14:24
baijumflox, will do like that.14:25
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j2hklm4Hi I'm having problems with Benji York's tutorial - I'm not able to hit the views with the same urls he posts there23:12
benjij2hklm4: which URL in particular?23:13
j2hklm4hi benji :-)23:13
j2hklm4I'm towards the end23:13
j2hklm4let me see23:13
j2hklm4of course I'm on 809023:13
j2hklm4I can hit the objects I've added23:14
j2hklm4but I can't seem to find the edit view23:14
j2hklm4i get a not found on /hello23:14
benjidid you add an object with that name?23:14
benji"hello" that is23:14
j2hklm4erm no23:15
j2hklm4that hits an object I created23:15
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j2hklm4when I hit this http://localhost:8090/HelloWorld/edit.html I get password prompt then A system error occurred.23:16
j2hklm4benji this is the error I get23:18
j2hklm4File "/usr/local/Zope-3.2.1/lib/python/zope/app/traversing/browser/", line 81, in breadcrumbs23:18
j2hklm4    raise TypeError(_insufficientContext)23:18
benjiis this in Zope 3.2?23:18
j2hklm4yes it is23:19
j2hklm4I've got some funny text highlighting in one of my classes so I am suspicious23:20
j2hklm4this one class EditView(form.EditForm):23:21
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benjij2hklm4: can you pastebin your code?23:23
j2hklm4benji here ya go
j2hklm4do you see anything glaring there benji ?23:31
benjinope, I'm trying the code out now23:32
j2hklm4k thanks23:32
j2hklm4also looking for a good resource of ZCatalog for Z323:32
benjithe docs are pretty good23:34
benjij2hklm4: can you pastebin your ZCML too23:34
j2hklm4benji here - - thanks23:35
benjifor catalogs look here:
benjialso zc.catalog can be useful23:35
j2hklm4ok I'll checj it out - the intro you sent looks good23:38
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benjij2hklm4: I seem to be getting a different error: ForbiddenAttribute: ('fname', <hello.hello.HelloWorld object at 0xb65e2e2c>)23:51
j2hklm4benji hmm23:51
j2hklm4I've set the attributes to public23:52
benjiare you sure you added an "QS Hello World" object, and not a plain "Hello World" object?23:52
j2hklm4I'm not sure at all23:52
j2hklm4let me go look23:52
benjitry adding one with a different name23:53
j2hklm4it is indeed a QS Hello World23:53
j2hklm4as were the last23:54
benjiwell, that's not the problem23:54
j2hklm4is there any problem with computing attributes ?23:54
benjiand http://localhost:8090/test1/@@edit.html gives you the "not enough context" error23:54
j2hklm4I'm grabbing the attributes23:54
j2hklm4and string concatenating23:54
j2hklm4greeting = "hello my name is " + fname + ' ' + lname + ' ' + 'my email is ' + email23:55
j2hklm4but I haven't set fname and lname to public23:55
j2hklm4yes it gives me an error23:56
benjiright, the cause of the error I see is that you added attributes and don't have security declarations for them; adding them to the IHelloWorld interface would be the easiest fix for that23:56
j2hklm4raise TypeError(_insufficientContext)23:56
j2hklm4could you give me an example23:57
j2hklm4so you mean in the zcml23:57
j2hklm4each one needs a sec declaration23:57
j2hklm4_insufficientContext = insufficient privledges23:58
benjino, insufficientContext != insufficient privledges, I'm talking about the error I see, not the one you're seeing23:59

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