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benjiI'm really curious why I'm seeing a different error than you are00:00
j2hklm4me too00:00
benjican you pastebin your
benjihmm, looks just like mine00:01
benjiI'm stumped, j2hklm400:04
benjiI recommend meditation and seafood.00:05
j2hklm4ok well thanks for looking into with me00:05
j2hklm4you're the best benji and the tutorial is great it's made a lot more clear to me about z300:05
timtewhat does @@ in http://.../@@/someimage.png mean?00:10
benjitimte: @@ is a view dis-ambiguator (sp?), and @@ refers to the view with no name, which is normally used for "resources", like CSS and images00:11
timteis there actually a view with no name?00:12
timteor is that just some trick?00:12
benjiI don't think it's a "trick", just a component registration with name ""00:15
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j2hklm4benji I got it working buddy - it was a matter of adding the all the attributes to the zcml00:22
j2hklm4just a question how would I take that out of the macro context/@@standard_macros/view00:24
j2hklm4it doesn't seem to work when I run it without that macro00:24
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j2hklm4how do uncouple the metal macros from the z3 zmi ?02:29
j2hklm4I can't seem to get one to work with using metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/view02:30
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* kobold just registered #debian-zope on OFTC, maybe someone here is interested too...10:51
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baijumkobold, for discussion of debian zope related packages ?11:00
koboldbaijum: yeah, Debian and Ubuntu zope/plone packages.11:00
koboldas well as user support for debian/ubuntu-specific problems with zope packages11:00
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koboldis the zope3-dev mailing list broken or what? the web archives are still at Oct 6th.11:40
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d2mkobold: seems like all of them stopped arching, the mails are available from for example11:46
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ignasis anyone working on Zope3 eggification in here at the moment ?15:34
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ignasthe irony of easy_install is killing me :)15:40
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MacYET__anyone in charge for
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mgedmineh?  I can't log in on zope.org18:33
mgedmineither my firefox forgot my password, or something changed on the side18:34
J1mMacYET__, I don't know what you are asking?18:36
mgedminduh, I'd forgotten my username18:37
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SmokeyDIf I wnat to do something upon deletion of an object, is there a method of the zope object I should define which will do the things?18:39
benjiSmokeyD: subscribe to the ObjectDeleted (or some name like that) event18:40
benjiit looks like it's ObjectRemoved18:40
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d2mMacYET__: what about ? (i just got a bunch of ancient mails sent from that list)18:42
SmokeyDok, thanks benji18:42
MacYET__yeah, just got spammed with some hundred chinese mails from the list18:44
d2mthe list is stuck since a month or so (other lists stopped archiving a week ago -- i sent a mail to sysadmin to check the list states)18:48
SmokeyDbenj, I should register the container object of the object I'm removing for IObjectRemovedEvent right? Not the removed object itself18:49
benjiyeah, we just "fixed" that problem, so all the queued messages (99% of which were spam) were just released, you don't have to thank us18:49
benjino, SmokeyD, the contaner doesn't participate in that event, just the object18:50
SmokeyD didn't do much with events yet except read some about them so forgive me if my question is stupid but...18:51
SmokeyDI should create a factory that will handle the event18:51
d2mbenji: thank you anyway, webmaster ist the only list i read though mail, nntp clients are smarter18:52
SmokeyDwhich is not a method of the object registered for the event right?18:52
benjiSmokeyD: no, not a method18:52
benjiyou need a subscriber to the ObjectRemoved event for the interface of the kind of object you want to know about18:52
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SmokeyDand that same object should implement an action that is executed upon the event? Or should the action be defined elswhere?18:53
ignashow does one debug Zope3 i18n mechanism, I have found out that a correct locale is negotiated with browser, but i don't know where to look next as strings are still left untranslated ...18:54
SmokeyDIn a separate class I mean18:54
benjiright, SmokeyD, your event subscriber would (normally) be a distinct object18:55
SmokeyDthen I get it18:55
SmokeyDthanks a lot18:55
SmokeyDsorry for the newbie question18:55
mgedminignas: do you know about ++lang++test in the URL?19:04
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SmokeyDI'm really trying to find this out through the apidoc and sourcecode but can't find it: How do I find out which permissions the current user (self.request.principal) is granted to19:30
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benjimgedmin: can you look at  Those test failures appear to have been triggered by one of your checkins.21:21
mgedminlooking right now21:21
mgedminFailed doctest test for
mgedmincannot reproduce here, will try on another machine with an older python21:26
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* mgedmin is proudly upholding the glorious tradition: every z3 bugfix must break something somewhere, *sigh*21:33
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mgedminbenji: I cannot reproduce it with python 2.4.3 either21:36
mgedmindoes ./ -vv1 -s  fail for you?21:36
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benjiupdating my Zope to try, mgedmin21:37
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* mgedmin accidentally notices that 'make clean' spews an error: make: getcwd: No such file or directory21:40
benjinope, mgedmin that didn't cause any failures, but add --all and it shows the same failure as buildbot21:42
mgedminok, got it21:45
mgedminbenji: that test fails even if I revert my checkin21:47
mgedminzope 3 trunk, my change was rev 7058821:48
mgedminsvn up -r 70587 src/zope/publisher/; ./ -vv1 -s test_inputbuffering --all -m test_inputbuffering21:48
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mgedminwell, at least with python 2.4.4c021:49
mgedminit could be that it passes with 2.321:49
mgedminI think I know what's happening21:49
mgedminok, I don't know what's the proper thing to do here22:00
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mgedminaccording to the library docs, file-like objects should accept a 'size' argument to readline()22:00
mgedminzope 3 had a HTTPInputStream that didn't, and now twisted has a wsg.InputStream that doesn't22:01
benjiin what way does the cgi module in 2.4.4 rely on the size argument?  Is it using it to guard against DOS attacks?22:03
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* mgedmin goes to read the sourceforge bug description22:03
benjiif so, if we ignore the size argument, we won't be doing anything worse than we're doing now, but it should be "fixed" at some point in the future22:04
benjiI'd say this is a Twisted bug that we should work around, add a XXX comment and raise the issue with Twisted22:05
mgedmin"cgi.FieldStorage memory usage can spike" could be considered a DOS, I suppose22:07
mgedminok, I'll do that22:07
mgedmin"Opened 9 months ago22:10
mgedminLast modified 5 months ago"22:10
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benjilooks good, mgedmin, thanks!22:51
mgedminfree at last!22:51
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