IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-10-10

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tristilDid __setitem__.precondition change in Zope 3.3? Making an interface ILessonManager(IContainer): __setitem__.precondition = ItemPrecondition(IFoo) errors with NameError: name '__setitem__' is not defined00:14
benjitristil: I've never seen that use, so my first suggestion would be to verify that that API was ever public, if not you'll need to find/use a public API, if it was public, then it's a bug00:17
tristilbenji, so I use invariants?00:18
benjiI don't understand the question.00:18
tristilbenji, I think I copied this code, and I've seen it in the Philip W. book. Also here:
tristilbenji, but the other way involves invariant, it seems.00:20
benjiif by "invariant" you mean containment constraints, then yes00:21
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baijumcan anyone access now?07:21
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dlkwird. I down?09:00
baijumdlk, I cann't access and svn.zope.org09:02 works09:02
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dobeehi all, is down?11:57
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dobeesrichter: do u know what is wrong with
baijumdobee, both and are not accessible now, d2m has informed this at sa@zope.com12:33
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dobeebaijum: thx12:38
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* baijum thinks we should have a status page somewhere, many people asking for info in #zope, #plone etc.13:15
* baijum atleast we can point to that page13:16
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* baijum was trying to create a status page in, but that is too down :(13:19
baijumfaassen, any idea when and will be back ?13:22
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faassenbaiju|away: no, I just discovered they were down. :(14:02
faassenlooks like we screwed up with DNS.14:02
mgedminI can resolve, but it doesn't respond14:05
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regebroAh, crap! seems to be down, is that correct?15:17
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ateoh211hi all, I am wondering if it is feasible to add a view for a 'five' object that is accessable in the zmi16:04
ateoh211so to have an object of type Foo, when clicked, along with the default Security, Undo, & etc tabs, add a tab 'bar'16:07
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hazmatany zc folks  looks like svn is doa for anon access16:50
mexiKONhazmat, it'smore like a dns problem, it seems16:52
mexiKONbut perhaps J1m or benji can poke the right people16:52
mexiKONhazmat, at least us folks from europe seem to have it working16:52
J1mwe don't control dns anymore.16:53
J1mfaassen, is aware of the problem.16:53
benjithere appears to be a DNS issue related to us moving to a different DNS provider for zope.org16:53
mexiKONis the whole mailing list problem related to that?16:53
mexiKONpeople have been reporting issues with zope3-dev for example16:53
J1mI'm not aware of a mailing list issue.16:54
J1mI know I'm getting plenty of ZWEB mail. :(16:54
mexiKONi wasn't either, but mainly because i was away the last week ;)16:55
ateoh211I've had that DNS issue before.  If your using the same names server fqdn but change nameservers the ips have to be changed by a domain name registration god.  i.e., if is the registered nameserver for all things zope and you want to change the ip, the registrar for you domain name(s) has to put in the change with the root dns servers16:58
J1mNone of the servers have changed ips.16:59
J1mall that should have changed was the server used to hand out ips.16:59
ateoh211guess that's maybe not it then :-)16:59
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faassenI suspect there was a simple human screwup here.17:06
faassenbut I'm a manager in all this, so what do I know. I just ask for things and then yell at people if it doesn't work. :)17:06
ateoh211so, I'm still working on tying a view to tab in the zmi(zope2 five)  I have a view called 'Info' that works, using formbase.Displayform .   is there some five 'magic' that will provide a tab in zmi when I navigate to my object?17:07
mexiKONateoh211, nope17:08
mexiKONateoh211, just make a zmi tab the old fashion way17:08
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ateoh211mexiKON: bummer.17:19
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roymHi all, how can I control the order of tab menu items that appear in19:52
roymthe zmi views.  What I'd like to do is re-use the Rotterdam19:52
roym@@contents.html view, which appears to use the19:52
roym@@SelectedManagementView for a url (which in turn works on19:52
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mgedminthis is paranoia speaking: did change both its IP and its SSH host key at the same time?20:00
* mgedmin reads the mailing list20:02
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roymok - I figured out that I could provide my own SelectedManagementView.html view to get the link to redirect to where I want it to, since the order of menu items doesn't seem easy to control, unless one uses the "order=" attribute all over the zcml. It's just that browsing the source tree turns up no instances of this technique used anywhere else - and makes me wonder if this is a reasonable way to do it?20:09
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timteWhat is CSSViewlet used for?20:15
floxtimte: create CSS viewlet20:16
floxtimte: see /++apidoc++/Code/zope/viewlet/README.txt for details20:17
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timteI only checked the interfaces, don't know why I didn't think of README.txt20:18
timteviewlet for html makes sense, viewlet for css doesn't make sense yet... until I read that readme20:19
* flox find CSSViewet not convenient, because it is not easy to order.... and u lose the cascading thing, if u cannot order CSS20:19
floxtimte: AFAIR, CSS Viewlet is used for Boston skin20:19
floxthis is an example of CSS and JS viewlets20:21
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ksmith99is getattr( IDescriptive(content), name) an okay or is there a better way to access an attribute dynamically?20:43
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philiKONksmith99, that's what getattr is for20:47
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ksmith99philikon, thnks21:10
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benjifor some people, timte; the DNS change-over doesn't seem to be going well21:54
timtemaybe baseregistry is in cheesechop22:01
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roymis it possible to get the skin of the current request in a doubly dispatched event handler? (ie: my handler has a signature h(obj, event))22:56
roymevent.request is not available :(.22:56
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suptonis svnserve down?23:12
benjisupton: DNS issues23:12
suptonbenji - thanks23:13
philiKONroym, event.request is only available on e.g. IBeforeTraverseEvent23:17
philiKONevents are components, too23:17
philiKONso they have interfaces that document their API23:17
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J1mare other people able to get to now?23:54
J1mI'm not.23:54
J1mI was before.23:54
benjiwhat IP does it resolve to, J1m?23:54
J1mRob, no we need to23:56
J1mRob, no we need to23:56
J1mbenji, the f12g machines are getting the right address.23:57
benjiyeah, Rob, we definitely need to23:58
J1mstupid mac client23:58

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