IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-10-11

benji63.240.213.171 is apparently a loadbalancer00:00
benji63.240.213.173 is svn.zope.org00:01
J1mright, f12g has the right values.00:02
J1mmy isp has old values.00:02
J1mThat made thigs work for me most of the day. :)00:02
benjiis anyone of the DNS management people aware of the problem?00:03
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benjithere's always /etc/hosts, J1m00:04
J1mActually andrew gave me the address of a dns server with the right value.00:05
J1mThere's always resolve.conf. :)00:05
benjitry again00:06
J1mThere are always those 3.00:06
benjiwatching you type is like an improv comedy routine00:06
J1mblack comedy00:07
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ksmith99what is the equivilant zcml for component.provideAdapter(zope.annotation.factory(Bar)) ?00:12
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ksmith99never mind :), wow, the new annotations factory works great00:58
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roymphiliKON: thanks - didn't see your note till just yet..03:23
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* baijum added '' to /etc/hosts (now svn up works :) )06:39
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Theunianyone alive?12:43
TheuniI seems to be talking to me again, but I get a host key verification error ...12:43
TheuniIs the IP correct?12:43
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mexiKONi thought 173 was the right one?12:45
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TheunimexiKON: at least when using 173 via hosts file, I can update again13:24
mexiKON'dere you go13:24
Theuniwhat kind of slang is that?13:24
mexiKONroll the 'r'13:25
mexiKONspanish/italian/... accent13:25
mexiKONmafiosi if you want13:25
mexiKONor you dont dink dat's funny, eh? come tony, cut him13:25
mexiKONTheuni, watch the godfather or goodfellas in english ;)13:26
mexiKONgerman dubbing is only half as fun for exactly that reason13:26
mexiKONor, watch Mickey Blue Eyes13:26
mexiKONhilarious movie13:26
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philiKONwho wants to represent zope3 on this contest: ?14:46
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floxi need 2 contentproviders on the same page that use the same generated variable 'foo'.15:10
floxhow i make sure that 'foo' is generated only the first time15:11
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philiKONflox, huh?15:17
floxphiliKON, yes, i hv a list of items that is displayed both in a viewlet, and in the main page15:36
floxi want to do the computationo f the list only 1 time15:37
floxs/computationo f/computation of/15:37
philiKONpre-compute it in the view15:38
floxif i call a contentprovider, (or a utility) 2 times, it performs calculation 2 times...15:38
floxoups i mean an adapter, not a utility, in that case15:39
floxi can use the variable that is in the 'view' from the 'viewlet'?15:40
floxi hav to assign __parent__ of the viewlet to the view, no?15:40
philiKONviewlets already do this15:40
floxthen if i call 'view/foo' i get the variable?15:41
floxfrom the viewlet15:41
floxok, i try this15:41
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floxi hv a ForbiddenAttribute: ('__annotations__', <some.Module object at 0x03067F70>)16:51
floxdon't know where to look at...16:51
fcorreaflox: Maybe this is something that is not in your interface...so16:55
philiKONflox, my book16:55
philiKONflox, you need to make your adapter trusted16:55
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floxphiliKON, i will check again, but i've put it 'trusted', i think16:55
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floxtrusted="true" or trusted="yes" or trusted="y" ?16:56
philiKONeither way16:57
fcorreaflox: check this out
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floxfcorrea: thanks, i'll read that.17:02
floxok, i forgot a 'trusted' attribute..17:02
floxbut now i've an Unauthorized error...17:03
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floxi think i forgot to assign the __parent__ variable for my annotation17:10
floxi check17:10
philiKONyour adapter needs __parent__17:13
floxthat's it17:13
floxnow it works...17:13
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floxif i put attribut 'trusted', i don't need attribute 'permission=' ?17:47
floxon the adapter17:47
* flox should read again the Annotation chapter17:48
philiKONflox, RTFB :)17:51
philiKONwhen you have a trusted adapter, you need security declarations for the adapter itself17:51
philiKONread the book and you'll see what i mean17:51
fcorreaRTFB haha...cool17:52
philiKONafter all, that's what i wrote it for17:53
philiKONif you folks don't read it, what's the point17:53
floxright... we have 2 copies of ur book17:53
flox1 in Paris, other one is on the shelf, behind me17:54
fcorreaflox: you almost scared me with your two copies :D17:55
floxlegal copies, i mean17:55
floxfrom Springer17:56
fcorreanot that....why in hell one needs 2 copies17:56
floxhaha.. because developers work on 2 locations17:56
fcorreato compare if both are genuine ? teasing you17:56
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fcorreaflox: this is cool too
radixit doesn't appear that testbrowser supports submit button values correctly, although maybe I'm out of it18:00
benjiin what way, radix?18:02
radixbenji: if you have a multiple submit buttons with the same name="" and different values, browsers are supposed to pass the value of only the one you clicked18:02
radixbenji: it appears testbrowser always only passes the value of the first submit button18:03
benjiradix: a bug report with code/html to easily reproduce the error would be great18:03
floxfcorrea: i keep this bookmark, to read after dinner18:03
radixbenji: ok, cool18:03
BjornTradix: as a workaround, it might work if you give the buttons unique ids18:04
mgedminmy submit button values are usually i18n:translated, so I always pay attention to the name18:04
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fcorreaflox: search in for zope3 tags....tons least from me ;)18:05
radixBjornT: oh, that did work.18:05
floxis there any reason to use Python 'zope.component.adapts' instead of ZCML attribute 'for=' ?18:05
* radix files the bug18:05
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benjisidebar mgedmin: (being clueless about i18n), I would assume you'd use the test language18:05
mgedminflox: yes, I think so18:06
mgedminwhen the adapter can be used with only one meaningful for=18:06
mgedminthen it is better to keep that next to the adapter18:06
mgedminplus, if you ever need to register that adapter in some unit test18:06
mgedminyou can say zope.component.provideAdapter(myAdapter)18:06
mgedminand not have to repeat the for= and provides=18:07
benjiagree, I almost always prefer the decorator version18:07
mgedminbenji: but in real life it would make it difficult for the code that processes a form submission18:07
floxmgedmin: thanks, i guess it is the same for zope.interface18:07
benjimgedmin: I don't understand, but I'll take your word for it :)18:08
mgedminif request.form['foo_btn'] == translate(_('Do this'), context=self.request): # this feels ugly to me18:09
benjifor the most part, flox; for (extrinsic) marker interfaces (like ISharable) it is often preferable to use ZCML18:09
mgedminso instead of <input name="foo_btn" value="do this"><input name="foo_btn" value="do that">18:09
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mgedminI prefer <input name="do_this_btn" value="do this"><input name="do_that_btn" value="do that">18:09
radixhmm, I don't really know how to do small self-contained testbrowser examples18:10
floxbenji: ok18:10
floxbye, i go back home18:10
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BjornTradix: there are some examples in zope/testbrowser/tests.py18:13
radixoh, cool, I'll take a look18:14
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radixBjornT, benji: thanks for the help:
benjithanks radix18:30
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regebroHi all!22:13
regebroIn zope:adapter statement, "for" is optional in Zope 3.2, right? And it picks it up from the class?22:13
regebroBut how do you state it on the class? I forgot... :)22:13
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mgedminclass MyAdapter(...): adapts(IFoo)22:15
mgedminwhere adapts is zope.component.adapts22:15
mgedminmy turn: when you register a <subscriber handler="foo">, how do you specify the event type with a decorator?22:15
mgedmin@zope.adapter(IFooEvent), or is there a @zope.subscriber(IFooEvent)?22:16
regebroAh, of course, zope.COMPONENT...22:16
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philiKONmgedmin, yes, @zope.component.adapter(IMyEvent)22:38
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mgedminwhat, is resolving to the wrong IP *again*?23:57
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