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dobeesrichter: ayt?03:46
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tgkuowill Zope2 merge Zope3 ?03:48
tgkuoare there 3rd party packages for Zope3 ?03:52
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tgkuobon jour04:05
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tgkuobon jour10:38
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tgkuocan each user's session be treated as an independent workflow, under python code logic control, not by the  template language ?  11:03
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philiKONtgkuo, sure11:17
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tgkuophiliKON: how? is there other ZMI/through the web utility for direct plain python code programming and maintenance ?11:20
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philiKONtgkuo, just write your python code in a regular python package12:39
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ignaswhat are the implications of storing messageIds in ZODB ?15:13
ignaswill it work ?15:13
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opetznickhi some widget dudes in here? i'm trying to overwrite the DateWidget so the user can select day/month/year out of 3 dropdowns. this works already but my problem is that i don't have the field which zope searches for.. so i get "no input"..  how i can solve this? is there a method which i can overwrite?15:45
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tiredbonesis  having problems?16:21
tiredbonesoops --is  having problems?16:21
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tiredboneswhen I run make for the latest zope3 I get an exit code of 1. I know I should provide more info, but is would be to much on this forum ans pastebin is having problems.17:19
tiredbonesIs this a known problem?17:20
tiredbonesWhere does one look for known problems?17:20
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ignastiredbones: use and paste the link here17:31
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floxError type: ZODB.POSException.ConnectionStateError18:19
floxError object: Shouldn't load state for 0x067ebf when the connection is closed18:19
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floxthis error occurs randomly.... i don't know why.18:20
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Theuni_whole traceback?18:26
roymCan someone tell me if it is crazy to do the following: I want to18:27
roymcreate objects that live only in my session, and provide edit views to18:27
roymthem (via formlib). I am trying to collect user input, and want to18:27
roymtake advantage of the formlib machinery to present a UI to what are18:27
roymessentially temporary objects. Is there a better way?18:27
Theuni_what's your goal?18:28
roymto create  a rather complex input form...18:28
roymautomatically, based on a schema spec, and then harvest the values18:29
mgedminflox: I think that error means that your code keeps a reference to a Persistent object and doesn't drop it after committing a transaction18:29
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projekt01romy, Did you see the z3c.sessionwidet implementation18:30
projekt01romy, you can use formlib forms as widgets18:30
roymprojekt01: no, but it sounds like a good candidate.18:30
roymIn my case above, I get: TypeError: There isn't enough context to get URL information. This is probably due to a bug in setting up location information18:30
projekt01missing location!18:31
projekt01set the __parent__ if you setup sub forms18:31
roymyep - I guess objects in the session are not "located" anywhere.18:31
roymcan I do this for session objects?18:32
projekt01you have to give a location to the form, dosen't matter where the form lives18:32
roymprojekt01: thanks, let me read up on how one provides a location...18:33
projekt01the __parent__ attr in ILocation describes this. The BrowserPage implements this interface also formlib form.18:34
roymwould I need to set the __parent__ to something in the ZODB tree?18:34
projekt01perhaps your adapted object does not have a location18:35
roymI am trying to avoid cluttering my db with temporary objects..18:35
projekt01What's the context of your form?18:35
royma temporary object in my session.18:36
projekt01Does this object have a location/parent?18:36
roymnope, and I guess that's why I get the error... :(18:36
roymis it "safe" to set its __parent__ to my appRoot, and expect that there won't be persistent object in my zodb as a side effect?18:37
benjiyes, roym; references "out" from an object don't make it persistent, references to the object from another persistent object do18:39
floxmgedmin: ok, thanks18:39
floxi think i've done something stupid.18:40
roymbenji: great... thanks.18:40
floxi tried to store Utilities in a dictionary, to remember them from 1 request to the next one18:40
floxVocabulary utilities, i mean18:41
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roymprojekt01: z3c.sessionwidget solves my exact problem - thanks!19:06
* roym wonders if there is an overview of all the z3c packages.19:07
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roymcan someone point me to an example of how to use z3c.sessionwidget... I have read the doctests, but can't figure out how to actually use it - ie: do I use it directly in a zpt? how do I instantiate it, etc... thanks.22:19
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