IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-10-17

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whitmaybe this is a better place to ask: is there any way to say "not have" or "not installed" in a zcml:condition?00:14
benjiwhit: there's a system for checking if a particular "feature" is installed, I don't remember the details, but it's a ZCML mechanism00:16
* whit thinks he's grepped through most everything00:16
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whitseems like something pretty basic to leave out though: in my case I need to load up certain resources if they aren't loaded already. is there a spelling for this?00:17
benjiwhit: see /home/benji/zope3/2/src/zope/configuration/tests/conditions.zcml for examples00:18
benjire: resources, whit; not that I know of00:18
whitbeen there... I didn't see anything that fit the bill(that ships with 2.9)00:18
benjithat gets to the poor "composability" of ZCML, a personal peeve00:19
whitfuck it.00:24
* whit brute forces it with overrides00:25
timteWhen do you use browser:view instead of browser:page?00:26
RaFromBRCtimte: when your view isn't intended to be published directly via ZPublisher00:28
RaFromBRCbut is only called programmatically by other code... at least that's my understanding00:28
timtehmm, ok00:29
timteso I'll just continue using pages then00:30
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ChrisWam I right in thinking that "layer" let you use savepoints to role back during tests so that expensive test fixtures don't have to be created over and over again?12:08
Theuni_should be12:10
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Theuni_layers use demostorage to save their status12:10
ChrisWare there docs/examples anywhere?12:10
ChrisWI've read testrunner-layers.txt, wasn't very helpful :-(12:11
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Theuni_dunno, i found that by reading the code12:13
Theuni_why don't you try it? :)12:13
ChrisWwhich code?12:13
ChrisW(I'm trying to find otu what to try ;-) )12:13
Theuni_you want to rollback *during* tests?12:14
ChrisWno, got a load of tests12:15
ChrisWthey all use the same fixtures12:15
ChrisWthose fixtures are expensive to build so I want to keep them around12:15
ChrisWbut obviously roll back any changes made to them after each test12:15
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ChrisWI don't really see any support for what I'm looking for12:21
ChrisWwtf ARE layers and where can I find some examples?12:21
Theuni_layers are groups of tests with a common setup that are run within one process12:22
ChrisWare we talking like the old level 1, level 2, level 3, etc?12:23
ChrisW(ie: ways of runnign fewer tests or excluding functional tests?)12:23
ChrisWI guess if you can think of some good examples of layer usage, I could take a look...12:25
mgedminChrisW: not quite; layers share setup12:33
mgedminmore like old unit tests vs old functional tests12:33
mgedminsetup that is not torn down and rebuilt between each pair of tests from the same layer, because that would be too costly12:34
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ChrisWmgedmin: right, that sounds like what I'm after12:41
ChrisWanyway, can anyone answer my pleas for examples?12:41
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ChrisWaha, I think i've found an article from Philipp that will help :-)12:46
mgedminthere are examples somewhere in zope 3 source tree12:54
ChrisWyou'd hope so ;-)12:55
ChrisWbut, there really should be some kinda overview doc and simple examples12:55
ChrisWPhilipp's article gives tanalizing hints12:56
ChrisWokay, I think I see how layers sort of work12:59
ChrisWso, I could do lots of setup in, drop a savepoint and then roll back to that savepoint in the layer's teardown?13:00
ChrisWI also think I see how extending layers works13:00
ChrisWcan you combine them horizontally too?13:01
ChrisWie: I have LayerX which sets up a sample content object X, and LayerY which does the same for a content object Y13:01
ChrisWI now want to write tests that need both an X and a Y to exist13:01
ChrisWhow would people recommend I do that?13:01
azazelany five expert here?13:05
ChrisWnot expert, but I'll help if I can :-)13:05
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azazelChrisW:  thanks, i'm dealing with a plone 2.5 customization, and i have created an interface IMySite which inherits from Plone's view interface IPlone, and i have created an implementing class. Now, this class implements the IMySite which is a "specialization" of IPlone, but to be able to access IPlone defined class members from zpt i had to add to my zcml decl an attribute "allowed_interface" which explicitly list both IMySite and IPlone.... i13:11
azazels this the expected behavior or is a bug? (mine or of five)13:11
ChrisWyou said the "p" word, you are beyond help ;-)13:12
azazelbuti on the plone channel optilude directed me here:)13:14
azazelsooo fun?:)13:16
nouriazazel: That's what Plone itself does when registering the plone view13:31
nouriand yes, it's expected13:31
azazelnouri: i it is so just because also IPlone declaration as an allowed_interfaces=".interfaces.IPlone" ?13:36
nouriazazel: I don't understand13:36
nouriah, your question is why do i have to declare *both*13:36
nourieven though your interface extends IPlone13:37
nouriSorry, I misunderstood that.  In that case, I have no idea and yes it looks like a bug.13:37
azazelif i don't declare IPlone in allowed_interfaces i get an unauthorized while traversing to IPlone (or better IPlone implementing class) member "globalize"13:39
azazelwhich is a method which directly inserts globals in the context of zpt13:40
azazels/a method which/a method that/13:41
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timteDoes allowed_interface honour interface inheritance?16:47
timteif IB inherits from IA, it seems allowed_interface="IB" won't allow methods on IA16:48
philiKONyes it should16:50
philiKONif it doesn't, it's a bug16:50
ChrisWhey philiKON :-)16:51
ChrisWany news on book yet?16:51
philiKONno, i wish i had16:51
philiKONi'm as clueless as you guys :(16:51
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ChrisWhurm... question for the clueful:16:54
ChrisWwhy does transaction.commit(1) break savepoints?16:55
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ChrisWanyone here alive?19:32
ChrisWI wonder how hard it would be to make DemoStorage support undo?19:32
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SmokeyDhi ppl. I forgot my zope3 book, so can somebody help me? I want to write unit tests that need the zope tree (test if objects contain other objects and attributes and things like that)20:34
SmokeyDIs it possible to use a test ZODB for that?20:34
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SmokeyDWhat I would like to do is create a normal ZODB Data.fs in a standard instance of zope and create some data in there and then use that for unit tests.21:00
SmokeyDI just have to load the database somehow in in the unittests21:00
SmokeyDI looked at the ZODB module in the apidoc, and although i think I should use that module, I don't know how to start there21:01
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SmokeyDI don't want to do functional tests where I send browser requests to the object, I just want to be able to access the zope objects and call methods on them21:03
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jukartSmokeyD: for your unit test maybe this helps :22:24
jukartdef setUp(test):22:24
jukart    root = setup.placefulSetUp(site=True)22:24
jukart    test.globs['root'] = root22:24
batlogghey jukart :)22:24
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