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tgkuohi, is there plans that zope 3 replace zope2 ? 11:57
nouriThere are even plans that Zope 3 takes over the world11:58
nouriThose are all plans, however11:58
tgkuozope 3 will take over python ?11:59
tgkuozope 3 will lead python toward better world ?12:01
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ChrisWmorning philiKON :-)12:19
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d2manyone want to give me a hint how to install grok ?15:06
d2mthats what i got: "Installed /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/grok-0.1-py2.4.egg" -- what is the next step ?15:08
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d2mthink i've got that running -- INSTALL.txt is not very clear for first-timers15:14
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philiKONd2m, buildout15:31
philiKONd2m, check it out of SVN15:31
philiKONand follow INSTALL.txt15:31
philiKONbasically, you bootstrap the buildout15:32
philiKONand then you make the buildout with bin/buildout15:32
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HakTomhello! can anybody point me to an example, how to implement hurry.workflow or the zope.wfmc stuff within the Zope3 Server on a simple content class? i studied the doctests, but i am not able to use this with my content class16:09
HakTommaybe its my lack o knowledge how to use Utilities,  a link to somethink that implements that would help16:11
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ignasHakTom: - levels and attendance, not typical, not good, but an example of wfmc16:21
ignasi am afraid that you will have to grok what wfmc is about before doing something right16:21
ignasand doctests won't help you that much ...16:21
HakTomthanks, ignas16:22
ignasin attendance we are using wfmc to enforce the workflow upon the code16:22
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ignaslevels are based on wfmc but i am not sure whether wfmc was the right tool for this problem16:22
HakTomok, i will dig into that, tnx16:24
ignasoh and you should see
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ignasunless you want to create+validate xpdls manually16:25
HakTomgreat, i was looking for something like that yesterday!16:26
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SmokeyDHey people. Where can I find BrowserTestCase in zope 3.1? I can't find it anywhere16:56
benjicscope says:
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SmokeyDwhat is cscope?17:19
benjiit's a source code indexing/searching tool; like ctags squared17:19
benji(it's only really usefull if integrated with your editor/IDE)17:21
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tgkuowhich  python version does Zope 3.3.o use ?19:06
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tgkuothere seemed some conflict between plone's python and zope3 ?19:08
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tgkuocan zope 3.3.0 run on python 2.4.3 ?19:14
d2mtgkuo: zope3.3.0 runs on python 2.4.319:17
tgkuozope 3.5 will run on which version ?19:17
d2mtgkuo: ask me in 16 months19:18
tgkuok  :)19:18
tgkuoplone and zope 3 seemed unable to coexist in my environment ...19:20
d2mtgkuo: if you think plone runs on zope3 you are wrong19:21
tgkuomy configuration is both plone/zope2 and zope3 installed ...19:22
tgkuowill that cause the trouble ?19:23
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d2mtgkuo: should be ok19:23
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tgkuoit is not ok for me, some packages conflicted ...  zope 3 publisher cann't be run up at another port than 8080 which was used by zope2 for site management.19:27
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rockyanyone know if there's a zope3 convenience api for looking up the actual class/module/package that a string containing a dotted path designates to?19:30
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tgkuod2m: I see, both zope2 and zope3 use the same file, mkzopeinstance.bat to go ...19:31
d2mtgkuo: configure plone or zope3 to run on a different port (8080 is default setting)19:32
tgkuod2m: yes, I did, but didn't work.19:34
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rockyphiliKON: you happen to know what happens when two different configure.zcml both define a <browser:menu> with the same name?  is the second one ignored? or what?21:51
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mgedminI think you get a conflict error21:54
mgedminduring zope 3 startup21:54
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rockymgedmin: doesn't look like that happens... definitely doesn't conflict on startup... but in my particular situation i get the menu but it's empty (items from neither configure.zcml are properly populating it) ... but that might not be a z3 natural thing21:57
benjirocky: if you comment out one of them does it then work?21:57
rockybenji: yep21:58
benjithat sounds like a bug, I'd file a collector issue21:58
mgedminoh, <browser:menu>!21:58
mgedminI thought <browser:menuItem>21:58
mgedminanyway, looks like a bug21:58
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* rocky does some debugging21:59
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rockybenji & mgedmin: simple code that sort of demonstrates my problem ...
rockyzope 3.322:21
rockyzope 3.222:21
benjirocky: what does the ZCML look like?22:21
mgedminI think you get two menu objects with the same name; the zcml populates one of them, but getMenu returns the other one.22:22
timte<browser:page name="events.Event" ...>  --  this creates a view, right?22:22
rockybenji: project1 ->   project2 ->
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benjirocky: looks like a bug22:25
benji(in Zope)_22:25
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timteIf I put a <browser:addMenuItem view="events.Event" ...> below it zope complains that it can't find the view "events.Event"22:25
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mgedmintimte: addMenuItem want's a view name, not a class name22:27
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mgedmin<browser:page name="myAddView" class="events.Event" />22:27
mgedmin<browser:addMenuItem view="myAddView" ... />22:27
timtemgedmin: I have this directive above the other one, shouldn't this create that view?  <browser:page name="events.Event" ...>22:28
mgedminah, what a strange view name22:28
mgedminI misunderstood22:28
mgedminmaybe you registered the view for a different interface then22:28
timteyeah, philipp used that naming in his training  :)22:28
mgedminactually, that might be pretty conventional naming for IAdding views...  I don't use those very often22:29
timteright, that's actually what I'm doing22:29
timte<browser:page name="events.Event" for="...IAdding" ...>22:30
timtedoes the addMenuItem directive have to register the menu on the same interface?22:30
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timteI get so confused...22:32
timteI want to use formlib and that creates the object itself, so addMenuItem shouldn't need a class/factory argument? but I think it's mandatory22:33
timteenlighten me please  :)22:34
timtemaybe I shouldn't use addMenuItem at all then22:36
mgedminactually, I am now confused to22:40
mgedminI kan't even spell "too"22:40
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rockybenji: registering utilities with the same name providing the same interface seems to work fine... shouldn't you get a conflict error ?
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J1mrocky, no23:20
J1mshould you get an error when you overwrite a key in a dict?23:20
benjiIOW, rocky, the conflicts come from ZCML, not the component system23:21
rockyJ1m: well, in my case the overwriting is causing an issue where neither of my menu's items are getting accessible23:21
benji(ZCML tries to keep you from shooting yourself in the foot)23:21
rockybenji: right, with the discriminators23:21
benjirocky: I want to suggest you file a bug again, but it'll be the third time, so I'll refrain :)23:22
J1mIt is up to a higher-level tool to provide a "can't conflict" policy.23:22
rockybenji: lol23:22
rockybenji: i don't want to file a bug if it's working like its supposed to... you see, J1m already showed me where what i thought was supposed to happen was wrong ;)23:22
benjiwhat, you're afraid of a little public smack-down?  :)23:24
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