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pelle_i had liked to check out the lovely flvplayer i have done a svn check out from and run the following command from the check out dir: /Users/pelle/Zope-Sandbox-243/bin/python install --home /Users/pelle/Zope-3.2.1/sites/instance1  ---- but i get an error in lovely.flvplayer setup command: Distribution contains no modules or packages for namespace package 'z3' ---- any hints / suggestions for solutions thanks in00:02
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timteWhat calls AddFormBase.handle_add(self, action, data) ?00:20
philiKONwhy don't you do a pdb set trace and find out? ;)00:21
philiKONhandle_add isprobably an action00:22
philiKONthat means it'll be called when the corresponding button is pressed00:22
philiKONformlib dispatches button calls to actions00:22
timteah, I should be able to see the call stack, right?00:25
timtegood idea00:25
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timteI looked up the action class, but it didn't make much sense to me  :)00:27
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Simeoniwhere could I find help on testing how zope3 works?04:03
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timteDoes all of zope3 work with offset-aware datetime objects?10:29
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timteHow do I add security declarations to my folders?11:24
timteI get ForbiddenAttribute: ('add', < object ...>)11:24
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timtehmm, folders should already have security declarations11:31
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* timte is puzzled11:35
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timte<browser:page for="" name="addEvent" class=".eventforms.EventAddForm" permission="zope.ManageContent" />11:56
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regebroHey all!11:57
regebroA small question on contentproviders:11:57
regebroThe provider:expression is "single phase", right?11:58
timteI get a form when going to /addEvent, but I get a ForbittenAttribute 'add' when submitting the form. What do I need more to be able to add objects to the site?11:58
regebroIs support for two-phase providers in ZPT today?11:59
regebroMaybe srichter knows. ;)12:09
* timte never heard of one-phase and two-phase providers :)12:12
regebrotimte: A content provider has two methods: update and render.12:15
regebroIn theory, all contentproviders update method should be called first, and then all the render methods.12:15
regebroThis to allow providers to be interdependent.12:16
regebroThat's two-phase.12:16
timteok, got it12:16
regebroBut if you do tal:replace="structure provider:blablabla", each providers update and render will be called directly.12:16
regebroI don't know if there is any two-phase support today. But I think it would be possible to make two-phase support if it was a tal:provider expression instead. I think. :)12:17
timteyou want all privders' update method to be called first and then render?12:17
regebroWell, yeah. This is all For My Information, I don't actually need it.12:18
timtethe heavy developers didn't wake up yet or perhaps they take the weekend off sometimes  :)12:19
regebroCould be. :)12:20
timteluckily we have mailing lists12:20
timteam about to send one question myself12:20
SimeoniI'm new to zope and I'm trying to test how zope 3 works... I'm reading the online book for zope3 and trying to learn use the webgui. I can create the folder ok but then when I try to create the ZPT page it just gives "Asystem error occured in the browser12:21
regebroI'm too impatient. :)12:21
timteSimeoni: what do the terminal or logs say?12:22
Simeoni1  <html>12:23
Simeoni2    <body>12:23
Simeoni3      <h4>Folder Title</h4>12:23
Simeoni4      <br/>12:23
Simeoni5      <h1 tal:content="context/zope:title">title here</h1>12:23
Simeoni6    </body>12:23
Simeoni7  </html>12:23
Simeoni2006-10-21T12:21:21 ERROR SiteError http://localhost:808012:24
SimeoniTraceback (most recent call last):12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\zope\publisher\", line 126, in p12:24
Simeoni    request.processInputs()12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\zope\publisher\", line 263, in p12:24
Simeoni    fs = FieldStorage(fp=fp, environ=self._environ, keep_blank_values=1)12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\lib\", line 530, in __init__12:24
Simeoni    self.read_multi(environ, keep_blank_values, strict_parsing)12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\lib\", line 650, in read_multi12:24
Simeoni    environ, keep_blank_values, strict_parsing)12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\lib\", line 532, in __init__12:24
Simeoni    self.read_single()12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\lib\", line 665, in read_single12:24
Simeoni    self.read_lines()12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\lib\", line 687, in read_lines12:24
Simeoni    self.read_lines_to_outerboundary()12:24
Simeoni  File "C:\Python24\lib\", line 715, in read_lines_to_outerboundary12:24
Simeoni    line = self.fp.readline(1<<16)12:24
SimeoniTypeError: readline() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)12:24
timteI think I've seen that error before12:25
timteWhat version of zope and python are you using?12:25
Simeonipython 2.4.4 and zope 3.3.012:26
* timte has no clue12:31
timtesomeone else seems to have had the same problem though12:31
regebroSimeoni: Itäs better to paste error messages into a pastebin.12:31
regebropaste code examples into or
regebroI think that's a known bug and has been fixed in trunk.12:32
regebroThe line "line = self.fp.readline(1<<16)" should be "line = self.fp.readline()"12:32
regebroSimeoni: So you can fix it yourself if you want to. :)12:32
timteit works for me though and I have an untouched zope12:33
regebrotimte:  But you have maybe Python 2.4.3?12:36
Simeoniso later version of python should help12:39
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regebroSimeoni: Uh, no, earlier. :) 2.4.3 work 2.4.4 not.13:00
regebroOr you can change the line that gives you the error.13:00
Simeoniyeah yeah, earlier13:01
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Simeoniok, now got it installed and it works perfectly with 2.4.313:37
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* baijum is looking at zope.configuration source, zope.i18n is given14:30
baijumas a dependancy in DEPENDENCIES.cfg, but it is not imported14:30
baijumin this package.14:30
baijumso, can I remove that dependancy ?14:30
baijumI mean, can I remove 'zope.i18n' line from  DEPENDENCIES.cfg file14:31
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timteHow come IFolder doesn't have an add method?15:07
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J1mDoes anyone know the status of the Zope3 wiki?16:17
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* benji wonders if "pinin' for the fjords" is applicable16:19
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benjiJ1m: people seem to discuss it on occasion on zope3-dev16:21
J1mYou mean the mailing list?16:21
J1mI just want to post some proposals and need to know where. :)16:22
benjiBaiju has recently made some additions to the FAQ section16:22
benjino idea16:22
J1many idea what the ubject might be? :)16:24
J1mno hits for wiki16:24
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J1mI'll just publish to the old place and let people tell me to publish elsewhere if the wish. :)16:25
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benjisounds like a plan16:26
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baijumJim, Zope3 wiki is here:
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*** baijum changes topic to "logs available at || paste code examples into or || Zope 3.3.0 is out || bugs live at || New wiki is at || FAQ at"17:09
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srichterregebro: no, unfortunately, the "provider" TALES namespace does not support two-phase rendering for content providers yet17:34
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timteIs an add method inappropriate for IFolder?17:51
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febbHello all18:26
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regebrotimte: add what?18:55
regebrosrichter: ok, thanks.18:55
timteregebro: IAdding has an add method, I'd like that in IFolder as well.18:56
regebrotimte: To do what?18:57
timteto add an object to the folder18:57
regebrofolder[id] = object18:58
timteyeah, but then you don't have pluggable naming choosers like IAdding has18:58
regebroWell that's what IAdding is for.18:58
timtethen I'd end up reimplementing the add method that's in IAdding18:58
regebroYes, so, use IAdding. :)18:59
timtethere doesn't seem to be any adapters from IFolder to IAdding18:59
timteand it still wouldn't make sense I think, because IAdding has menu methods that has nothing to do with the folder19:00
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regebroThats possibe, but you should be able to use the adapters that exist for standard folders.19:01
regebroIAdding is the interface made for adding stuff to folderish things.19:02
timtewhat adapters?19:02
regebroI a sense IAdding *is* the add method.19:02
timtethen it should only contain that method  :)19:03
regebroThe addview is view, so I guess (but I'äm not 100%) you can't just adapt IFodler.19:03
regebroMaybe that's the problem.19:03
regebroTry looking it up as a view.19:04
timteI sent an email to zope3-dev now19:04
timteit has the subject "IFolder and IAdding", read it and enlighten me please  ;)19:06
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timteregebro: are you still doing zope3 stuff for nuxeo?19:08
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regebrotimte: Not much no. But then again, I have never done any zope3 stuff for nuxeo, actually. :)19:11
regebroBut I have done Five stuff.19:11
timteregebro: buy you're employed by nuxeo, right?19:12
regebrotimte: Well, as mentioned, to add stuff to a folder, you just add it. If you want the fancy stuff that IAdding gives you, use IAdding. It really is that simple.19:12
regebrotimte: yUP.19:12
regebroIf you put the add method on the fodler, then everything folderish needs to implement it.19:13
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timteregebro: but how do I adapter the folder/context to IAdding?19:14
timtewell, IWriteContainer has some api method, all containers has to implement them19:15
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regebroWell, I think it is a view, so you look it up for the object and a request.19:16
regebrotimte: Yes, because those methods are there so that they are able to do what an IWriteConteiner does.19:17
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xenruI'm using images in CSS, this mean that I need to use paths in style declarations """url('somepath')""", looks like I need to use dynamic path generation, but my css file linked us resource (browser:resource)19:22
xenruIn Zope2 I use DTML19:22
xenruWhat is right way in Zope3 for this case?19:22
timteregebro: hmm, I'll try something19:23
timteregebro: it worked if I made a new view and in its __call__ method called the EventAddForm with the context wrapped in an Adding object19:38
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timteIf I want to redirect to / after submitting an add form, should I use "@action def handle_add" and redirect inside that method?20:39
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eldafaranyone alive?22:59
eldafarI have some issues arising when I move Data.fs files from instance to instance23:00
eldafarthe hashing messes up23:00
eldafarso my getters that operate through hashes return mixed up data23:00
eldafaranyone have any idea what's going on?23:00
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