IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-10-22

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benjieldafar: are the instances on the same machine?00:26
eldafarcould that be the problem?00:32
eldafarI thought the hash algorithm would return the same result no matter what machine you're on00:32
eldafaror does it have to do with memory locations?00:32
eldafarI don't know how zodb works very well00:32
benjiare the hash functions built in, or did you write your own?00:36
eldafarit's just python's hash00:36
eldafarwe has IKeyReference of the objects00:37
benjiI have to run, but if you pastebin the code I'll try to look at it later00:40
benjiyou could also post to zope3-dev or zodb-dev00:40
eldafarI posted to the zope3-dev00:47
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tgkuohi, are there sites hosting python eggs ?16:26
tgkuotks  :)16:27
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regebroI'm trying to use layers (in 2.10) and it completely beffles me.16:30
regebrobaffles, I means. I can get the layers to run, sure, but what I do and set up ion the layers, are not accessible from the tests...16:30
regebroWhich makes the whole think pretty pointless...16:31
regebroI've tried both the way in the docs, and the way CPS does it (which is way different) and both have the same end result.16:31
regebroAnything I create and set up in the layer, is not there in the test.16:31
tgkuonouri: why egg files is larger then zip/tgz files ?16:31
tgkuoTo install zope3 on python 2.5, which egg file to use ?16:35
regebroOK, found a workaround. :)16:36
nouritgkuo: Not sure if python 2.5 is supported yet.  And I don't know why they're larger.  I don't think you should care.16:37
nouritgkuo: Anyway, those egg files aren't very mature yet.  So if you run into problems, try the normal source distribution of Zope 3.16:37
tgkuotks,  :)16:38
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tgkuonouri: will egg files replace zip/tgz files in the future ?16:41
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