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benjiregebro: nope, the model is to emulate a users actions, there are "old style" functional tests if you want to just post forms19:31
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regebrobenji: Yeah, but the old style functional tests suck.19:35
regebroBut it's not a big problem of course, I can post the forms I guess. It does make for more realistic testing.19:35
regebrobenji: Do you know a good way of making the REQUEST has a SESSION variable with testbrowser?19:37
benjiwhat is a "SESSION" variable?19:38
benjisomething in a cookie?19:38
regebroNo, I think it's a magic request variable that points to the users session data.19:39
regebroZope2 request usually have it, but not when running testbrowser it seems.19:39
regebroNeither with the old style funktional tests, but there i understood how to fake it. :)19:39
benjisorry, I don't know anything about it.  If I you perform the same actions as a user you should get the same results they do.  If not, it's likely a bug (in testbrowser or mechanize).19:40
benjis/If I/If/19:41
regebroOK. More likely a debug in Zope2s support of this, but fine...19:42
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regebrobenji: Yup. Or maybe not a bug, but a missing feature.20:06
regebroFixed it. :)20:07
benjiwhat's that?20:07
regebroWell, the ZopeTestCase in Zope2 doesn't set up session handling.20:10
regebroSo I made my test class do it. Works like a charm. :)20:10
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regebroYup. Thanks for the help.20:17
regebroSee ya!20:17
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projekt01Does somebody know where I can find the ZODB browser from adam?23:24
projekt01Ok, I'll try23:25
projekt01Theuni, btw, did you already implement a common criteria aware principal?23:27
Theunia waht?23:28
Theunia what?23:28
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projekt01A principal which after delate and add a similar login doesn't get the opld permissions23:28
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projekt01benji, ayt?23:35
Theuniprojekt01: ah. you're talking about residual information protection.23:40
TheuniI haven't done any coding yet regarding that. I'm still waiting for the TUV to accept our proposal.23:41
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projekt01Ah, this is called residual information protection. I didn't know that.23:42
TheuniIt's "kind" of that.23:47
TheuniResidual information protection is even a bit broader, but yes.23:47
projekt01What do you think do we only have to change a principal folder which adds a timestamp to the principal id?23:48
TheuniA unique internal id for each principal would help. A better way would be to clean up all residual grants.23:49
TheuniHowever, with respect to feasability, unique ids are probably better. So the principal folder would have to guarantee that it never re-uses a principal id.23:50
projekt01Ok I see, I guess a cleanup will be a performance problem for some apps23:51
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