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timteMy browser view's __call__ returns just a bit of text, but /myview includes a bunch of html. How can I make /myview only return some text?18:13
mgedminfind the bug and fix it18:19
mgedminrendering a view returns exactly what its __call__ returns18:19
mgedminwith some exceptions18:19
mgedmin(the publisher may modify the html and insert a <base href=".." /> if it detects that your view returned html)18:20
timteit wasn't a bunch of html, just the doctype18:24
timtebut I'm returning "some text", not a doctype tag18:24
mgedminshow us your code18:24
benji(in a pastebin)18:25
mgedminI don't know off-hand what might add a doctype tag for you18:25
benjiand the string you return and the result you see would be good too18:25
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timteah, I just MakeSite(folder, request).addSiteManager() and it redirected to some page, that's why it returned something I didnt want18:29
mgedminheh ;)18:29
timteI guess MakeSite isn't some code you should reuse  :)18:29
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