IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-10-31

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MacSeattlemorning, what is the replacement for getView() in Zope 3.3?02:27
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faassenJ1m_: hey16:02
faassenJ1m_: you're equipped with an underscore today.16:02
J1m_I'm working from home and must have forgotten to close my IRC client in f12g.16:07
* benji considers unplugging J1m_'s machine... mwha, ha ha!16:07
faassenbenji: what disastrous effects would this have?16:07
faassenbenji: oh, wiat, right, the other computer is into irc.16:08
faassenI sometimes have myself logged into irc a number of times.16:08
benjito...  um... log him off from irc, I'm still working on the whole evil genious thing16:08
J1m_Unfortanately, that machine routinely crashes, so it wouldn't have any unusual effect. :(16:08
faassenas faassen, philiKON and srichter.16:08
faassenoh, wait, I didn't say that.16:08
* ignas just ghosts all of the clones16:08
ignasthere can be only one after all :)16:09
benjiheh :)16:09
faassenhow do you ghost clones?16:09
benjitype /msg nickserv help ghost16:09
ignas"msg nickserv ghost" works i think16:09
ignasoh, "msg ignas ghost your_password" works too ;)16:09
faassenoh, I didn't know that worked.16:10
faassenoh, yeah, I'll just use ignas for this. :)16:10
faassenit sound easier.16:10
* benji enjoys using nickserv to kill people who attempt to take his nick16:10
faassennobody has any urge to take 'faassen' :)16:10
benjiI think in the future people will consider what their child's user name will be when naming their babies16:11
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faassenwe need more namespaces for names.16:16
faassenI reserve the namespace cool.16:16
faassenthat way there won't be any clash with any potential uncool people with my name.16:16
* MJ already has that namespace16:19
MJI preemptively registered all martijn-related names16:20
MJyou can have the.other.martijn tho.16:20
faassennooooohh (falls off cliff)16:26
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dakyllahi everybody16:51
dakyllai can't compiel zope 3.3.0 on ubuntu using gcc 4.0 or 4.1 any idea here ?16:52
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mgedminknown problem, I think16:57
mgedminhas been fixed ages ago16:57
mgedminbut I don't remember if there is a 3.3.1 with that fix16:57
mgedminwait, sorry16:59
mgedminI was thinking 3.0, not 3.3.016:59
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mgedmindakylla: can you paste the error you got into a pastebin?16:59
mgedminI use ubuntu edgy with gcc 4.1.2 and latest zope 3 from svn, and I haven't noticed problems17:00
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dakyllamgedmin: there are too much of them17:53
mgedminthe first few ones are always the most interesting17:53
mgedminsay, 10 or 20 lines17:53
dakyllaok, 2sec plz17:54
dakyllaok, i think i know where is the error :)17:54
dakyllaPython.h: No such file or directory17:55
mgedminyup, apt-get install python-dev17:55
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dakyllare hi18:13
dakyllai compiled zope and the make check script raisees 4 failures and 0 errors in 498.264 seconds18:14
mgedminI would like to see the failures18:14
benjiwould you care to share the failures with us, dakylla?18:14
mgedmin(in a pastebin)18:15
dakyllaof course, yes :)18:15
dakyllai restart the check process redirecting the ouput to a file, and i'll post it through the pastebin18:16
mgedminwhy can't you just use the clipboard?18:17
dakyllathe ouput is too long18:18
mgedminI sometimes wish that I could omit the for="" argument of <browser:page> directives when my view class explicitly says it zope.component.adapts(ISomeInterface, IBrowserRequest)18:23
J1msounds like a good change for 3.4.18:24
dakyllasorry for the delai18:29
dakyllahere's the link18:29
dakyllawith all the ouput18:29
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mgedminI think I've seen those somewhere18:32
mgedminmy guess is that python 2.4.4 changed the traceback reporting slightly18:32
benjiyep, that's what it looks like; enjoy J1m :)18:36
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dakyllame again19:03
dakyllawhen trying to had a dtml page tomy zope install i got "A system error occurred."19:03
dakyllahere's the zope Traceback :
mgedminthat's a known bug, fixed a few weeks ago19:05
dakyllaim using python 2.4.4c1 on ubuntu edgy eft19:05
mgedminyou could use a zope 3 subversion checkout, or patch your zope, or wait until somebody gets around to releasing 3.3.119:06
dakyllaok, i thing i'll go for the svn version, it just to develop not for productiion19:08
dakyllathank you  mgedmin19:08
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dakyllai've a stupid question, but how cani get zope3 from svn plz. i chechout the project but i've Zope 2.10 or something19:26
dakyllai can't see any 3.x branches19:27
mgedminor http://, IIRC19:33
mgedminand you can replace /trunk with /branches/3.319:33
dakyllamgedmin : one more time thanks19:34
dakyllaare there any comparaison graph about zope 3.x performance versus 2.x series ?19:36
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benjidakylla: google zope 3 performance; summary: it's slower than Zope 2, we'd like to make it faster, but it's mostly fast enough20:05
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dakyllai'll have to go. i hope to see (read) you soon20:10
dakyllaand thanks20:10
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faassenbenji: have you seen the grokwiki?20:23
benjiI've noticed the checkin messages, but not really paid that much attention20:24
faassenbenji: well, it's pretty cool. I just got done simplifying it further.20:25
faassenbenji: it's like: look ma, zope 3 and no ZCML (or well, a little)20:25
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Theunihmm. the test-runner code is really hairy.21:24
Theunior at least it has undocumented/uncommented hairs21:24
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