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Theunibtw: i've been playing around with a new server type for zope 3 yesterday, and i couldn't figure out how to set up a simple udp-server. is it possible that the current infrastructure for registering the server factories doesn't allow this?16:48
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radix# BBB vocabularies are pending deprecation, hopefully in 3.317:32
radixso did that actually happen? should I always use sources instead of vocabularies?17:32
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radixstub: I see you have posted to threads about ISource :-)17:40
radixman, that was a while ago17:40
radixok, I guess I will try vocabularies instead.17:49
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projekt01radix, vocabularies will not go away, they are used all over the world. Just ignore this comment.17:51
radixprojekt01: well, I'm quite familiar with the difficulty of deprecating old code17:52
radixprojekt01: however, what I want to know is whether sources are the recommended way to do things now17:52
projekt01The queriable source concept which should replace vocabularies didn't get accepted17:53
projekt01I guess only J1m is using queriable sources17:53
projekt01J1m, or not?17:53
radixit didn't? it looks like the interfaces are there, at least17:54
J1mIn what way did it not get accepted?17:54
radixalright, here we go :-)17:54
projekt01nobody uses sources17:54
J1mI haven't done any z3 development in a while, but I think people are using sources.17:54
J1mWe are afaik.17:55
radixI see *some* code using sources from doing some googles17:55
radixschooltool, ldapbrowser, ...17:55
J1mprojekt01 doesn't use sources. :)17:55
J1mTheuni, recently wrote a package to make working with simple sources m,uch easier.17:56
projekt01J1m, I guess your pending source/queriable refactoring whould make them useable.17:58
J1mFor very simple cases, vocabularies worked better.18:04
J1mTheuni wrote a small implementation for simple cases that made handling simple cases simple.18:04
J1mvocabularies really didn't work well for non-simple cases.18:04
J1mThere was a half-baked broken implementation that was a huge decoy.18:05
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radixwell, I think my current use case should be fairly simple, maybe18:05
J1mFor complex cases, I think sources are better, but complex cases are -- conplex.18:05
radixI'll give vocabularies a burl18:05
J1mVocabularies are fine for some simple cases.18:05
projekt01J1m, right18:05
J1mSoon Theuni will be releasing some code that makes sources easy for simple cases.18:06
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J1mIf that suceeds (I haven't used it myself) that that will allow us to begin retiring vocabularies.18:06
radixis it going to be in zope3 or separate?18:07
benjiyour moment of zen: there is no zope 3, it is an illusion; all are both in and not in zope 318:08
radixhey man, I've got this "Zope3/src" directory which I checked out from SVN :P18:08
* radix bends a fork18:08
benjiheh :)18:08
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stubradix: I vaguely recall...19:18
radixstub: never mind for now :-)19:18
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timteTypeError: default __new__ takes no parameters21:09
timteI get this when doing factory=IMyFactory(obj)21:09
philiKONyour adapter factory doesn't take any args21:09
philiKONsingle adapters need to take 1 argument21:09
philiKONwrite an __init__ :)21:10
philiKONdef __init__(self, context)21:10
timtethe context?21:10
timteah, right21:10
philiKONof course21:10
timtewohoo, it works  :)21:12
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timteWhat's the common way to make a container IPhysicallyLocatable?21:38
philiKONIPhysicallyLocatable is typically an adapter21:38
philiKONthere's already one from ILocation -> IPhysicallyLocatable21:38
philiKONso, you don't really have to worry about anything21:39
philiKONbecause all your objects will typically have ILocation21:39
timtenot mine  :)21:39
philiKONeither becuase you explicitly make them have ICOntained21:39
philiKONor they get a containment proxy21:39
philiKONso make 'em21:39
philiKONor get them from a container21:40
philiKONwhere they are proxied21:40
timteI guess I should implement ILocation21:42
philiKONor IContained which extends ILocation21:42
philiKONit's easily implemented:21:42
philiKON__name__ = __parent__ = None21:42
timtethat's perfectly valid?21:43
philiKONsure. zope 3 will set them when the time comes21:43
philiKONe.g. when you add an instance to a container21:44
timtemy objects are only in memory, so maybe I should provide correct values for parent and name21:44
philiKONIContained says something like: "You may stick __parent__ and __name__ on me, I merely provide some default values"21:44
philiKONyes, then you probably want to21:44
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timtemy persistent object didn't get __parent__ set though22:17
philiKONdoes it provide IContained?22:21
timteno, but ILocation22:22
timteok, I'll try IContained instead22:22
philiKONyou need IConaine22:24
philiKONjust told you earlier22:24
philiKONand it doesn't matter whether it's persistent or not22:25
philiKONzope cares zip about persistency22:25
philiKONall you need is to add it to a container22:25
philiKONthat's when the whole __parent__ vs. containment proxy thing will start22:25
* RaFromBRC misread the history and thought that philiKON was telling timte "you need ICocaine"22:27
philiKONyeah, that woudl help22:28
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philiKONhey febb23:10
febbhi philiKON, great to see you !   how are you ?23:10
philiKONsee PM23:10
philiKONi'm fine thank you23:11
philiKONdidn't get my priv msgs?23:11
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radixI can't seem to find my way through all the indirection to learn the widget used for a Choice field whose vocabulary is a SimpleVocabulary23:54
philiKONwidgets are views for schema fields23:55
philiKONthat means they're adapters for (field, request)23:55
philiKONfor choice fields, there's a dispatch23:56
philiKONto (field, field.vocabulary, request), i think23:56
radixright, I found that23:56
radixI am having trouble making the last leap23:56
philiKONwell, the final result should be some ChoiceWidget or whatever23:57
philiKONlook at the configure.zcml in
philiKONor what's the last leap?23:57
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radixah, I think it is the DropdownWidget23:58
radixphiliKON: thanks for the help :)23:59
philiKONnp :)23:59
* radix heads off to Japanese class23:59

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