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guruzhow can i make my traversal adapter revert to the default behaviour when a certain condition does not meet?00:18
guruzi tried calling the parent method (of ContainerTraverser)00:19
guruzi tried manually returning another view00:19
guruzin both cases some things do not work00:19
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azazelhi all01:34
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azazeli'm currently zope3ifing some Archetypes classes, separating domain and presentation with a view...but now tha there's no security check for single method, what's in your opinion the best way to deal with different security needs on view's methods? splitting the view in more views?01:39
dobeeazazel: usualy in zope3 u do security declarations on your content objects and adapters via interfaces01:48
dobeenot on the views01:48
azazeluhumm... i was missing that bit... you know if it's possible on five too?01:49
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dobeeazazel: afaik the five view code is trusted, so this does not work, and you have to declare security on views02:24
azazeldobee: you mean in the zope2 way or declare the permission on configure.zcml?02:25
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dobeei dunno much about five, i just know that you have no such security as in zope302:26
dobeein zope3 all objects are wrapped with security proxies02:27
dobeethere should be some examples about how to define security in five in the Products.Five directory02:28
azazelyes, i'll look at it ... thanks for all02:28
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ignaswhere can i find docs for using transaction savepoints? I have heard that savepoints can be used to reduce the memory consumption without commiting transactions and would like to find out whether that's true ...17:27
guruzdunno, i saw them yesterday in (I)File or something17:29
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ignasguruz: thanks17:46
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mexiKONignas, i bet ZODB has some docs about it17:56
mexiKONbasically, after donig a bit of work, youc all transaction.savepoint() to write data to disk17:56
ignaswell, docs for transaction.savepoint() say that savepoint() activates savepoints for  backend storages, which is technically correct, yet was not helping me with the actual purpose of savepoints17:58
mexiKONignas, see transaction/savepoint.txt17:58
mexiKONJ1m, btw, ZODB/subtransactions.txt seems outdated, no?17:59
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ignasmexiKON: thanks, that was what i needed, always forget  to look for documentation not just docstrings18:00
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mexiKONignas, :)18:02
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J1mmexiKON, I don't know. From it's name, I would say probably.18:39
J1mIt might be useful for backward compat.18:40
J1mMaybe it should clearly say that subtrans are deprecated.18:40
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radixI wonder what I'm supposed to do when I have an interface-schema being used with formlib but I want to override some of the widgets of certain fields23:41
radixhmm, I guess I need to pull the fields out of the interface manually and stick them into my FormFields perhaps with FormField wrappers that specify custom_widget23:44
radixbut I wonder if there is a way which lets me only talk about the fields I want to change23:44
radix.. the widget for23:44
radixoh, forget it23:46
radixof course, form.txt specifies how to do it23:46
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