IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-11-16

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fleekyhello , i was trying to add a product directory into zope.conf and upon restarting init.d/zope2.9 it fails ?00:42
TheuniHmm. Aside from telling us the error message, this sounds very much like a Zope 2 problem, but this is the Zope 3 developer channel. Maybe you want to try asking on #zope00:46
flintindeed... I suspect it is...00:47
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fleekyforget it , figured it out .. thanks for the silence inducing me to do it myself00:49
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benji#zope3-dev, using silence to make people think for themselves is our speciality00:56
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dbeI have /home/zope-user/zope-instances/zope1/lib/python/boom/  but I don't know how to access it from the webbrowser, can anyone tell me how to do it?07:59
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ChrisWwhat's the difference between a browser:page and a browser:viewlet?12:07
ChrisWwhere is everyone? :-S12:22
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ChrisWeveryone still dead in here?13:05
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* ChrisW wonders if anyone from POV is alive...13:10
* mgedmin is, barely13:11
ChrisWignase and Aiste appear to have expired13:11
ChrisWis it still hot there or something? ;-)13:11
AisteChrisW: still alive and kicking ;)13:12
ChrisWkicking in the most literal of senses no doubt :-P13:12
ChrisWHow's the plans for EPC 2007 coming along?13:12
AisteChrisW: quite well13:12
Aistein some senses13:12
Aistewe do have a venue13:12
Aistebut other things, like track chairs and actual content is still on hold13:13
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Aistepeople imagine it's still ages away I guess13:13
ChrisWyeah, all of 6 months ;-)13:13
ChrisWviews suck :-(13:13
ChrisWzpt sucks :-(13:13
ChrisWhow the fuck does a view class magically grow an request and context attribute? :-(13:14
ChrisWoh you're fucking kidding me :-(13:15
ChrisWnow I understand the "stupid magic class instantiation" rants I've read :-(13:15
Aiste:) ChrisW: you seem to be in a foul mood13:21
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Aisteoh, wait, you're *always* complaining about things :P13:21
ChrisWno, this is pretty specific13:22
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ChrisWSee for full details13:24
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mgedminChrisW: take a look at BrowserPage14:09
mgedminit's how zope 3 views would work if there were no zcml magic14:09
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ChrisWyeah, but how do you staple a BrowserPage to an object by interface?14:24
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ChrisWhmm, can you use @@view in a url or do you have to sacrifice other feathured animals?16:21
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ChrisWhey Jim :-)16:32
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J1mHet ChrisW16:41
ChrisWdo oyu actually get @@view in urls, or is there a different syntax?16:42
ChrisWI see to be able to do tal:content="obj/@@render"16:42
J1mI really don't know what you are asking.16:42
ChrisWhttp://localhost:8080/someobj/@@render gives me a 40416:43
ChrisWyet, in a page template inside that zope instance, tal:content="container/somobj/@@render" works and gives me a rendering of someobj16:44
ChrisWI was lead to believe url traversal and path traversal in templates now works the same way?16:45
J1mURL traversal and ZPT path traversal ise different mechanisms,16:46
J1mNo, you were either led astray or didn't understand where you were led.16:46
ChrisWokay, so how do I traverse to a view by url?16:47
J1mIf the view is actually registered as a view (e.g. using page), then you can use @@.16:47
ChrisWright, it is16:47
J1mAlso, if the content type is not a container, you can omit @@.16:47
J1m@@ is primarily used to disambiguate view and item traversal in containers.16:48
ChrisWas I said, the pt-version works16:48
ChrisWbut the url doesn't, and it still sounds like it should from what you've said16:48
J1mSorry, I have no time to help you debug anything. :)16:48
ChrisWI suppose I should admit that this is Five, but I'm pretty sure I've sacrificed the right chickens..16:49
ChrisWno worries, any pointers are good pointers :-)16:49
J1mThere are some issues with "pages" arising from the way they evolved over time.16:49
J1mThe page directive takes care of this in Zope 3.16:50
J1mI have no experience with Five.16:50
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ChrisWsadly Philipp appears to be sleeping or working or something equally despicable *wry grinz*16:51
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timteChrisW: did you register render as a browser:page on ISomeObj ?17:31
ChrisWJUST found the problem17:31
ChrisWZope 2's BaseRequest refuses to publish anything without a docstring17:31
ChrisWmy view class had no docstring17:32
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timteso now you know  :)17:32
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faassenbenji: I have a question about testbrowser and file uploads18:45
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faassenbenji: when we upload a file with a browser..18:47
faassenbenji: taht is, submit a form with a file field in there..18:47
faassenbenji: the file still ends up in request.form18:47
faassenbenji: but with testbrowser, there is no key/value pair in request.form at all.18:47
faassenbenji: which then leads to a test failure where the real world code works.18:48
benjifaassen: you're using the control.add_file(...) method to add the file to the control?18:50
faassenhm, let's check.18:50
faassenwell, since we're not actually *adding* a file.18:50
faassenwe're not using add_file.18:51
faassenthe whole problem occurs when a file widget is displayed but we actually don't fill it in, as it's not required.18:51
benjiahh, I missed that bit; so when you *don't* add a file, real browsers still report the key with some empty value?18:52
faassenactually an empty u''18:52
faassenthat's what firefox does.18:52
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faassenand IE too I'm pretty sure.18:53
benjiinteresting; that's most likely a "bug" in ClientForm18:53
faassenquite likely.18:53
faassenI mean, it's like checkboxes.18:53
faassenI mean, not like checkboces.18:53
faassenit behaves like checkboxes no.18:53
faassenbut it shouldn't. :)18:53
faassenit should behave like text fields. :)18:53
benjiif you could file a bug I'll investigate (in some future life)18:54
faassenin the zope3-dev tracker?18:54
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benjialso, feel free to track it down yourself, the testbrowser/mechanize/ClientForm interactions aren't /too/ bad18:54
benjiright, the Zope 3 collector18:54
faassenit's good to know what in subsequent incarnations we won't have this problem anymore. :)18:54
benjiseeing as I don't believe in reincarnation, that tells you how optimistic I am that I'll have time :)18:55
faassenwell, I just meant incaranation though. :)18:55
faassenincarnation, that is. :)18:56
faassenit won't be you, you'll just incarnate again. it's a subtle philosophical difference. well, perhaps not. :)18:56
benjior incineration18:56
benjiactually it is, because I /do/ believe in being incarneted again, in a new body, but not like eastern reincarnation; wow, this discussion got off the rails pretty quickly :)18:57
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faassenbenji: :)19:04
faassenbenji: I believe I got incarnated at least once. :)19:04
benjifaassen: you are truly a man of faith19:04
* benji runs off to get some lunch.19:05
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* faassen grins.19:06
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* HakTom waves19:13
HakTomfaassen: did you had time to look over my hurry.workflow contribution? :) i´m just curious i this stuff makes sense.19:13
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faassenHakTom: oh, right, I'm terribly soryr, I got swamped.19:28
faassenHakTom: thanks for reminding me though.19:28
faassenHakTom: I'll try to look at it tomorrow.19:28
HakTomfaassen, no problem, thank you.19:30
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