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pcardunehello, what is the best way to circumvent redirection to unauthorized pages when viewlets try to access unauthorized attributes?00:12
pcarduneI have a group of viewlets, and one of them is causing security problems.  I want only the problematic viewlet to show unauthorized rather than the whole page.00:13
pcardunebenji, are you there to point me in the right direction by any chance?00:15
benjiI'm here, pcardune, but know next to nothing about viewlets00:16
pcardunebenji, do you know who I should ask?00:16
benjiboth philikon and srichter know, but don't appear to be around00:16
benjiperhaps a message to the list would be more productive00:17
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pcardunei'll try that, thanks anyways00:17
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ksmith99anyone here toyed with fieldcolumn from zc.table?02:09
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projekt01schwendinger, ayt?13:21
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danielesomeone can point me to documentation on using traversal adapters in five?14:44
danieleand maybe to something general on traversal adapters in zope314:45
guruzi can maybe help you a bit with the zope314:50
guruzwhat's the problem?14:50
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danieleguruz: any problem at the moment. thanks. i need some informations to understand how it works14:55
guruzzope calls your ContainerTraverser/ItemTravers when it wants to retrieve a subobject/view for your item. you return that in publishTraverse as far as i understand14:57
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dobeedaniele: maybe this readme is usefull, it is actually an extension to the traversal mechanism, but explains how it works too
danieledobee: i took a look at it but it is not enought...16:07
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danielethere is actually someone using zope3 traversal adapters with five?18:01
danielethe only example i found is in quills and it is not so clear18:02
deodaniele: take a look at FileSystemStorage, in collective, updated today18:08
danieledeo: if i have some questions i can ask you?18:08
danieles/i can/can i/18:08
deoof course you can ask, but I'm far away from the right person to answer them... :-)18:09
danieledeo: did you write filesystemstorage?18:11
deonops, it's from ingeniweb guys18:11
deodaniele: encolpe on #plone18:14
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danielehello. i still have my problem with traversal adapters19:14
danielei have an object that is a registry. i want to traverse un url like mysite/myobject/year/2006 and show a view that renders a search made by myobject using year as search key and 2006 as parameter19:14
danielei can register a ITraversable adapter on myobject but my traverse(self, name, path) method gets always the correct name ('year' in the example) but an empty path19:14
danieleso i'm unable to get the query parameter. what i'm missing?19:14
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danielesomeone able to help me with a problem with traversal adapters in five?20:28
danieleit's all the day i'm looking for documentation or other forms of explanations20:28
danielethis part of zope looks quide misterious to me20:29
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RaFromBRCdaniele: i think five questions are more appropriate in the #z3-base channel; AIUI this channel is for pure z3 development issues20:33
danieleRaFromBRC: ups. i didn't know about #z3-base20:34
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