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jfrocheHello, is menuItems directive overridable ?00:00
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ignasis it possible to override an override ?00:52
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projekt01ignas, I'm not shure but I think the configure/override pattern is a two level concept which whould need a third level for override the overriden components01:02
projekt01ignas, did you try it and did you get a configuration action error or something like that?01:03
projekt01with, rocky, ayt?01:04
rockyprojekt01: ?01:05
projekt01Did you work on the plone portlet implementation?01:05
rockyi did not01:07
rockythat was mainly optilude01:07
rockymartin aspelli that is01:07
projekt01What's his nick name?01:07
ignasprojekt01: yes, a conflict01:08
projekt01rocky, btw, hope you see you again at the next snow sprint?01:09
projekt01ignas, I think that's not possible01:09
ignasprojekt01: i am using override to replace a utility with another one, but i need a third special utility for functional tests ...01:09
rockyprojekt01: yeah i'm hoping to make it to the snow sprint coming up soon01:09
rockyprojekt01: his irc nick is optilude btw01:09
projekt01rocky, cool, thanks01:09
projekt01ignase, use ftesting.zcml for override component in functional tests01:10
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ignasi am using it, but ftesting.zcml can't override something that was overriden once ...01:11
projekt01that's bad01:11
projekt01Ok, then use a overrides_ftesting.zcml01:12
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rockyugh ... ISomeInterface.names() doesn't retrieve the names of super-interfaces :(01:15
projekt01rocky, I never used that method, what do you try to do?01:16
projekt01rocky, use names(all=True)01:17
rockyi'm doint introspection01:17
ignasprojekt01: i am using it, but it just conflicts with the original override :/01:21
projekt01Then I guess the ftesting.zcml doesn't get invoked correct and the default override is allready used via the default configure.zcml01:22
projekt01you have to define a new test layer which only uses your specific ftesting.zcml01:23
ignasthat's what i'd do if schooltool was using Zope3 test runner ...01:24
projekt01useing a own test layer with a complex setup could be a real pain01:25
ignasi guess i can work around it with some zcml refactoring ...01:28
ignasthe thing that is wrong is - schooltool's site.zcml being included in ftesting.zcml01:28
projekt01What's about to setup the test and as next before you process all tests change the utility?01:31
ignasit will work in practice, but it won't be "the best way to do id" (tm) ;)01:32
projekt01But a ftesting.zcml is also not the best way because it does also not use the real configure.zcml setup.01:33
rockydoes anyone here know if xml-rpc can expose attributes (non-methods) ? or if xml-rpc can only expose methods?01:33
ignasprojekt01: well, it uses the real configure.zcml set up without zcml overrides from an extension module, which is what i want at the moment ...01:34
projekt01(I guess) only methods01:34
projekt01ignas, Ok I see, ... Hm I can't think of another way if you conflict with a override01:36
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autocodersrichter, Do I really have to download the messageboard demo from svn one file at a time?  Is there a tarball of it somewhere?02:12
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srichterautocoder: svn co svn://
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