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autocoderI am fighting with TAL on zope 3.  I want to iterate over the content objects in a folder.  I have tried  <tr tal:repeat="item container/objectValues">, as indicated by many examples and <tr tal:repeat="item container/items()"> as indicated by my own brilliant analysis using the intropector.  Neither works and I see complaints in the log.  Can anybody discuss this with me?02:33
srichterautocoder: "container" is a Zope 2 specific top-level namespace in ZPTs02:34
ksmith99looks like a zope2 tal guide, try context/objectValues02:34
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srichterwill also not work02:34
srichtercontext/values would be correct02:35
srichterbut I do not think that autocoder develops Python-based views02:35
srichterautocoder: page template development through the web is not supported by us02:35
srichterautocoder: I suggest getting one of the books; philiKON's 3nd edition just came out I have heard02:36
autocoderI am a jack of all trades and this is my first experience with either python or zope.  All advice is welcome.02:37
autocoderLet me try the path correction....02:37
srichterplease, please, please do not use TTW development in Zope 302:37
autocoderSmokin'!  That fixed that path.  Apparently it is not my only bogus path.02:38
autocoderI am only doing this because the configuration is so complex that I can;t be sure of what I have.02:39
autocoderI will remove it an put it in a pt file in the filesystem when I have something that works.02:39
autocoderThen I have one fewer thing to cause problems.02:40
alecmautocoder: The IContainer api is dictionary-like so "context/values" gives you objects "context/keys" gives you ids and "context/items"  gives you both (in tuples)02:41
autocoderSo, given this:<tr tal:repeat="item context/values">  I also call this: <td tal:content="item/id"></td> but apparently "id" is bugus.  Threre should be a list of these paths somewhere.  Can I see them with the introspector?02:41
autocoderO.K.  That;s a bug help.  Let me digest that for a second....02:42
autocoderO.K.  That;s a big help.  Let me digest that for a second....02:42
autocoderOnce I have the item from the "repeat" then I have a reference to my content objects and I can reference my properties?  What are my inherited properties?02:44
srichterthey differ based on the objects you get02:45
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autocoderSo, in my case item/id is causeing problems.  I didn't create a property called id, and apparently I ddin't inherit one.  I subclassed persistent to create my object.  I should be able to see the persistent properties, right?02:47
srichterPersistent does not provide any properties02:47
autocoderWell, then I report with pride, that I see them all.  :-)02:48
srichterthe id has to be accessed via; I think in TAL you can use item/zapi:name02:48
autocoderIf you were not so gracious as to tell me these things, how would I know them?  They must be in the zope classes somewhere and I'm now quite good at finding things.  Where could I find zapi:name?02:49
srichterget one of the Zope 3 books02:50
srichterthey give you a very systematic approach of learning Zope 302:50
srichterPhilipp's second edition just came out, so it is uptodate02:50
autocoderWell, that will be a huge improvement over wondering around in the dark and stumbling over Zope 2 docs and examples....02:51
srichteralso, after starting Zope 3, you can check out: http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++02:51
srichterit is much more low-level, but good reference material02:51
autocoderYes!!!  I vaguely remember seeing this last week and not having any idea how to understand it.  Now it looks like water in the desert.02:53
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autocodersrichter, Thanks very much for your help.  I have renewed enthusiasm.  Which book do you recommend?02:58
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jkakargrepping through source code isn't helping me today... :)  uh, is there an easy way to get the current pricipal?03:23
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srichterautocoder: buy Philipp's new edition and mine of course too ;-) (mine is a bit outdated but the concepts still stand)04:05
srichterjkakar: request.principal04:05
jkakarsrichter: Ah, that's what I thought... I was hoping there was a better way (ie: singleton access).  Thanks!04:06
srichterI think this is the best way possible :-)04:06
srichterin Python things like this are not typically done with singeltons; we are not in JAva land here :-)04:07
jkakarsrichter: Yeah, I see the value in that; however, being forced to pass request around can be problematic.  I suppose it's six of one, half-a-dozen of the other.04:08
srichterneeding the principal anywhere else than presentation code is often a design flaw04:11
srichterif it is not, you can work a little harder by getting at the interaction04:11
jkakarsrichter: Agreed.04:11
* jkakar runs away04:12
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ignas anyone with commit access for zc.datewidget ?20:40
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autocodersrichter, neither B&N nor Borders carry your book or Phillips book -- meaning you can get it from their stock, but not from the shelves in the store.  B&N additionally will not get Phillips book from their stock unless the reader agreees to a no-return policy.  I thought you should know that there is a shelf full of Ruby on Rails stuff and not one book on Zope (2 or 3).21:58
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autocoderI have both bookd coming from Borders.21:58
autocoderso, in the meantime, can somebody tell me what @@standard_macros give my in TAL?  Is this the way Zope creates display layout dascipline without using frames?22:00
d2mautocoder: @@something tells zope3 to look for a view class instead of a content object of the same name22:01
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autocoderd2m, more and more I am thinking that my deficiency in python is a limiting factor.  I assume a view class is somehow different from content objects and that is an artifact of python, not just a zope design decision.  Am I right?22:20
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d2mautocoder: you need to read a book on the topic, this one ( has just been published in second edition22:24
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autocoderYes.  It is on the way.  Not ten minutes ago I mentioned Border's and B&N policy.22:25
autocoderd2m, I'd like to trace this directive to something tangible in the code so the next time I encounter something unknown I will know where to look.  Can you tell me where I would look to find @@standard_macros in the code?22:26
d2mautocoder: grep .zcml files for the name 'standard_macros'22:26
autocoderO.K.  ...22:27
autocoderI found app/rotterdam/configure.zcml.  There is a browser:page directive.  It tells me to look at the class .standardmacros.StandardMacros.  So far, so good...22:30
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autocoderStandardMacros subclasses the basic skin StandardMacros...22:33
autocoderNow, look at this.  I;ve already learned something.  I see macro page names that are referenced in the TALES path.  I don't know what it means yet, but i recognize it.22:34
autocoderd2m, Apparently I don't understand enough about python to understand how this class works.  StandardMacros has one property -- macro_pages(...), so I can't see how that does anything.  Can you give me another hint?22:37
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rockyany chance someone around me can explain the steps i need to take to implement my own adapter that provides the dublincore stuff?23:30
rockyi tried providing my own IWriteZopeDublinCore adapter which enables me to set certain custom attributes, but other dc attributes i want to default back to the standard attributeannotatable one23:31
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