IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-11-30

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roymI am finding that the provider syntax doesn't allow a nocall:00:58
roymspecifier. ie: this fails, because regardless of the nocall: modifier,00:58
roymthe provider is rendered anyways. is this a bug?00:58
roym  <div tal:define="obj nocall:provider:q2d-prov"00:58
roym     tal:content="obj/render"/>00:58
roymMy intent is to call the update at a separate place from the render. How00:59
roymelse might I achieve this?00:59
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philiKONroym: nocall is a modifier of the path expression02:37
philiKONit doesn't modify other expression types02:38
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traxIs there a zope3 IRC channel for those of us working on zope3 applications?05:40
traxI have been reading for days and I only understand such small parts.05:40
traxI need to find a goup to offer quick answers to the obvious questions.05:41
traxobvious to them -- not to me.  :-)05:41
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traxIs there anybody here?06:00
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adamSummersHi Trax/trix/autocoder, have you started with the FAQ, and also the documentation regarding the buddydemo?08:20
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adamSummersAlong those lines, does anyone know where there's a simple example of how to use zc.table?09:58
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zenwrylyDoes anyone know if there's a markup format used by z3 apidoc?  Something like epydoc or rst at all?11:16
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ignasanyone who knows how Zope3 subscriber lookup work?12:42
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philiKONignas: sure12:48
philiKONi mean, i know how event subscribers are found12:48
philiKONi don't know the innards of the subscription adapter machinery12:48
ignasphiliKON: i have got  a very interesting problem ...12:48
philiKONuh oh...12:48
ignasin unit tests the ObjectEventAdded event is fired and subscribers for it are executed twice ...12:49
ignaswhile in normal set up - it only happens once ...12:49
ignasthe thing that is different between those two is the list of subscriptions in Zope3/src/zope/interface/
philiKONsounds liek you're settings things up twice12:51
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ignasphiliKON: where would you put a breakpoint to find out where the set up was being called from ?12:52
ignasany function that is called once for every set up of things12:53
philiKONi dunno, i would look at the unit test's setup12:53
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ignasphiliKON: - the test set up12:55
ignasit seems to be all right ...12:56
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philiKONignas: any additional setup in the corresponding
mgedmincould it be that you have two subscriber directives in the zcml?12:58
ignasmgedmin: for 3 subscribers ?12:59
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mgedminor include the same zcml file twice? nah, I think the zcml machinery prevents that12:59
ignasin the test the subscription list is like: [<built-in method append of list object at 0xb7142d0c>, <function objectEventNotify at 0xb713f95c>, <function objectEventNotify at 0xb713f95c>]13:00
ignaswhile in real life i think it is [<function objectEventNotify at 0xb713f95c>]13:00
mgedminare you sure this isn't some other test's setup leaking through?13:01
mgedminwhat does it look like just after you call placelessSetUp?13:01
* mgedmin would expect placelessSetUp to completely clear the subscribers list13:01
ignasyes, i am only running this test ...13:02
ignasrunning of <function objectEventNotify at 0xb713f95c> calls the 3 subscribers registered in the ZCML ...13:05
ignasi know about these subscribers, but i don't know where objectEventNotify subsribers are comming from in Zope313:06
mgedminoh, you mean Zope's own objectEventNotify dispatcher is being registered twice?13:07
ignasthey are looked up for, while my subscribers are looked up for:13:07
ignasschooltool.demographics.person.Person +
ignaslower in the stack13:07
mgedminobjectEventNotify is in zope.component.event13:08
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mgedminouch ouch ouch ouch ouch13:08
mgedminignas: PlacelessSetUp.setUp installs objectEventNotify13:09
mgedminthen that test's setup loads ZCML13:09
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mgedminwhich installs objectEventNotify *again*13:09
mgedminouch ouch ouch13:09
mgedminsuggestion: do *not* use placelessSetUp there13:09
mgedminuse just CleanUp13:09
mgedminzope.testing.cleanup.setUp and zope.testing.cleanup.tearDown13:10
ignasemm, the test passes now, but i am getting a warning about only cleaning up once ;)13:10
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mgedminthat's strange13:23
mgedminor maybe it isn't13:23
mgedminignas: could you pastebot the setup/teardown?13:24
ignasno it's not strange13:24
ignasusing the set up tear down you proposed fixes things13:24
mgedminand what about that warning?13:24
ignasit's gone now13:25
ignasit was there when i was using the placelessTearDown13:25
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ignaswhen and how is the siteManager set up ?13:39
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ignasis there a way to have a string with a value configurable through zcml?16:20
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mgedminyou can always define a new configuration directive16:31
ignasi guess using overrides to switch between unnamed global utilities will be better than writing and then using new configuration directive to switch between named global utilities16:33
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zagyi'm looking at zalchemy right now16:58
zagy        exec 'keys='+name[dotpos+1:]16:59
zagythis is *not* funny16:59
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mgedmin*everyone* knows it should have been17:09
mgedmin        exec 'keys = ' + name[dotpos+1:]17:09
* mgedmin hides17:09
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zagyexactly mgedmin17:22
zagy 68902     jukart         exec 'keys='+name[dotpos+1:]17:23
zagyanybody knows that guy?17:23
srichterI do17:25
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zagysrichter: will you tell him not to use exec? :)17:26
srichterI think he knows by now :-)17:26
zagyok, that's good :)17:26
srichterthis was one of the first projects he did in his spear time17:26
zagyok, i see17:27
srichtersince then he has become one of the best Z3 developers I know :-)17:27
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mgedminspear time?  is that when grok the cavemen teaches you spear handling?17:31
srichtersorry for the typo :-\17:31
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mgedminis there a way to get the current site's absoluteURL in a page template's tales expression?19:59
srichterthe easiest would probably be a namespace20:01
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alecmJ1m: Do you perhaps have time for a quick Zope2 security related query?  (I'm trying to track down a bug in Five)20:20
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quedigghi all20:40
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