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timteTypeError: [] is not JSON serializable01:34
timtehow odd, I get this error in my browser page, but not when using the regular python prompt01:35
faassentimte: where's the JSON coming in/01:36
faassendidn't know Zope 3 had built-in JSON support.01:36
timteit hasn't, I use simplejson01:37
projekt01timte, use jsonserver from jim washington01:37
projekt01timte, you can find it here:
timteI just want a dictionary be returned as json, should just need simplejson.dumps(dict)01:41
faassentimte: anyway, what when you do your test in the browser..01:42
faassentimte: have you tried the debugger? import pdb; pdb.set_trace() just before it tries to make that dumps?01:42
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faassenit might be your dictionary contains empty lists as values and it appears simplejson thinks those cannot be serialized to JSOn.01:43
projekt01timte, how do you define a list in javascript?01:44
timteit can if I use the prompt01:44
timteprojekt01: I define it in python01:45
faassentimte: well, are you sure that what you put in using the pytho prompt is exactly the same structure as the one that comes out when you test in the browser?01:45
projekt01timte, ok01:45
timtefaassen: yeah, tried the debugger. msgs is my variable with the dict. if I call simplejson.dumps(msgs) I get this error. if I print msgs and do simplejson.dumps({'messages': [], 'last_id': 0}) it's ok, if I do msgs=={'messages': [], 'last_id': 0} it returns true01:47
faassenanyway, good luck..I'm out of here for now!01:53
timtethere must be some difference between msgs and{'messages': [], 'last_id': 0} , but have no idea what01:53
faassensee you!01:53
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timteprojekt01: it must be because my list is security proxied02:12
timteyep, it was02:16
timteproxies are good at hiding they are proxies02:18
projekt01You can use type([]) or isProxy([])02:19
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alecmIsn't there an IString interface somewhere, I can't seem to find it05:04
projekt01alecm, you can register adapter for classes like: for="str"05:05
alecmprojekt01: yeah, but I want an adapter that provides it :-)05:05
alecmI guess I want IBytes IText and friends though05:06
projekt01you can use alsoProvides(str, IString) if you realy like that05:07
alecmprojekt01: I think I'm ok now, thanks05:08
projekt01But I'm not shure if this has sideeffects05:08
alecmstr should really be providing IBytes by default  and unicode should be providion IText, I think05:09
projekt01I'm not sure if this is a good idea by default, but you can easy implement that05:10
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timtethe damn proxies are everywhere  :)20:29
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