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timteI have an IChat interface with the line "messages = Attribute('...')". Shouldn't set_schema=".interfaces.IChat" in configure.zcml allow messages to be changed?12:23
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timtecanAccess(chatObj, 'messages') returns true while canAccess(chatObj, 'messages') returns false12:25
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timteI guess there isn't an interface for persistent.list.PersistentList?13:15
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timteshouldn't I be able to do .append on an object that is declared being a List ?14:16
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rockyis there a utility function/api i can use to set the "current" skin?17:34
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timterocky: perhaps zope.publisher.browser.setDefaultSkins()18:03
rockyah right, thank18:06
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timteCan I prevent an attribute from being security proxied?21:24
dobeetimte: from import removeSecurityProxy21:27
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dobeeups i guess its
timtethat will remove the proxy only in this traversal, right?21:28
dobeeyou get a new reference21:28
dobeeit doesnt modify the orginal21:29
dobeejust a tip, in most cases when you need this function, its a design problem21:30
timteyeah, I'd rather not use it, but it's in my way  :)21:31
timteI have an object with an attribute that is a list. I'm not allowed to append stuff to that list.21:31
dobeeist this a subclass of list?21:32
timteno, just list21:32
timteor PersistentList, I tried both21:32
dobeeyou get the ForbittenAttribute on __setitem__ ?21:32
timteno, on append21:32
dobeeok, this is a bug in zope then21:33
dobeemaybe the append method is not defined in the interface21:33
timtebut what interface should the append be in?21:33
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dobeethere are interfaces defined for builtin python types21:34
timteoh, where?21:34
dobeezope.interface.common.sequence IUniqueMemberWriteSequence21:36
dobeeits not a zope problem then21:37
timteprobably not, I just didn't know how to do it correctly21:37
dobeedid you define the attribut as a schema.List in your interface?21:38
timteI tried that as well.21:38
timteBut List didn21:38
timteBut List didn't have append.21:38
dobeeschema.List is just for the interface declaration, it doesnt need append21:39
timteisn't the security declarations based on the interface?21:40
timteI get ForbiddenAttribute on append, so append needs a security declaration.21:40
dobeei am not shure, but if you define set_schema="IYourIFace" in your class directive it should work21:41
dobeeattrName = schema.List(title="blah")21:42
timtedoesn't append not to be mentioned anywhere? should attrName get security declarations for all its methods automatically? I thought set_schema="IYourFace" only put security declarations on that particular object, not its attributes?21:44
dobeeyes but the list is a builitn type, the declaration for the append method is in zope core21:44
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timtedobee: I have attrName = List(value_type=Object(schema=IMessage)), but I get ForbiddenAttribute still21:48
dobeeand you have defined set_schema?21:50
timteyes on the Chat object which contains the 'messages' attribute21:50
dobeeok, i nevert tried this21:51
dobeelook if this works21:51
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dobeeself.messages = self.messages + [message]21:52
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dobeebut you should use persistentlist21:52
timteI tried that actually, after adding removeSecurityProxy(message) like that I got an Unpickable error instead21:53
dobeeafter removeSecurityProxy you get an unpicklabel error?21:54
dobeethats odd21:54
dobeeyou cannot pickle proxies21:54
timteI think I got it when zope commited the transaction21:54
timteI know, that's why I used removeSecurityProxy21:55
dobeemaybe you should implement an addMessage method on your content object21:56
timtethere's probably a simple solution, when you know it...21:56
timtebut I will still have the same problem21:56
timteI need to use the list methods anyway21:57
dobeeyes but i think the list is not proxied then, because i think you are trusted on self21:57
timtebut all attributes on content objects are proxied, aren't they?21:58
timtemy 'messages' attribute is proxied21:58
timteI sent an email to the zope3-users list, I'll wait and see if someone answers21:59
dobeei jus saw that append is not defined in zope on persistent list21:59
dobeemake your own subclass of persistentlist22:00
dobeethen declare a permission on your custom list class22:00
timteis it a bug or why is append not there?22:02
dobeeonly the read attributes are defined22:02
dobeeotherwise the attribute would be mutable by everybody22:02
timteI'll try this, thank you.22:03
dobeenow that i thought about this, i am shure, that you have to do it this way22:04
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