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ghendiwhom could I address some questions?09:33
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ghendiregarding Zope :)09:34
ghendiI'm new here, also a newbie :P just need little help09:36
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ghendiabout i18n, what is wrong here09:48
ghendisubject = _("You have received an ecard from ${exp_name}!", mapping={"exp_name":sentcard.exp_name})09:48
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ghendiresult is: subject = _("You have received an ecard from ${exp_name}!", mapping={"exp_name":sentcard.exp_name})09:49
ghendisorry, result is: u'You have received an ecard from ${exp_name}!'09:49
ghendiany idde why is not replacing exp_name?09:51
ghendiany idea?09:51
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philiKON_ghendi: what are you doing with this message ID?10:04
philiKON_if you're inserting it into a page template, it should be translated (and interpolated) automatically10:04
philiKON_if not, you need to trigger interpolation10:04
philiKON_e.g. with zope.i18n.translate(msgid, context=request)10:04
febbhey philiKON  how are you ?10:04
philiKON_hey febb10:04
febbnice to see you online again. ! ..10:05
philiKON_same here10:08
febbgreat..   I 've been working on the training project for march.  maybe later on we can chat a little bit about it....I am logging  off now, its 2:10am here.  ;)10:10
ghenditx philiKON!10:12
ghendiI'm not using thi in a template, I'll send an email with that, hope that translation has a sense in this case and will able to use it, no?10:14
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philiKON_but then you need to translate manually10:15
philiKON_translation doesn't happen automagically (except in zpts)10:15
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febblater all. !10:15
febb;)   ZZZzzz10:15
ghendiok, it works, tx!10:16
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MihalyHello there!12:07
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MihalyI have a problem with ZOPE3 Folders. This must be a known bug, but i did not really find a sulution on the web. If i create a Folder then a ZPT Page inside it with the content <span tal:content="python: container.keys()" /> and call the ZPT Page then i receive an OOBTreeItems' object has no attribute '__class__' error. What now? Thanks.12:11
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timteMihaly: what happens if you try <span tal.content="python: list(context.keys())" />12:23
Mihalyi'll try12:23
Mihalyhmm, seem to work... why is that ?12:26
timte.keys() returns a OOBTreeItems object, not a list, but I'm not sure why it's done that way12:27
timtemaybe it's because iterating over OOBTreeItems is faster12:28
timteso list(OOBTreeItems) returns the actual list12:28
Mihalyahh, that makes sense12:29
Mihalystill, i should not receive an error12:31
timtephiliKON_: Found something on page 148. Do you want to know erratas or should I shut the f*** up?12:31
timteMihaly: I guess TAL is calling __call__ on objects to get back something it can display, on builtin types it doesn't need to12:31
timteMihaly: much guessing here, don't know the details  :)12:33
Mihalyno prob, thanks12:34
timteas the gurus are not always available here to answer questions, perhaps a few guesses is better than nothing  :)12:36
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philiKON_timte: no, i'm very interested12:52
timtephiliKON_: ok, so page 148, time_to_cook schema field has an interesting description argument12:54
philiKON_yeah, it's a typesetting problem12:54
philiKON_it's correct, though12:54
philiKON_if you look at it, line 52 is split over two line12:54
timtedoesn't the first line have to end with \ or + ?12:56
philiKON_x = "a" "b"12:56
philiKON_x = "ab"12:56
timteoh, cool12:56
philiKON_(it's the same)12:56
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*** baijum changes topic to "logs available at || paste code examples into or || Zope 3.3.0 is out || bugs live at || Wiki at || FAQ at"14:58
ghendihi all15:00
ghendi    def create(self, data):15:00
ghendi        sentcard = createObject(u'sentcard.SentCard')15:00
ghendi        applyChanges (sentcard, self.form_fields, data)15:00
ghendi        return sentcard15:00
ghendihow can I give a name to "sentcard" object?15:01
ghendithank you15:03
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ghendiand for my example how can I apply this?15:11
ghendifrom import INameChooser15:11
ghendiName will be assigned from 'create' or 'createAndAdd' methods, here is an eg:15:11
ghendidef create(self, data):15:11
ghendi    mycontainer = MyObject()15:11
ghendi    mycontainer.val1 = data['val1]15:11
ghendi    anotherobj = AnotherObject()15:11
ghendi    anotherobj.value1 = data['value1]15:11
ghendi    namechooser = INameChooser(mycontainer)15:11
ghendi    name = chooser.chooseName('AnotherObj', anotherobj)15:11
ghendi    mycontainer[name] = anotherobj15:11
ghendi    return mycontainer15:11
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mgedminghendi: are you using formlib's AddForm?15:47
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mgedminif so you may want to do self.context.contentName = data['somefield']15:49
mgedminI find that answer in the FAQ either misleading or not entirely correct15:49
ghendiyes I'm using AddForm15:57
ghendiit works15:59
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roymwhat is the best way to automate packing of a z3 zodb?16:36
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roymTo automate packing a zodb: looking on the web suggests that I find some way to call (wget?) container.Control_Panel.Database.manage_pack(days=PACKDAYS). I know that z2 had cron scripts for this stuff - just wondering if something similair existed for z3.17:23
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rockyhm, is there a documented set of rules someplace for deriving how the "most specific" interface is derived when doing component mapping?18:31
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J1mrocky, look at the adapter doctests.20:38
J1mroym, ZODB includes a zeopack script that you can use from a cron job.20:38
J1mAssuming that you are using ZEO, of course.20:39
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roymJ1m, thanks.20:58
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