IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-01-04

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ghendihi all10:27
ghendiif I have an object that has an attribute expirationDate10:27
ghendihow can I delete it if it reached or passed that date?10:27
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TheuniJ1m: ayt?18:30
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ignassrichter: ayt?19:01
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srichterignas: yes19:05
ignassrichter: were you the person who worked on integration of ICU data into Zope3?19:05
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ignasit seems that there is no collation information in there, was it omitted?19:06
srichteryes, I did not parse the collation information19:07
* ignas needs to sort strings by lithuanian alphabet and it seems that the only way to do it is using python locale module19:07
srichterthis needs to be done19:07
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srichterJim has implemented this with the C implementation before19:07
srichtersomewhere Jim implemented collation19:07
srichterIt uses the ICU C implementation for collation and puts a pyrex wrapper around it19:08
srichterof course you could implement it in Python too19:12
ignasi know19:12
srichterI would look forward to this :-)19:12
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ignason my copious free time ;)19:12
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ignasyay zope.ucol is an egg19:13
* ignas has to svn co zope.html, zope.file and zope.mimetype which is less than optimal19:15
ignaswhom should i annoy to get them packaged too ?19:16
srichterjust create an egg for it19:16
srichterignas: do it yourself19:16
ignasi don't have access to
srichterok, send a message to zope3-dev asking for access19:17
srichtersomeone will be able to help you, I am sure19:17
ignashmm, makes sense19:17
ignasucol egg is broken :)19:18
ignas2 more lines in the Makefile till i'll learn how to package an egg19:19 mumbles about missing CHANGES.txt and fails19:20
* srichter knows nothing about eggs and ecipes19:21
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ignasi know i don't like them19:22
srichterI know enough about them that I will have to like them; simply having a package management system is worth liking it19:22
srichterthey will improve in the future, but at least they are being accepted by the Python community, which is the important part19:23
ignasi just can't stop comparing them to other packaging systems (for other languages) i know, and i had a lot of "fun" making "easy"_install work on dapper for schooltool19:24
srichterthey will get better19:24
srichterfor example Jim wrote that he uses eggs to create RPMs19:25
srichterwhich sounds interesting to me19:25
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ignashope so19:27
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ignasoh if only one could losely couple Zope3 packages together ...19:33
ignaslike when one is loading zope.ucol if zope.i18n is already loaded, some additional integration code is loaded as well19:34
ignasif not - zope.ucol works finely without some adapters19:34
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Theunisrichter, ignas: eggs aren't that hard or scary. You've got to create two or three of them, then it's very easy.20:09
srichterTheuni: yep, I hope so too, I just did not have the time yet to look at it20:10
ignasTheuni: creating maybe, installing - is scary :)20:10
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Theunidunno, didn't seem scary to me ;)20:10
Theunii'm mainly using them together with zc.buildout20:10
ignasTheuni: it's far away from 1 line to install, 1 line to load and 1-2 lines to configure20:11
ignasbut that's the fault of distutils or setuptools can't rmemeber now not eggs themselves20:12
Theunibuildout makes that pretty easy20:13
ignascan buildout help if i want eggs locally, i mean if i want eggs to play with them not distribute something?20:14
ignasso i could jus launch python and then install("package_foo"), load("package_foo"), import foo20:14
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tim__I want to register an IIntIds utility in a functional doctest. Should I register it in setUp() or in the actual doctest?21:42
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srichtertimte: You can do it in the setup, however, the fact that the intid utility is not already around during a functional test is a problem21:46
srichtertimte: you should look at packages like z3c.configurator or z3c.sampledata to configure your local utilites via Python when a site is created21:47
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timtesrichter: are you saying that the intid utility is around by default in a zope site?21:49
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srichterbut you should have it by the time you run a functional test21:50
srichterbecause a functional test should test a working application21:50
srichterif you have to add an intid utility first, it means that your application is not functional to start with21:50
timteanother problem I have is that if I add a folder to the site inside setUp() it's gone in the doctest21:52
srichteryou have to commit the transaction21:54
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timteHow much am I supposed to register myself in a functional test? Seems folders can't be adapted to IKeyReference22:03
srichtermost of the time22:04
srichterall that you functional test should do is setup your application site22:04
srichterthe application site should have the intid utility in it22:04
srichterbasically, you want to avoid TTW configuration22:04
srichterAll you want is a button: Configure everything for me22:05
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srichterAs I said before, z3c.configurator or z3c.sampledata should help22:05
timteok, checking22:05
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timtezope.View isn't defined in the doctest either, I must be doing something wrong?23:06
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srichterzope.View should be available in a function doctest, otherwise it would have probably failed coming up altogether23:31
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