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timteworks if I have zope.Public instead00:12
srichterhave you set an authorization header in your testbrowser?00:13
timteI don't have a testbrowser, I'm doing xmlrpc calls using xmlrpclib00:15
srichteryou still have to set the authentication header00:15
timteI get this error when doing xmlconfig.string(...) before any xmlrpc calls though00:15
timteand in that xml I have zope.View00:16
srichterthen you have to call more configuration files00:18
srichterspecifically the one defining zope.View00:18
srichterbtw, why don't you just use a functional test setup?00:18
timteI think I do, doesn't FunctionalDocFileSuite fix that?00:19
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srichteryes, you should not need to load anymore ZCML after that00:20
timteI pass setUp=setUp to FunctionalDocFileSuite, but that shouldn't override the other setUp, should it?00:21
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timteI think removing zope.component.testing.setup() from my setUp fixed it00:25
srichterof course!00:25
timtethat's easy for you to say  :)00:26
srichtersetup() cleans out the component registry00:26
timteshould I be able to make xml-rpc calls to localhost:8080 in a test?00:29
srichterprobably not, since the server does not come up00:29
srichterI am pretty sure we have some XML-RPC support for functional testing though00:30
timtein the xmlrpc testing code in the zope core they use print http("""...""")00:30
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srichterhttp() calls the publisher directly00:30
srichterhowever, you can do the same trick as testbrowser and register a fake HTTP handler with urllib2, and then xmlrpclib should work00:31
timtebut should I really be able to do server=xmlrpclib.Setver('http;//localhost:8080'); server.someMethod() ?00:37
srichteryep :-)00:37
srichterthe server address will be simply ignored00:38
srichterI knoew it existed already :-)00:38
srichterincluding turning error handling off in the publisher00:39
timtethere's no such package00:39
srichterI doubt that00:40
srichterit is deifnitely in the trunk00:40
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timteok, I have 3.3.000:40
srichteryeah, it seems new :-)00:40
srichteryeah, it is on the 3.4 new features list00:41
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timteso I both need trunk and register a fake http handler?01:07
srichteryou need the trunk01:08
srichterthen simply use the
srichterand you are all set01:08
srichterthis particular ServerProxy does already the trick for you01:08
* timte tries this01:09
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timteisn't that a strange _p_oid ?04:20
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BhaskarI want to install Zope 3.3.0 , while ./configure is done it shows python version 2.4.3 found at /usr/bin/python, then i run python 2.4 -q build command then error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1, how can i install now06:03
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* mgedmin wishes zope.component had a trivial Adapter base class with just def __init__(self.context): self.context = context15:40
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rockymgedmin: lol, why? i hate inheriting from useless base classes ;)15:44
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mgedminI tend to write many tiny stub adapters in unit tests15:47
mgedminsometimes the __init__ nearly doubles the size of the stub15:47
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* baijum planning to use Test layers for zope.* packages (see this patch: )16:01
* baijum When running the tests the output will be like this :
* baijum If the patch is OK, I wan to use Test layers for other packages also.16:01
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* baijum hmm.. may be I should send a mail to zope3-dev list16:03
J1mbaijum, that's precisely the direction I want us to go.16:03
J1mA message to the list would be a good idea.16:04
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baijumJ1m, ok16:06
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Theuni|groksprinJ1m: martijn is going to ask you a security question in a second. He told me not to tell you.16:12
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faassenhi there16:12
faassenJ1m: are you there? :)16:13
faassenJ1m: remember when we talked on skype about a way to globally disable security proxy generation in Zope 3 somehow?16:13
faassenJ1m: 'cuz I don't. :)16:13
J1mIt is pretty simple.16:14
faassenJ1m: could you point theuni in the right directions for me? :)16:14
faassensorry, we're at the sprint here so I'm playing this IRC for laughs a bit.16:14
faassenbut it's a serious question nonetheless.16:14
J1mLeaving aside "untrusted code" ...16:14
faassenright, only view-level security, everything's trusted.16:14
J1mThe publication object adds the security proxies.16:15
J1mAll you need to do is to replace the publication component with a different one that does something else.16:15
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faassentheuni says this is pretty easy. :)16:15
faassenare there other bits that do proxy-wrapping?16:16
J1mOther people have done it before to use RDBMSs rather than the ZODB, for example.16:16
Theuni|groksprini remember some page template code to do proxying16:16
J1mThat is untrusted code support.16:16
faassenokay, so that's the stuff you were leaving aside.16:16
Theuni|groksprinAh right. We don't need that.16:16
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J1mif you don't use any untrusted code interpreters, then you shouldn't have a problem.16:17
Theuniand we'll notice when we do anyway ;)16:17
faassenum, are we using any of such interpreters? :)16:17
J1mOther than maybe odd application code that bothers to add proxies, typically after removing them for some reason.16:17
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faassenI recall the resources story messed about some with proxies.16:17
* J1m shrugs16:18
TheuniNo, I think we only used checkers.16:18
faassenwe had some trouble getting it not to.16:18
* Theuni checks.16:18
faassenwe still haven't gotten it not to do so entirely, it breaks when you go beyond one directory level complaining about something being None again.16:18
faassenwe will figure this out ourselves. :)16:19
TheuniNo proxies are added by us, we just tried to make them work for us.16:19
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ignashi, has anyone encountered/solved the warning problem with zope.* eggs installed in parallel with Zope3 checkout?16:49
ignasi am getting warning when running tests or the application because of files in the egg zope/ folder16:50
ignasas Zope3 already has zope module (naturally)16:50
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ignasJ1m: you being the author (according to of zope.ucol, maybe you could repackage it? It was packaged with a modified (different from the one in svn)  that wants CHANGES.txt (which is absent in the egg). Or just download it from and upload it to (hope i have packaged the svn trunk version the right way)17:03
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J1mignas, Have you tried the one in PyPI?17:05
ignashmm, no i haven't17:05
J1mI did some work on that a while ago.  I thought it did the right thing.17:05
J1mI know we're using it.17:05
ignasschooltool has set as the source, but i guess i can add the PyPI path to the setup i guess17:06
J1mignas, schooltool should start using buildout. :)17:06
J1mI'll note that there is reason to believe that OSA's ICU wrapper has become a lot easier to deal with since they stopped using SWIG.17:07
ignasmaybe we should, don't have much time to try out new things though ...17:07
J1mMy hope would be that maybe someday zope.ucol could go away.17:07
ignasOSA's ICU wrapper?17:07
J1mI only wrote zope.ucol because PyICU was such a PITA to install.17:08
J1mYes, PyICU.17:08
ignasi would hope zope.locales having collation information ;)17:08
* J1m double checks that,17:08
ignasit has none17:08
* ignas is looking if it's in edgy17:09
J1mPerhaps someday we can drop a lot of our own ICU support and use PyICU.17:09
ignasbecause else we need egg or svn access17:10
J1mOTOH, I haven't tried PyICU since I decided to write zope.ucol instead. :)17:10
J1mI would hope they have a sane source distro now.17:10
J1mIf they do, then it should work with easy_install and buildout17:11
ignasif we were using buildout ...17:11
ignasJ1m: any ideas about warnings the zope.* eggs?17:13
J1mI don't know what you are asking.17:14
* ignas had to package zope.html, zope.file, zope.mimetype as eggs to make schooltool setup easier (no svn co's in Makefile ...)17:14
ignasand now i am getting warnings "/home/ignas/src/schooltool-lyceum/Zope3/src/zc.i18n-0.5.1-py2.4.egg/zc/ UserWarning: Module zope was already imported from /home/ignas/src/schooltool-lyceum/Zope3/src/zope.ucol-1.0.2-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/zope/__init__.pyc, but /home/ignas/src/schooltool-lyceum/Zope3/src/zope.html-0.0.1-py2.4.egg is being added to sys.path"17:15
ignasoops, sorry wrong warning17:15
ignasoh, no, it's the rigt one17:15
ignaszope.html has zope/html/ with an in zope/, have i done something wrong while packaging them as eggs ?17:16
J1mdid you set up zope as a namespace package in each of your eggs.17:17
ignashmm, no, i think i didn't, not sure though, i have copy pasted most of the from zope.ucol egg17:18
J1mRead the setuptools documentation. :)17:19
J1mOr at least skim it.17:19
ignasok :)17:19
ignashmm, zope.ucol packaged with from zope.ucol svn is throwing the warning too ...17:20
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ignasJ1m: thank's, it worked, i am not getting warnings anymore17:27
ignasi think namespace_packages=["zope"] should be added to ucol as well17:27
ignasbecause the egg in PyPI doesn't have it17:27
J1mthat's a fairly serious bug.  I'm surprised.17:28
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J1mignas, if you feel like fixing zope.ucol, I'd be happy to make it so youcan upload new distros to PiPy.17:35
J1m :)17:35
ignashmm, on one hand = i17:35
ignasi could do it, bt i can17:35
ignassorry for typos17:35
ignascan't tag them in the svn17:35
ignasand i am not sure eggs packaged by me would really work :)17:36
ignasi mean i have packaged my first egg today17:36
J1mI don't know when I'll get back to zope.ucol.17:37
J1mIf you happen to find time to do it sooner than me, then let me know.17:37
J1mIf not, that's fine.17:37
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ignasat the moment i am using as the storage of schooltool specific "ugly packages without description because i am not the author" eggs17:38
J1mThat is your PyPI user id?17:39
ignasno that is my web space on pov server17:39
ignasi would gladly have zope.html, zope.file, zope.mimetype packaged properly, but i can't compose the description as I don't know what they do ...17:39
ignasdependency_links=['', ''] kind of works17:40
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