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WebMavenDoes anyone know of a ZAlchemy example?02:13
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WebMavennatea: do you use ZAlchemy?02:31
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WebMavenAny ZAlchemy users here?05:31
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Bhaskarhow can i learn zope in short time???06:14
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zenwrylyI'm trying to get started with persistent interfaces.  Specifically I'd like to build an UI allowing site administrators to make new in-ZODB marker interfaces.  Can anyone point me to any documentation of such.  I've been grepping and googling to little avail.06:49
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WebMavenHmm... Am I doing this subversion checkout wrong?:08:53
WebMaven svn co z3c08:54
WebMavensvn: PROPFIND request failed on '/z3c.zalchemy/trunk/src/z3c'08:54
WebMavensvn: PROPFIND of '/z3c.zalchemy/trunk/src/z3c': 301 Moved (
WebMavenzenwryly: create *new* Interfaces, or just apply them to objects?08:57
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WebMavenAh, never mind. stupid svn URLs.09:04
WebMavencan anyone explain why the heck the svn URLs have to have /repos/main/ stuck in the middle?09:05
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Bhaskarhow can i merge two po files into single one09:38
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zenwrylyWebMaven: create *new* interfaces11:35
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WebMavenzagy: hello15:04
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rockysrichter: ping ?15:54
rockydoes anyone remember where srichter's proposal on defining local component registrations lives?15:55
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rockywasn't it a google summer code proposal or something?15:57
rockynevermind, found it16:02
rockyi think plone needs this16:03
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TheuniJ1m: ah. ping16:24
TheuniWe're stumbling over a small annoyance with interfaces.16:24
TheuniThe __provides__ attribute of classes seems to have a guard against appearing in subclasses.16:24
TheuniHowever, the dir() of the subclass will list '__provides__' and then, when you try to access it, you get an AttributeError.16:25
TheuniThis is somewhat confusing.16:25
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TheuniWould it be a reasonable approach to not raise an AttributeError, but return a new, empty, Provides() instance?16:25
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J1mTheuni, no, it wouldn't.16:33
J1mdir is broken.16:33
TheuniWhy is that?16:33
J1mYou have to work around it's brokenness by ignoring attribute errors.16:33
J1mIt is broken because it naively looks at the class dict.16:33
philiKONwhat's so wrong about that16:34
J1mIt fails to take into account the fact that descriptors can and sometimes to prevent access intentionally.16:34
philiKONi think Provides should behave differently16:34
philiKONwell, it'd be hard for it to take that into account i guess16:35
J1mThis is a matter that can be debated.16:35
philiKONi just wonder why Provides has to raise AttributeError16:35
philiKONand why it can't just simply return a new clean slate Provides obj16:35
J1mBut I intended that class instance assertions should not be intherited.16:35
J1mHm, I guess I can live with that.16:36
J1mBut this is a broad problem with dir.16:36
J1mCode that does this sort of introspection should not trust dir except as a hint.16:37
philiKONi guess16:37
J1mI know16:38
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srichterrocky|away: implemented in z3c.baseregistry17:10
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TheuniJ1m: i'm having trouble subscribing to the complete checkins list, i get a mail to confirm the subscription and reply to that. after that i receive an empty bounce.17:32
J1mSomeone else had a similar complaint.17:33
J1mI'm starting to hate mailman.17:33
* J1m wonders if we should install a new version.17:34
TheuniI don't know anything useful about mailman, so I can't help. :/17:34
J1mme neither17:35
TheuniDo we have anybody who knows?17:35
J1mI don't know.17:36
J1mWe usually reboot it when there is a problem, which often fixes it. :/17:36
TheuniThe windows of mailing list software?17:36
J1mI'm just not interested in being a mailman admin. :(17:36
J1mI don't know that it is that bad.17:37
J1mI just don't want another job/17:37
TheuniI understand that. Martijn was pretty good at finding a volunteer for some admin stuff for the web site, maybe we should ask publicly whether someone wants to take this over?17:37
J1mSounds good to me.17:39
J1mLooks like there were a couple of releases yesterday.17:41
J1mlast year17:41
J1mwhich is somewhat encouraging.17:41
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J1mTheuni, did you update the filestorage recipe?19:53
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WebMavenAre there any ZAlchemy users here?22:48
ccombnot me22:48
zenwrylyWebMaven: In answer to your questions yesterday, I'd like to create *new* interfaces that are in-ZODB and persistent.22:57
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WebMavenzenwryly: Hmm. That's pretty hard. I don't know how to do that.23:01
zenwrylyI see lots of stuff in zodbcode23:01
zenwrylyI just don't see any existing code that makes use of it23:02
ccombWhat kind of Storage does exist for the ZODB, apart from FileStorage ?23:07
mgedminZEOClientStorage, MemoryStorage23:09
ccombWould it be possible to replace the Data.fs directly with a hard disk partition, or to implement a PartitionStorage ?23:13
WebMavenccomb: there is a DirectoryStorage23:37
WebMavenSo, I suppose the directory can be on it's own mounted partition23:38
ccombWhat I meant is that  Data.fs is a single file23:42
ccomb/dev/sda can also be considered a single file23:42
ccombSo what happen when you tell zope to use /dev/sda instead of Data.fs ?23:43
mgedminfile storage also uses Data.fs.tmp and Data.fs.index23:45
mgedminand I suppose the size of Data.fs is important23:45
mgedmin/dev/sda will always have the same size23:45
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