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oferwxenru_: awake?04:21
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WebMavenWhat determines whether, when adding an object, a 'name' form field appears in the container?08:13
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WebMavensrichter: Back again, I see.09:49
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WebMavensrichter: OK, I got your email.10:15
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WebMavensrichter: the bug in the version attached to the email you replied to was fixed in the version I sent six hours later.10:17
WebMavenSo, the message objects can only be added inside a SQLAlchemy container.10:19
WebMavenSince you don't consider the import changes an improvement, I can put them back.10:19
srichterit's ok, I have my version on my system10:20
srichterI am pretty much done with my example, so I have no further interest looking into this; I just know I would not develop this way10:21
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WebMavenWell, what do you think of constraining the containment, then?10:21
WebMavenAh. OK.10:21
srichterIt is not transparent enough at this stage; Maybe I should have a look at sqlos10:21
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WebMavenDid you look at the two examples I wrote?10:22
srichterno, I have no time this week10:23
WebMavenI have no clue what's going on with the second one, but if you could look at the small UI bug in the first one I'd be very grateful.10:23
WebMavenI don't know why the name-choosing form field reappeared.10:23
WebMaventhis is the latest version of rogue.za_example_110:24
WebMavenBTW, I got very frustrated with SQLOS/SQLObject, it has bugs when you don't follow the database column naming conventions, which are *supposed* to be overridable, but you apparently can't override the naming of the id column of you have FK relationships between tables.10:27
WebMavenThis was about six months ago. Maybe these bugs have been fixed.10:28
WebMavenBut at least SQLOS had an example. ;-)10:29
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harobedsrichter: you are here ?10:30
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harobedsrichter: I wonder why my post in zope3-dev about README in root svn directory isn't commented :(11:30
srichterharobed: could be one of two reasons: (a) people think it is not interesting to them, or/and (b) they have no strong objection11:34
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srichterharobed: people are usually really busy, so they only respond to messages that push their button11:34
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harobedsrichter: ok, I know but I haven't svn access then I can't commit this README file11:35
harobedI think this README can be very useful for zope3 newbies users11:37
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srichterok, I'll look into it over the weekend, I just cannot do it now11:38
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ccombIs there a reason why __init__ constructors and their docstring are not documented automatically by the ++apidoc++ ?13:43
ccombfor ex,  the SimpleTerm class  has the following constructor  __init__(self, value, token=None, title=None) and the following docstring :   """Create a term for value and token. If token is omitted, str(value) is used for the token.  If title is provided, term implements ITitledTokenizedTerm."""13:45
ccombBut I had to look at the source code to find it13:45
ccombIt's important documentation, but it is not visible.  Or did I miss something ?13:48
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mgedminI would like to commit a couple of bugfixes to the zope 3 test runner (bare except: clauses that trap KeyboardInterrupts)18:08
mgedminhowever if I try to run the testrunner tests in a Zope 3 svn checkout with ./ -s zope.testing, I get 0 tests18:09
mgedminwhat am I doing wrong?18:09
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mgedminnot setting the PYTHONPATH correctly, most likely18:12
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* mgedmin tries to remember if there's a way to list all names adapters from IFoo to IBar20:04
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ccombgetAdapters ?20:11
mgedminit doesn't mention anything about names20:13
mgedminI could loop through absolutely all adapter registrations and filter, but that seems so inelegant20:14
mgedminwhat I actually need is a set of adapters with the same name, and I want the name to be choosable from the UI20:14
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mgedminI think I'll go with utilities that describe the set and provide some additional information (e.g. description)20:15
ccombyou have several adapters to the same interface with the same name ?20:15
ccombfor the same object ?20:15
mgedminno, I have several adapters to the same interface with different names for the same object20:16
mgedminand my "set of adapters" are adapters to different interfaces, but with the same name20:16
ccombmaybe components.registerAdapter20:19
ccomblook at zope.component.registry.txt  in the section adapters20:20
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ccombif I do  getUtility(IFoo, 'name', context)   and context is not locatable20:44
ccombI won't be able to get my utility, right ?20:44
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mgedminif the utility is a local one, then probably not20:45
mgedminbut if you're calling getUtility while processing a request you don't need to pass context to it20:46
mgedminit will look in the current site20:46
ccombI'm in a Source20:46
ccomband I can't get my local utility20:46
mgedminwhat's the context that gets passed to the source?20:50
ccombin the source, the context is my  AnnotationCategorizable  adapter20:50
ccombthat adapts any IAnnotationCategorizable object to my ICategories20:51
ccombhuh, actually I should have called it AnnotationCategories20:52
mgedminyou may want to have the adapter's __init__ set self.__parent__ = context20:54
mgedminthat will also let any local permission grants take effect20:55
ccombaaaah, maybe ! thanks, I'll try20:55
ccomband I was obliged to set the adapter trusted, what I didn't like20:56
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mgedmintwo different things20:57
mgedmintrusted adapter has an unproxied self.context and can do anything it likes with it20:58
ccombmy adapter needs to write in __annotations__20:58
mgedminbut the adapter itself is then wrapped in a proxy, and you therefore need to provide permission declarations for the adapter class, *and* set the adapter's __parent__ so that local permission grants work20:58
mgedminuntrusted adapters are zope.Public by default (IIRC) so you do not need to worry about security declarations and __parent__, but anything you want to get from self.context must be allowed by the security declarations on the context class20:59
mgedminthe traditional pattern is that when you create an adapter that accesses context's annotations you make it a trusted adapter20:59
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benjianyone know why the tests are failing?22:26
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benjiahh, in a different message, Adam Groszer fessed up and said that he wouldn't be able to fix it until tomorrow22:32
mgedminanyone knows why ./ -s zope.testing in a z3 checkout finds 0 tests?22:36
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benjithat's a good question, mgedmin :)22:43
mgedminhere's a simple one: how much tests do you see if you run that command?22:43
mgedminis it my setup, or something more sinister?22:44
benji% python ./ -s zope.testing22:44
benjiTotal: 0 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors22:44
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mgedminnot my fault then22:46
benjimgedmin: if you create an instance and run bin/test -s zope.testing, it should work22:46
* mgedmin does not like instances22:46
mgedminfor development, that is, I quite like them for deployment22:47
mgedminmy preferred work cycle is simple: check out; hack; run tests; commit22:47
mgedminanother silly question: if I do run the tests manually with PYTHONPATH=src python src/zope/testing/tests.py22:48
mgedminI see 4 failures22:48
benjiyeah, I don't like instances either22:49
mgedmindoes anyone else see them?22:49
benjiyep, I see four as well22:50
benjimgedmin: let me guess, you're running with Python 2.4.422:52
mgedminyes, probably22:52
mgedmindifferences in traceback formatting?22:52
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benjidifferences in formatting, but not tracebacks I don't think22:53
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ccombI'm fed up with /me not beeing able to get his utility22:54
mgedminone of the failures is due to an extra function call in unittest.py22:56
benjimgedmin: they pass when run with 2.4.322:56
mgedminso, if I fixed the tests with 2.4.4 and committed, would a buildbot notice that I broke 2.4.3?22:57
mgedmindo zope 3 buildbots use instances for testing?22:57
mgedmin(my first question presupposes that I (accidentally, of course) break the tests with 2.4.3)22:58
mgedmin(I have no intention of breaking things for 2.4.3)22:58
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benjimgedmin: I bleive so, but it's very likely you'll break 2.4.3, so I would recommend testing for youself; unfortuanately that bit of text matching is very brittle, so it would also be best if you tested with several flavors of 2.4 and 2.3 :(23:01
mgedmintalk about barriers for entry :(23:01
* mgedmin has python 2.4.1 handy on a debian machine23:02
benjiapparently very few people depend on consistency between Python point releases for those particular messages, they seem to change with each release23:02
mgedminshould the test runner care?  A judicious application of ELLIPSIS or the normalizer would help, I think23:03
mgedminis 2.3 important for zope.testing?  IIRC zope 3 as a whole started requiring 2.4 a while ago23:03
benjiit might; I think there is already some normalizing going on23:04
benjiright, Z3 requires 2.4, but zope.testing works on 2.323:04
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