IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-01-09

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timteI like to configure an adapter to adapt from HTTPRequest but only if the request contain certain data. If the data isn't there the lookup shouldn't find this adapter. Is this possible to achieve?10:10
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niemeyerGood morning13:23
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WebMavenniemeyer: hello14:20
niemeyerWebMaven: Hi14:20
WebMavenniemeyer: have you used ZAlchemy to combine SQLAlchemy with Zope3?14:21
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niemeyerWebMaven: Nope.. we were using SQLAlchemy before we migrated into the Zope 3 transaction system.14:22
WebMavenniemeyer: sorry, I didn't quite understand that.14:23
WebMavenniemeyer: could you explain further?14:24
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niemeyerWebMaven: IOW, we didn't need ZAlchemy by the time we were using SQLAlchemy.14:25
niemeyerWebMaven: If we were using SQLAlchemy now, we'd need it.14:25
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WebMavenAh, you're saying that at the time, you were using SQLAlchemy outside the Zope transaction system, but since your current code *does* use Zope transaction, you would need ZAlchemy in order to accomplish the same sort of work today.14:27
WebMavenHmm. OK.14:27
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niemeyerWebMaven: Correct14:35
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WebMavenniemeyer: OK. Well, thanks for answering my question.14:43
WebMavenniemeyer: Do you know anyone else who might have a little experience with ZAlchemy?14:44
niemeyerWebMaven: I don't :(14:45
WebMavenOK, thanks anyway.14:46
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ignasare there any tutorials/examples of test layer usage to create nested functional test layers ?18:07
ignasi have a multi module system and i want functional test layer for let's say timetables to depend on a layer for calendaring being set up first18:07
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timteWhat method is called when you do an adapter lookup with ISomeInterface(obj) ?18:26
timteI thought it would be InterfaceBasePy.__call__, but it seems not.18:27
J1mIt is if you remove the C extensions.18:28
J1mThat method is also implemented in C and the C version is used by default.18:28
timteoh ok18:29
timteIn adapter.txt it says that you can have the adapter factory return None and the adapter lookup won't choose that one. But I added a __call__ method to my adapter and it's never called.18:30
J1mIs __call__ the adapter factory?18:31
J1mOr is the class the factory?18:31
timteI think class is the factory, but it will call __call__ to create the instance, right?18:31
J1mThe class itself is called.18:32
J1mYou can read up on the semantics of that in the Python docs. :)18:32
timtedoesn't that call the __call__ method?18:33
timteok ok ok  :)18:33
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ccomb__new__ is called before __call__18:33
ccombbefore __init__18:33
J1mIf you want to create a factory that sometimes returns None and smetimes returns an instance, I recommend writing a function and registering that.18:33
J1mScrewing around with __new__ is way too exotic for this use case.18:34
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ccomban adapter can be either a class or a simple function, it just has to return a new object18:35
J1mIt can be any callable.18:35
J1mIt doesn't have to return a new object.18:35
ccombin case it is a class, this is the __call_ function which is called, no?18:36
J1mIt should either return None, or an object that provides the requested interface.18:36
J1mA __call__ method defined in a class statement is used when calling an instance of the class -- not the class.18:37
J1mYou can register an instance as an adapter, in which case it's __call__ would be called when the adapter factory is invoked.18:37
J1mFor all intents and purposes, when a class is called, it's __init__ is called.18:38
J1manything beyond that is advanced and exotic.18:39
ccombjust after __new__, right ?18:39
J1mI'm not going to try to explain that to you -- or answer questions about it.  You almost certainly do not want to know.18:39
ccombok anyone can live without __new__.18:40
timteJ1m: thanks for explaining this, I'll use a function18:42
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* mgedmin winces from looking at spurious apostrophes in its18:51
* J1m is annoyed that english gets this wrong. :)18:53
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replaceafillHi. I was wondering. Is there any way to tell EditForm that file inputs should not be required even if my object interfaces says they are?20:27
ccombso you want something to be both required and not required20:30
replaceafillccomb: i want my objects to have the field required, but i want the editform to give the option to upload a file, but if the user doesn't upload that's ok20:31
ccomband what will be held by the file field?20:32
replaceafillccomb: but if i leave the file input empty, editform complains because in my interface it's required20:32
ccombcan't you put a default value?20:33
replaceafillthe file field is the widget for a Bytes field20:33
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replaceafillwhen the object is edited it already has a value for the field20:34
replaceafilli dont need a default for it20:34
ccombno idea20:35
replaceafillI found a post by Martijn Faassen talking about this in the zope3-dev mailing list, but i couldn't find the solution for it20:35
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mgedminI seem to remember that both fields and widgets have a required attribute20:44
replaceafillmgedmin: that overrides the interface definition?20:45
mgedminI do not remember20:45
replaceafillI found a post by mats.nordgren that uses the handle_edit_action method to do it20:46
mgedminI would probably change the schema to make the field not required20:46
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mgedminand implement validation separately20:47
mgedminor use two different schemas: one for the object, one for the form20:47
replaceafillmgedmin: hhmm i see20:47
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replaceafillmgedmin: like overriding just that field from the schema, right?20:48
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mgedminthat is a possibility, but it will mess up your field order20:50
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ccombIs there anything special to do to write an annotations?  I'm always getting ForbiddenAttribute20:51
ccombI'm playing with zblog,  blogEntry is marked as IAttributeAnnotatable in zcml20:52
ccombI'm getting an adapter :  annotations = IAnnotations(self.context)20:52
replaceafillccomb: maybe it's a missing require directive20:52
replaceafillccomb: or the adapter should be trusted?20:52
ccombon which interface ?20:52
ccombyes, this is from an adapter, should I set it trusted ?20:53
replaceafilldont know, im just saying that that's what i look for when i get ForbiddenAttribute errors20:53
ccombyes it works, thanks21:00
replaceafillccomb: what was it? just for curiousity :D21:00
ccombbut is it secure?21:00
ccombI've added trusted="yes" in my zcml adapter declaration21:02
ccomb    factory=".category.AnnotationCategorizable"21:02
ccomb    provides=".interfaces.ICategories"21:02
ccomb    for=".interfaces.IAnnotationCategorizable"21:02
ccomb    trusted="yes"21:02
ccombI'm trying to add category management to zblog21:02
ccombwith two implementations, one in a category attribute, one in the annotations21:03
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harobedccomb: tu es là ?21:16
harobedje suis en train d'expérimenter de mon coté21:16
harobedtu me donneras ton code après21:16
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harobedvoici le code source de mon interface :
harobedsorry, it's bad channel21:20
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jodokis there something like structured-text-header-level 2 in the zope.conf for z3?22:33
projekt01jodok, hi, what's that?22:34
jodokhey projekt01 :)22:34
jodokit defines where the rest parser starts when generating html22:34
jodoke.g. H1 is the title of the page and rest should start at h222:34
projekt01I guess there is no configuration in zope.conf for specific packages.22:35
jodoki'm grep'ing :)22:38
projekt01jodok, we used docutil outside z3 and there is a docutils.conf which you can define variabels for e.g. stylesheet-path etc. perhaps this is where you can take a look at22:39
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