IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-01-20

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WebMavenHmm. I've just run across something odd...03:27
WebMavenIt seems that addMenuItem directives are required to have unique titles...03:27
WebMavenThough I am not sure why...03:28
WebMavenAs far as I can tell, no lookups are done by the title.03:30
WebMavenDoes anyone know?03:34
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baijumgood morning !04:42
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baijumI am doing some Zope 3 eggification related works today, anyone interested to join ?05:14
* baijum now working on adding test layer to zope.traversing and zope.formlib05:16
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WebMavensrichter: AYT?05:40
WebMavenOK, would someone please explain to me why the title of an addMenuItem needs to be unique?05:58
WebMavenThis is not making sense.05:58
srichterbecause the title is the name of the adapter05:58
srichterand you get a configuration conflict05:59
srichterthe standard menu implementation is not good in many ways, one of them is that it is really slow05:59
srichtertry to use instead06:00
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WebMavensrichter: OK, thx.06:52
* baijum is about to commit TraversingLayer to trunk, here is the patch: (can any one review this ? )06:57
* baijum committed TraversingLayer to trunk, r7211207:06
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* baijum is about to commit FormlibLayer to trunk, here is the patch: (can any one review this ? )08:23
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* baijum is away09:30
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* baijum is back10:06
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WebMavensrichter: are you still around?11:00
WebMavensrichter: it occurs to me that using the title as the name of the adapter is actually a very bad solution.11:02
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WebMavensrichter: There should be a separate name parameter.11:02
WebMavensrichter: I suppose, for backward compatibility, it could be made optional, with the current behavior as the default.11:03
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* baijum hmm..we have to create test layers for many packages, oherwise functional tests of individual packages will not run12:06
* baijum see the list:
* baijum committed test layer for (r72118,r72119)12:07
* baijum expected atleast one person to join today's eggification related works :(12:09
mgedminbaijum: I am sort of idle and wondering what to do12:09
mgedminI didn't remember there was eggification scheduled for today12:10
baijumI send a mail to zope3-dev, only Jim responded12:10
mgedminand my experience with eggs is a bit limited12:10
baijummgedmin, familiar with zc.builddout ?12:10
mgedminI've seen the presentation at europython12:10
baijumI am trying to to learn that now..12:11
baijummgedmin, what is your opinion about the out put when running tests in trunk now?12:13
baijumnow I added layers to few packages12:13
baijumso more verbose output is displayed..12:14
baijumfor each layer12:14
* baijum will do more test layer works in another branch (will wait for feedback from others in next week)12:15
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* mgedmin runs tests to see the output12:17
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mgedminhm... -p doesn't work when tests are run in a subprocess?12:22
* baijum runs -p12:27
mgedminprogress indication12:28
mgedminyou don't see it when tests are being run in a subprocess12:28
mgedminor did I just miss it?12:28
baijumhow to run tests are run in a subprocess?12:29
baijumyes, progress indication not coming for tests with layers12:30
baijumonly unit tests progress indication works now12:30
baijum(atleast here)12:31
baijumWhy all functional test run in a subprocess ?12:33
mgedminbecause the functional test layers do not support teardown12:33
* mgedmin is trying to find out if there are good reasons why tearing down the ftest layers is not implemented12:34
baijummgedmin, so any reason for progress indication not working with functional test layers ?12:35
mgedminit works in the first layer, but not in subsequent ones12:36
mgedminbecause the first layer cannot be torn down12:36
mgedminand the test runner is forced to run the next layers in subprocesses12:36
mgedminthe test runner's protocol for communicating with its subprocesses apparently doesn't allow for real-time progress indication12:36
* mgedmin thinks implementing functional test layer teardown is not hard to do12:37
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* baijum leaving13:25
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mgedminI once got a test failure in zope/app/twisted/tests/test_inputbuffering.py15:56
mgedminit disappeared when I reran the tests15:56
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mgedminif anyone is interested in the failure, it's here:
mgedminit does not appear to be reproducible16:03
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mgedminwhat's the policy on functional tests that change the component registry?16:06
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mgedminI'd like them to clean up after themselves16:06
mgedmintoo bad you cannot use placlessTearDown in a functional test16:06
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J1mmgedmin, I'm in favor of tests cleaning up any changes they make.16:21
J1mmgedmin, ayt?16:22
* mgedmin is16:22
J1mIf you feel like some r&d :)16:22
J1mThe stage is set for doing thigs better.16:23
J1mBut it will take some work from somebody.16:23
J1mThe component registries are more flexible than they used to be.16:23
J1mFor example, it should be possible, somehow, to play with subregistry or temporary hacks to component __bases__ to allow new registries to be inserted during tests and removed after tests.16:24
J1mThis would allow things like placelessTearDown to be useful in this context.16:24
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J1mI'm waving my hands but I think something clever could be done with some effort.16:25
J1mFor example, I'm pretty sure something like this would allow teardown of zcml layers.16:25
J1mUnfortunately, I don't have tome to do anything with this myself.16:25
J1mThis is something I had in mind when I did the last wave of component registry refactoring.16:26
mgedminI've just implemented teardown of zcml layers :)16:27
J1mah, cool16:27
J1mhow did you manage that?16:27
mgedminplacefulTearDown() + reset two FunctionalTestSetup attributes to allow it to load a different zcml file next time16:28
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J1mah, hm, so this works for top-level layers bit not for sublayers.16:29
J1mso registry manipulation would allow tear down of sublayers.16:29
mgedminwell, depends on the sublayers, I guess16:29
mgedminit would be really nice if zcml layers could be nested16:30
J1mand, of course, none of this deals with changes to globals -- including security declaratations.16:30
J1mwell, they can be16:30
mgedminsecurity declarations are cleared by CleanUp().cleanUp(), I think16:30
J1mbut you have to tear down the whole thing after each layer...16:30
mgedminthere might be problems with changes to globals that are not registered with CleanUp()16:31
J1mand global changes are usually pretty minor16:31
J1mMost of those are pretty benign.16:31
mgedminif you'll take a look at my last checkin to a new zope.testing branch16:31
mgedminthere's a way to catch uncleaned-up changes of any specific global value16:32
mgedminI used it to test whether layer teardown cleans everything I could think og16:32
mgedminwhich was: transaction contents, component registry contents, python loggers, zope.event subscribers16:32
mgedmin(and incidentally found a bunch of unit tests that had incomplete teardowns)16:34
J1mThat's the --checkers option?16:34
J1ma generalization of the mechinery that checks for left-over threads.16:35
J1mMakes me want to add a component registry to the test runner. :)16:36
mgedminessentially, yes16:36
J1mIf the runner had a component reg of it's own, then these could just be event subs.16:36
mgedminthey have to store state somewhere16:37
J1mNow really :)16:37
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J1moops, I meant "not really" in response to the tricky remark.16:43
J1mI don't see that state management really matters.16:43
J1mSubscribers can csertainly keep track of state if they wish.16:44
mgedminthat's true, I suppose16:44
mgedminfoo = SomeObj(); provideSubscriber(foo.startTest, for=ITestStarted); provideSubscriber(foo.stopTest, for=ITestStopped)16:45
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d2manyone please hit the server (mail archives stopped archiving yesterday, is deliveing mails though)17:21
J1mI'll put in a request to reboot mailman17:24
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mgedminhm, buildbot thinks I broke unit tests17:41
mgedminbut testHandlingSystemErrors passes here17:41
mgedminis it necessary to run the tests with -vv?  it makes it rather difficult to see the errors in buildbot logs17:42
mgedmina single -v would suffice17:42
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* mgedmin can reproduce17:50
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mgedminokay, that error is caused by the garbage collector kicking it during an inopportunate moment18:15
mgedminthe extra error message that gets logged is produced from a __del__ method18:15
mgedminI need to find the earlier test that leaves that object uncleaned18:15
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mgedmintests always take longer when you;19:04
mgedmin're waiting for them19:04
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mgedminis this another non-deterministic failure, or what?19:20
mgedmin^^ Failure in test testThreading (zope.server.http.tests.test_httpserver.Tests)19:20
* mgedmin suddenly realizes why tests are taking so very very long: he left an extra gc.collect() after *each* test19:21
philiKONmgedmin: way to go on the test cleanup, btw19:31
mgedminI have a patch for transaction, and one for ZODB19:32
mgedminhow do I go about pushing those in?19:32
philiKONyou mean checkers?19:32
mgedminno, a couple of tests are missing transaction.abort() at the end19:33
philiKONi see19:33
philiKONmgedmin: well, the 'transaction' and 'ZODB' packages are maintained in the 'ZODB' project19:36
philiKONyou commit them there and update the svn:external in Zope 319:36
* mgedmin will try to send an email to the list instead19:37
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softdevrHi, can someone quickly point me in the right direction?  How can I create a web app without using the TTW interface to create each folder, page, image and so on?19:51
mgedminby writing Python code in a text editor?19:53
* mgedmin is not quite sure what softdevr wants19:53
philiKONsoftdevr: you can start by reading one of the numerous tutorials:
softdevryeah, that's look useful - thanks20:02
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* mgedmin is tired and needs to stop20:57
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ChrisWthere some problem with the lists?23:00
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mgedminapparently so23:00
mgedmin<d2m> anyone please hit the server (mail archives stopped archiving yesterday, is deliveing mails though)23:00
mgedmin<J1m> I'll put in a request to reboot mailman23:00
mgedmin<d2m> thanks23:00
ChrisWand just when a topic was getting interesting23:00
mgedminthat was about 5 hours ago23:00
ChrisWhow's .li?23:01
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WebMavenChrisW: I noticed my last two checkins didn't get posted.23:01
ChrisWI got some replies this afternoon23:01
ChrisWwas just wondering where my replies to the replies went23:01
mgedminI saw my email23:02
ChrisWI didn't get mine back, and I didn't see them in pipermail23:02
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d2mjust looked, archive seems to work again23:36
ChrisWand i have my replies, cool ;-)23:38
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