IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-01-23

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ksmith99hi all, whats the best way to get the name of authenticaed user?02:47
philiKONrequest.principal is the current user (principal)02:50
philiKONrequest.principal.title should work02:50
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WebMavenphiliKON: hi03:38
WebMavenphiliKON: did you see the email I sent the list about schema fields?03:40
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timtedlk: morning08:52
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dlktimte: morning.09:34
dlkhows life?09:34
* dlk is a bit slow this early in the morning :-)09:34
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timtethings can't be better  :)09:35
timtedlk: done any zope3 stuff yet?09:36
dlknope :-(09:36
dlkI'm stuck in the Zope 2.6 ΓΈ-zone09:36
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timtethat's an old zope09:37
dlkbut, i'm progressing, I finally managed to convince the people involved that moving away from TTW-dtml to fs-based ZPT is a much better idea :-)09:37
dlkso now, after 6 years, we finally have SCC on at least parts of the application :)09:38
dlkyou work zope full time now?09:38
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dlkneato :)09:39
dlkI'm actually making som progress... if things go well, we'll eventually  migrate from 2.6 to 2.11 or so in the coming 6 months.09:40
dlkSince I'm not using any CMF stuff I think the transition will go smoothly...09:40
timteyou only have loads of templates?09:40
dlkthen I need to figure out how to integrate my app into CMF-based sites, like plone or so...09:40
dlkwell, no, but most of the code is DTML or pythonscripts09:41
dlkwhen we started out 7 years ago, noone of us had any knowlegde of python, and certainly not zope-products.09:41
dlkand the app has been a bit mistreated during that time, so it has not evelved as zope has.09:42
dlkstill, it is still a big app for our university and works reasonably well, once we threw hardware at it :)09:42
dlkthe way I am rewriting this particular part is a n attempt to create the basis for a migration to a standard zope-product. I hope to be able to map pythonscripts direclty to methods in a class.09:44
dlkwe'll see how that goes :)09:44
timtedlk: I guess you'll be busy this spring then  :)09:45
dlkyeah, kanske :)09:45
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dlktimte: I hope to be able to do some z3-based work as well... we'll see.09:48
dlkI've hoped for that so many times, but reality always gets in the way :-)09:48
timtehopefully not this time  :)09:50
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koboldis there an easy way to store session data in cookies? does the standard zope3 do it out-of-the-box?14:30 ?14:32
koboldccomb: mm, I would expect something cookie-related which implements ISessionDataContainer14:37
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ccombI've never tried yet, I've just searched through the index of philipp's book14:48
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rockyphiliKON: you know what the cue to tell a widget to render itself as hidden is?18:57
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rockyso there's no way to do form_fields['myfield'].render_has_hidden = True or something like that?18:58
rockyi have to manually render my widget by calling hidden() ?18:58
philiKONah, hmm, i think so18:58
philiKONlemme check18:58
philiKONyeh, looks like formlib doesn't have anything like that18:59
rockythat's horrid19:00
philiKONtime to change that :)19:00
philiKONi agree if should be part of the form field19:00
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WebMavenphiliKON: Hi19:03
WebMavendid you see my post to the zope3-dev list?19:03
WebMaven'form feature or bug'19:03
philiKONWebMaven: submit a bug collector entry?19:04
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WebMavenI will, if someone will confirm I'm not crazy...19:05
mgedminif you're adding features to formlib's field wrappers, consider also the often-requested ability to force required=False19:05
philiKONmgedmin: +119:05
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philiKONWebMaven: doesn't look like you are19:05
philiKONWebMaven: plus, bugs can always be closed...19:05
mgedminotoh that's a different enough feature that shouldn't be lumped together with this one19:05
WebMavenSo, that's the definite bug (#2), what about #1?19:06
WebMavenIt looks like someone said at some poit "Hmm, if the default value is equal to the missing_value, the user doesn't need to enter anything!"19:07
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WebMavenotherwise, it just seems too deliberate.19:09
WebMavenBut, I'd argue it isn't a good feature.19:09
WebMavenIn my case, I want to supply a default value for prefilling, but also want to guard against the user deleting the field contents.19:09
WebMavenI don't really know if the current behavior is the more general case.19:11
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WebMavenAnyway, it struck me as 'trying too hard'.19:16
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WebMavenphiliKON: what do you think?19:18
philiKONi have no opinion whatsoever right now ;)19:18
philiKONmy mind is on buying stuff for the burgers tonight ;)19:18
WebMavengrilled sweet onions (maybe grilled mushrooms), sharp cheddar cheese, and bacon.19:19
WebMavenBut I digress.19:20
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timtedoes casey still work at zope corp?19:53
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koboldbah, it is just my impression or cookies set by zope3 are not interpreted by Internet Explorer?21:03
benjikobold: I think that's just your impression :)21:05
koboldbenji: yeah, possible... but it looks like they are wrong quoted.21:05
benjithat's somewhat more likely, any chance you can boil your observation down to a doctest that demonstrates the problem?21:06
koboldbenji: I'm working on it.21:06
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WebMavenOK, sent out an announcement of the new version of z3c.zalchemy21:20
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kobolduhm, I confirm that zope3 cookies do not follow the RFC 2109.21:41
philiKONi think zope.publisher uses Cookylib though21:43
philiKONerr, Cookielib21:43
philiKONstdlib package21:43
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koboldphiliKON: sure, but the resulting cookie sent to the client is not conforming.21:46
koboldso I think we have a bug somewhere.21:46
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benjikobold: it would be informative to try to isolate the mis-behavior to Cookielib or Zope 3's use of Cookielib22:19
koboldbenji: I'll provide a patch later, I need it working! :)22:20
benjithat's understandable22:20
benjithat sounds like you've isolated the bug to Z3?22:20
koboldI'm able to reproduce it, yes.22:20
koboldbut I haven't had enough time to write a patch yet, but it shouldn't be hard.22:21
philiKONreproducing it doesn't mean it's isolated to z322:22
philiKONcould be a bug in cookielib22:22
koboldI haven't said it is isolated to z3... :)22:23
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