IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-02-03

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turianSpringer's website still lists edition 2 of Philipp's book as shipping in 3-4 weeks :(00:32
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turianphiliKON: FYI00:37
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* baijum adding test layers to* packages now, any one likes to join ?07:48
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J1mphiliKON_, ayt?17:44
J1mdo you have any idea how the logging sections in zConfig work?17:44
J1mdo you know if they are documented anywhere?17:45
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philiKONJ1m: hmmm17:46
J1mI have a vague memory that for Zope 2, the event log didn't effect thr root logger.17:46
J1mactually more than a vague memory17:46
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philiKONit uses stuff from ZConfig.components.logger17:47
J1mYeah. ZConfig baffles me.17:47
philiKONi typically look at the xml schemas17:48
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J1mIt must do something with the root logger though.17:50
J1mBecause we log to thr root logger.17:50
philiKONroot logger?17:50
J1mlogging.getLogger() returns the root logger.17:51
J1mThe Python logging system has a hieratchy of loggers.17:51
philiKONah, ok17:51
philiKONsee, i know little about this :/17:51
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J1mSo you don't document zope.conf in your book?17:55
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philiKONJ1m: not very well17:55
philiKONnot as much as i'd like to17:55
J1mAFAICT, ZConfig is a gigantic obfuscator.17:55
philiKONi'm not a big deployment guy, so i avoided that whole topic in the first ed.17:55
philiKONsecond ed. mentions  more, but not enough17:56
J1mThat isn't really ZConfig's fault.17:56
J1mBut we bother to create this facility and then don't tell people how to use it.17:56
J1m*developers* care about logging too!17:56
philiKONyeah yeah17:56
philiKONall i have are cheap excuses, i know17:57
J1mMy vent is not aimed at you.17:57
J1mAs a project, we need to figure out what we're going to do well and only do that.17:58
J1mBut ZConfig is a special sore spot for me because it causes me ongoing pain.17:58
J1mIt is soo frigging hard to change or to even figure out what is going on.17:58
J1mI can only get things done with it at all because Fred is a coworker.17:59
philiKONi need to leave17:59
J1mI just spent 30 minutes staring at the schemas and handlers and still don't know what's going on.17:59
J1mThat's OK, I don't need you to vent. :)18:00
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noZopercan a zope instance be reset? - component registrations removed18:43
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philiKON_noZoper: yes, we use that for tests a lot. note that reloading modules at runtime isn't supported...18:51
noZoperis there a tool that resets the instance?18:54
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philiKON_noZoper: define reset19:12
philiKON_you can restart the instance easil19:12
philiKON_bin/zopectl restart19:13
noZoperwhere should reset be defined?19:13
philiKON_what do you want to do?19:14
noZoperreset the zope instance to as it was when Zope was first installed19:14
philiKON_i see19:14
philiKON_just delete it and make a new one19:15
philiKON_(that will throw away the database, though)19:15
noZoperyeah, but as all the changes have been made in ZODB I thought there might be a command to reset it19:15
philiKON_well, if you only made changes to the zodb, then you can simply delete var/Data.fs19:17
philiKON_this will throw out the database19:17
philiKON_when you start zope the next time, it'll create a blank one19:17
noZoperI'll try that, thanks19:18
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noZoperwhat is the purpose of site components within an app?22:19
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noZoperis the framework described in used when granting permissions in ZMI?23:11
philiKON_in a wa23:12
noZoperdepends on how the security policy is implemented i guess?23:13
noZoperand checkers etc.23:13
philiKON_the zmi stufff manipulates properties that are read by zope3's default security policy23:13
philiKON_there's typically only one hecker implementation used23:13
philiKON_the name based checker23:13
noZoperis this documented somewhere?23:15
philiKON_what do you mean?23:17
philiKON_there's my book that devotes a whole chapter to zope's security mechanism, and another one to the authentication mechanism23:18
noZoperI'm still not clear on your description of how zmi manipulates properties so wanted some literature to read23:19
noZoperNice site, by the way23:20
philiKON_the "Grant" views in the zmi mainuplate annotation data of objects23:21
philiKON_to store permission information in23:21
philiKON_the security policy knows how to inspect that annotation data23:21
philiKON_this is abstracted through adapters23:21
philiKON_see IPrincipalPermissionMap, IPRincipalRoleMap, etc.
philiKON_you adapt an object to one of those interfaces23:22
philiKON_the object you obtain from that adapter repsents a persistent storage of those permission settings local to the object you adapted23:22
philiKON_the securitypolciy uses that same adapter to find out about the permission settings again23:23
philiKON_my book has an example of how to use this adapter to locally grant a role to a principal23:23
philiKON_so much for the big picture. there aren't any walk through docs that explain all the bits and pieces, as far as i know23:24
noZoperok, well I'll see where I get with that23:25
philiKON_good luck23:25
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