IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2007-02-04

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replaceafillhi. are response.redirects supposed to be used only at the end of view methods?14:35
philiKONthey can be used anywhere14:35
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philiKONbut typically they're the last thing in a view method, yes14:36
replaceafillphiliKON: like in a except clause_14:36
replaceafillphiliKON: I have a BrowserView and one method, I want to redirect the user if some Session data is not set14:37
philiKONsure that works14:37
replaceafillphiliKON: but if i use the redirect at the beggining it doesnt work14:37
philiKONwell, if a response body is set, it might be that the response status is changed back to 20014:37
replaceafillphiliKON: sorry philip u lost me there :)14:38
philiKONyou know http, right?14:38
philiKONresponse status code 200 Ok?14:38
replaceafillphiliKON: yep14:38
philiKONa redirect is a 302 or 303 with a Location: header14:39
philiKONso, if you issue a redirect, all it really does is change the response status14:39
replaceafillphiliKON: :O14:39
philiKONnow, if you do something else after that that changes the response status code, well, tough luck14:39
replaceafillso the methods body continues to execute14:39
philiKONof course14:39
philiKONso, do a redirect and a return14:40
replaceafilli'm so dumb, i thought the program flow went to the redirected view!!14:40
philiKONuh, no14:40
philiKONa redirect is always a new request14:40
philiKONmeaning, you tell the browser to visit another url14:40
philiKONthat's what status 302 or 303 (http 1.1) is for14:41
replaceafill...changing code now :)14:41
replaceafillby the way philip, now the i have the opportunity, do u know when ur book is getting to barnesandnoble?14:43
replaceafillIT WORKED!!14:44
philiKONreplaceafill: springer NYC is supposedly shipping the book since this week14:44
replaceafilli lost three hours of my life because of a return!! well that and knowledge that i dont have :)14:44
philiKONwhich means bookstores throughout the u.s. should have it in stock soon14:44
replaceafilli visited springer website but it said "available in 3 - 4 weeks"!!14:45
philiKONit's weird14:45
philiKONi should give them a call14:45
philiKON'cept that it's sunday ;)14:45
replaceafillyeah, some of us are waiting for it :)14:46
philiKONi know14:46
replaceafillwell man, very kind of u, thanks for ur help14:46
philiKONreplaceafill: btw, you might want to check out
replaceafillphiliKON: is grok going to replace zope 3 as we newbies use it now?14:50
philiKONwell, i think it's going to give newbies and experts alike a quicker way of writing zope 3 apps14:50
philiKONi mean, in that screencast i'm making a simple CRUD application in just 15 minutes14:51
replaceafilli read ur z3labs "and u thought zope 3 wasnt funny" or something14:51
philiKONi think it'd take a lot longer with zcml etc.14:51
replaceafillit seems really interesting14:51
philiKONyeah, tkae a look at the screencast, it shows more14:52
replaceafillyeah in this project i am, i feel like i write so much zcml as python lines14:52
replaceafillok thanks14:52
philiKONhehe, rright14:52
replaceafilli know it because im a newbie14:52
replaceafilland lots of zcml stuff can go on python code14:52
replaceafillusing adapters and stuff, but... :)14:52
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jikanterWho do I talk to about commiting a patch to Zope3?21:22
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