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noZopercan a BTreeContainer's contents be access using a TALES expression?00:35
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noZoperphiliKON: could you hint at the syntax00:44
philiKONcontainers are like dictionaries00:45
philiKONi don't know what exactly you want to do00:45
philiKONi suggest picking up a copy of my book :)00:46
wreutzhi all, have a problem with a Text field in my content type which uses formlib:00:46
wreutzi want to enable html code in my textfield, but when i display the content of the field in a pagetemplate, it is escaped html (yes, i used structure in the pt)00:47
wreutzlike <p>noch ein <b>test</b></p>00:47
wreutzcan anyone give me a hint what i'm doing wrong?00:48
philiKONsuch characters are always escaped when using Text00:48
philiKONif you want to allow verbatim markup, use SourceText00:48
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wreutzphiliKON: thanks, will try that00:48
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wreutzphiliKON: hmm, didn't work, gets escaped too :-(00:51
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philiKONhmm, it should work00:52
philiKONzptpage uses SourceText as well00:52
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philiKONyou shoudl check whether the data is actually saved in an escaped form00:54
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philiKONor just displayed that way00:54
philiKONi do bet that you're forgetting a structure somewhere00:54
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noZoperphiliKON: I'm just trying out Zope3 for now. How would I access the container's object using TALES, e.g. I tried 'context/values()'? I can see that values() is a method on the BTreeContainer but using it in this way causes a run-time error.00:58
philiKONit seems you know little about TALES00:59
philiKONi really do suggest reading about page templates00:59
philiKONthey're widely documented00:59
philiKONif you're looking for comprehensive documentation on zope 3, i suggest picking up a copy of my book: http://worldcookery.com00:59
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noZoperits the different expression types that I'm uncertain about, and when/how to use them so I'll have to check that out01:01
philiKONyou can use path expressions pretty much everywhere, unless you need01:05
philiKON* to call something with parameters01:05
philiKON* make tests, like a == b01:05
philiKONin those cases you use python:01:06
wreutzphiliKON: without structure i get: <b>test</b>01:15
wreutzphiliKON: with structure i get: this is a <b>test</b>01:16
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wreutzi define the field description = zope.schema.SourceText(.......01:18
wreutzand set title, description and required for this field01:18
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shiny_hi all13:17
shiny_while trying to run in schooltool-0.11.4 i'm getting   ImportError: No module named _zope_proxy_proxy13:18
baijumshiny_, check whether you installed Zope 3 properly?13:19
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shiny_ok baijum13:19
philiKONshiny_: sounds like you didn't compile zope3's C extensions13:19
shiny_philiKON: how to do it?13:20
mgedminthere's a #schooltool, btw13:20
philiKONshiny_: how did you install zope 3?13:20
mgedminschooltool's makefile should compile them for you, if you use a subversion checkout13:20
mgedminI don't remember how the releases were made13:20
mgedmin'cd Zope3 && make' should work13:21
shiny_by running configure13:21
shiny_then make13:21
shiny_then make check13:21
shiny_then make install13:21
shiny_i created the instance by using /usr/local/Zope-3.3/mkzopeinstance13:22
shiny_whether i missed any step?13:22
mgedminhow does schooltool know where to find your zope?13:24
shiny_i copied the schooltool to my python13:24
shiny_frm there i run the command sudo python install --home /home/zope/zope33-instance13:26
baijumshiny_, check whether you set PYTHONPATH=/your/zope/src before running schooltool's setup.py13:27
philiKONbaijum: i think he installed zope from a tarball13:27
philiKONalso, i'd be surprised if it were necessary to have zope in your sys.path for *installing* schooltool13:28
philiKONshiny_: so, you installed zope3 in /usr/local/..., made an instance, right?13:28
philiKONso go to that instance13:28
philiKONand execute13:29
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philiKONhello mkerrin13:29
mkerrinhi philiKON13:29
philiKONmkerrin: i'm trying 3.3.1 on windows right now13:30
philiKONwith adam's installer, i too get the error in
shiny_philiKON: wht i've to test in debugzope?13:31
philiKONshiny_: well, does it start?13:31
shiny_its showing command prompt13:31
philiKONwhen did you get the error about _zope_proxy_proxy ?13:32
shiny_trying to install schooltool13:32
philiKONuh huh13:33
philiKONexport PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/Zope-3.3.x/lib/python13:33
philiKONand then execute again13:33
mkerrinphiliKON: I have downloaded adams installer but I won't be able to run the tests until later today - I have to use my laptop for work at the moment and a desktop computer beside me doesn't have windows installed on it.13:33
philiKONmkerrin: i'm currently trying to understand why the tests didn't fail with 3.3.013:34
shiny_philiKON: i'm getting the same error13:35
philiKONshiny_: now that's weird13:35
philiKONcan you paste the traceback somewhere?13:35
shiny_i'll try philiKON13:36
mkerrinphiliKON: same here - nothing changed with respect to the Twisted code since 3.3.013:37
philiKONi wonder if the twisted external changed13:37
mkerrinnope - the external definition specifies a revision number13:40
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philiKONmkerrin: right, but perhaps that changed?13:41
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philiKONmkerrin: hah! i get the same failure with 3.3.0 too13:42
mkerrinfeck - I hate windows13:42
philiKONno kiddin'13:43
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philiKONi actually get much more failures13:43
mkerrinare all these failures still in the twisted ftp code13:45
mkerrinwhere are they?13:46
philiKONone is in
philiKONand then there are lotsa ftest failures13:46
philiKONthat's 3.3.013:46
philiKON3.3.1 only fails with one, the twisted ftp thing13:47
* baijum wonder why no one found 3.3.0 test failures for last 2.5 months, no one use it ?13:53
philiKONperhaps nobody ran zopetest13:53
baijumphiliKON, now what we can do with that release ?13:54
philiKONrelease it :)13:54
mkerrinI had to rehaul some of the FTP tests for the Twisted upgrade to 2.5 - so I am wondering if the problem exists on the trunk?13:55
philiKONgood question13:55
mkerrinIf not - the problem could be in the Twisted testing framework - I didn't have to touch the actual FTP implementation to get the upgrade to work13:56
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philiKONi see13:56
philiKONperhaps we can have adam check the trunk13:57
philiKONalso, i've been wanting to install those compilers13:57
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philiKONmkerrin: you tried MingW and didn't get the failure, right?13:57
mkerrinI am still wondering how I got the tests to pass on Monday night13:57
mkerrinyeah - but it was a really painful. There was one major problem finding some msvcr71 library but I managed to get around by telling disutils to use some msvcrt library instead I can send you a 2 line patch to distutils if you get the same problem14:01
mkerrinAnd I have no idea what msvcr71 is14:01
philiKONvisual c runtime 7.114:01
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shiny_philiKON: i installed it14:30
shiny_but its not showing in zope3.3 zmi14:30
shiny_whether any step is there to register or something like tht?14:31
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shiny_whts add-on and where i can find it?14:33
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softdevrwhere can I access an object's name?21:20
benji/if/ the object supports the pattern, the .__name__ attribute21:21
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timtewhen are __xxx__ private members and when are they not?21:33
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benji__xxx__ is never private (that's __xxx)21:39
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J1m___xxx is refered to "annoying private".22:14
J1m_Normal private is _xxx.22:14
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