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wreutzhi all, i already asked yesterday, unfortunately noone could help me with this:01:41
wreutzi have my own content type in zope3, i use a Text field with formlib and when i enter html code into that field, it gets html escaped01:41
wreutz< turns into &lt;01:42
wreutzi already use structure to display the content of that field in the page template, if i discard the structure i get &amp;lt; for the <01:42
wreutzphiliKON told me to use SourceText for the field, but that makes no difference01:43
mgedminit wouldn't01:43
wreutzcan anyone help me with that?01:43
wreutzbtw, i use zope3 from svn and did a svn up just minutes ago01:44
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baijumis checkins mailing list working ?08:28
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softdevrI want to auto-generate the value for a form field - can I modify the processing of the auto-generated addform or do I need to create my own form?15:08
mgedminI think it would be easier to write your own form with zope.formlib15:09
mgedminsimple add form example:
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afd_ is down (bad gateway)16:00
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philiKONafd_: yes, it's a known problem16:31
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ignashow do i become an official Zope3 contributor?18:53
J1myou can send me a scanned signed copy if you wish.18:55
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ignasJ1m: ok19:04
ignasi recall something about having to sign 2 documents19:04
ignasZope foundation and Contributor19:05
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timteModule, line 47, in __call__19:19
timte  Module ZPublisher.HTTPRequest, line 1219, in __getattr__19:19
timteAttributeError: debug19:19
timteanyone seen this?19:20
timtecool, you know how to get rid of it?19:23
philiKONit *should* be gone with a recentish zope 2.919:24
philiKONi'm surprised you're seeing it19:24
timteI use 2.9.519:25
philiKONanyway, a hack would be19:25
philiKONrequest.set('debug', DebugFlags())19:25
philiKONwhere DebugFlags is from zope.publisher.browser i think19:25
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ignasJ1m: jim at zope org or com ?19:28
timtephiliKON: so debug should always exist on the request? where is it supposed to be set?19:32
philiKONtimte: zope3 requests have a debug argument19:34
philiKONerr, attribute19:34
philiKONso, zope 3 pagetemplates expect it to be there19:34
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J1mignas, .com, biut you were already a contrubutor.19:43
ignasyes i was, but iirc my coleagues had to resend their agreements19:43
ignasafter all the Zope foundation restructuring19:43
J1mah, that is different.19:45
J1mYou have to be invited.19:45
J1mAnd we haven't come up with a mechanism for inviting yet. :(19:46
ignasso i have commit rights for Zope3 repository?19:46
ignasgood :)19:46
ignaswant to consult me on whether a piece of code would be a good addition to Zope3?19:47
ignas - Functional test server to interactively inspect the state of the application in a functional test19:47
J1mThat's sounds pretty cool.  You should bring it up on the zope3-dev list.19:54
ignaslast time i brought something - it generated no response :)19:55
ignasbut ok :)19:55
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softdevra custom page for an add form is configured in ZCML for the IAdding interface, what interface should be used for and edit form?20:03
timtephiliKON: I guess ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.__init__ or BaseRequest.__init__ should set debug? It doesn't in 2.9.6. Is it fixed somewhere else?20:04
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philiKONtimte: no, it doesn't20:06
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philiKONtimte: i said this was a hack :)20:06
philiKONi have plans to make this proper for zope 2.11 or so20:06
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timtephiliKON: but it sounded like it was an old bug that was fix?20:06
philiKONthere should be some workaround in BaseRequest.__getattr__20:07
mgedminsoftdevr: the interface of your content objects20:07
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timtephiliKON: You were surprised this issue was still there. I'm surprised that not everyone gets this.20:11
philiKONbecause almost nobody is using the zope 3 page template file implementation in zope 220:12
timteI'm not even sure what ViewPageTemplateFile is  :)20:14
philiKONmy book, chapter 7 :)20:14
timteok, now I know  :)20:18
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timtephiliKON_: it works after adding self.debug=DebugFlags() in HTTPRequest.__init__. It's that triggers this.20:42
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runyagawhere is tarek?20:44
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timtein france probably20:49
runyagaanyone from paris coming to pycon?20:55
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ignaswhere can i find some documentation for z3 command line switches ?21:34
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timteOrderedMultiSelectWidget is really strange.22:18
timtechoices() is never called, even if the template has view/choices22:19
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