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* baijum created motivated by
ktwilightthanks :)09:30
* baijum will be giving a talk on ZCA at FOSS.NITC this week: my slides and handouts are here :
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baijumfaassen: ping ?12:05
faassenbaijum: pong12:08
baijumfaassen, few weks back you mentioned about moving hosting to the same hostings of and plone.org12:10
baijumRecently there was many otages for, so can we move it to new infrastructure asap ?12:10
faassennot quite that. same hosting as plone.org12:10 is using the same infrastructure, but different hosting provider.12:10
faassenI'll send a mail to Simon12:11
faassenbaijum: I contacted them. thanks for prompting me, I have been lazy in trying to get that ready. :)12:25
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faassenbaijum: trying to get it really arranged now.12:25
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tlotzeIs it known behaviour in grok that I get a TypeError from the depths of Python's cgi module when using an edit form out of the box?12:29
tlotzeIf I supply my own template and remove the multipart encoding bit, it's OK.12:29
tlotzeShould I report this as a bug?12:30
faassentlotze: hm, no, it's known.12:31
faassentlotze: it's a bug in Zope 3.3.012:31
faassentlotze: which was fixed in Zope 3.3.112:31
faassentlotze: compatibility with Python version 2.4.4 I believe12:31
faassentlotze: an update of Grok and a re-running of the buildout should fix it, as I believe it was fixed to use the newer version.12:31
faassentlotze: so NOT A GROK PROBLEM :)12:31
* faassen grins12:31
tlotzeWhy doesn't grok use 3.3.1, anyway? Any reason?12:31
faassencapitals for the benefit of those listening in. :)12:32
* tlotze grins back12:32
faassentlotze: it does use 3.3.1 now, I believe? it didn't use 3.3.1 as it wasn't released.12:32
* tlotze updates12:32
faassenor something. it may be grokproject is doing something different again.12:32
faassenwere you using that? grok uses the 3.3 branch, in fact.12:32
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faassengrokproject is a bit tricky to update, in my experience. you may have to dig in and wipe out the egg.12:32
faassenas easy_install -U grokproject ..12:33
faassendidn't work for me.12:33
faassenanyway, I believe grokproject has a different way to pull in Zope.12:33
tlotzeYes, I'm using grokproject.12:33
faassenyes.. grok itself uses the 3.3 branch and has been forever, so it didn't have a problem.12:33
faassengrokproject only recently started using
faassenand it does use that version -  I just verified.12:33
faassenyou may have to go into site-packages and wipe out the egg to update it though :(12:34
tlotzeThe thing is, I'm doing a workshop on grok on the Chemnitzer Linuxtage on the weekend, and I want to use grokproject to get started there.12:34
faassentlotze: sure, good idea.12:34
faassentlotze: and cool that you're doing a workshop!12:34
faassentlotze: how do you like grok so far?12:34
tlotzeAnd the demo of how cool this all is shouldn't start with, look, we have to override some things first so they don'T break...12:34
faassentlotze: yeah, agreed.12:34
faassentlotze: the new grokproject works fine.12:34
tlotzeME LIKE GROK :o)12:35
faassentlotze: it's just that if you have an existing grokproject it gets hairy.12:35
faassentlotze: and I agree, it should all just work.12:35
tlotzek, then I'll set up a new one.12:35
faassentlotze: I assume you're aware of Philipp's recent change which means you always need a view class to make a view appear, not just a template.12:35
tlotzeActually, I wasn't aware of this template-only thing...12:36
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tlotzeOne thing... the edit and display templates might define macros, so I don't really have to copy and paste when I want to add a heading or a link. But then, it might be easier than to get at the macros.12:37
faassentlotze: all this needs a bit of careful thinking. I'm not sure whether we want to go the standard Zope way of using macros.12:38
tlotzeOh, and another: I wanted to add an action to an edit form. Easily done, but it wiped away the submit action. This is clear when looking at the grokker code, but it feels somewhat inconvenient to not actually have access to the supplied action in the view code.12:38
faassentlotze: perhaps there are better ways. :)12:39
faassentlotze: actually I believe formlib is the one that wipes out the actions defined on the base class, or something.12:39
faassentlotze: anyway, these are good points. perhaps you can add them to launchpad with some ideas?12:39
faassentlotze: or otherwise move them to the mailing list?12:39
faassentlotze: as I'm going to forget all about this. :)12:40
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tlotzeActually, grok.formlib does ist.12:40
faassentlotze: that surprises me, I thought zope.formlib had some behavior there too when subclassing, but perhaps I'm confusing things.12:40
faassentlotze: anyway be sure to put up bug reports or mailing list messages. :)12:41
tlotzeOTOH, I don't see off the top of my head how to do it differently...12:41
tlotzeI will. Got to fetch lunch first over here, though ;o)12:41
faassentlotze: have a nice lunch!12:44
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* baijum was away12:55
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baijumfaassen, nice to hear that you made progress for new hosting12:55
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tlotzefaassen: JFTR, a freshly setup grok project using 3.3.1 works for me :o) Thanks again.14:45
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faassentlotze: okay, good. :)14:51
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timteWhat's the fax number to use for the contributor agreement? only shows a snail mail address.15:30
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Airwolf-if this is the dev chan, is there any user chan ?17:41
d2myou could ask here or in #zope17:43
Airwolf-is there any CMS for zope3 ?17:44
Airwolf-and, is zope3 is mature enough for production ?17:45
Airwolf-because i've read some rants on the net that makes a turnoff17:45
mgedminvarious people use zope3 in production17:45
Airwolf-my friend have a book on zope 2, can i use it for zope 3?17:49
Airwolf-it was zope bible or something like that17:51
ktwilightzope3 is completely different from zope217:52
mgedminnot really17:52
ktwilightthere's a new z3 book just released, apparently very helpful :)17:53
Airwolf-oh ..17:53
Airwolf-what's the title of the book ?17:54
CSWookieWeb Component Developement with Zope 3, 2nd Ed. is decent.17:54
CSWookieI wish it were thicker, and followed false tracks more to fruition, though.17:55
Airwolf-ok, thank you17:55
Airwolf-you mean ?17:56
CSWookieAirwolf-: It goes right to the proper way to do stuff.17:56
CSWookieMy learning style requires a little slower pace.  On the other hand, it's a decent sized book already.17:57
Airwolf-oh .. sorry, english is not my tongue17:57
CSWookieAirwolf-: It's a good book, and has a website to go with it.17:57
Airwolf-i will check it out17:58
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Airwolf-Does Zope Developer's Guide on also cover zope3 ?18:03
mgedminthere's a zope 3 developer's guide that covers zope 3.018:04
CSWookieAirwolf-: is Zope2 specific, iirc.18:04
mgedminit's a bit outdated18:04
CSWookieEvidently, I do not recall correctly.18:05
Airwolf-zope 3 is err, 3.3.0 version already but still no one write/port a (non-private) CMS using zope3 ?18:07
CSWookieAirwolf-: Sounds like alearning project :-)18:09
jhauser_the big z2-cms are using z3 technics by means of the five integration18:11
jhauser_so there is some form of porting on it's way18:11
Airwolf-so, there's a possibility to hack z2 cms-es to run on z3 ?18:12
jhauser_no the run on zope218:13
jhauser_but it's possible to reuse z3 stuff in z218:13
mgedminmaybe zope 3 should've had a different name18:15
WebMavenf comes before g18:17
WebMavenso, the next one would be zopg18:17
WebMavenand then zoph18:17
WebMavenwhich would be confusing again, because it sounds like zopf18:18
WebMaven"why couldn't the pick a less confusing name than Zoph?"18:18
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Airwolf-zwat .. zope web application toolkit18:35
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d2mi found zope.component.globalregistry dependent on zope.testing --> with the new dependency layers the methods like provideUtility fail to load when used outside a zope app server18:40
WebMavenAirwolf-: there was a minimal CMS implementation for Zope3 constructed as a demo. Let me find the link...18:40
d2mbecause the zope.testing dependencies are not installed by easy_install18:42
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Airwolf-well, thank you very much WebMaven  ... that can be very helpful18:43
Lumierewhat version of gcc does zope3 svn require?18:44
WebMavenAirwolf-: sorry, looks like the Cubic project is dead and gone. Let me see if there is anything else...18:44
d2mLumiere, look at your python2.4.418:45
WebMavenAirwolf-: z3ecm might be worth looking at... no changes in the last 6 months though:
Lumierehmm... only have 2.4.318:45
d2mLumiere, good enough18:46
Airwolf-that's very kind of you WebMaven18:46
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Lumiereit matches the current gcc I am using... but I do get errors18:46
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d2mLumiere, which errors ? missing header files ?18:47
Lumiereit didn't look that way, but I am guessing that's the primary reason18:47
MacYET_Lumiere: all decent gcc version should work18:48
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d2mLumiere,maybe you did the setup wrong? here is the link to install zope3 from svn
Lumiered2m: I'm working with schooltool18:50
Lumiereso I am checking back through their setup commands18:50
d2mLumiere, Schooltool does the install all by itself18:50
d2mno need to setup zope18:50
LumiereI am just tracking where the errors are18:50
Lumierethank you for the help18:51
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Airwolf-tch ... it's hard when you're the only person IN THE CITY who knows python ... no n00bs to discuss things ...19:11
Airwolf-and everyone wants cooked stuff ...19:14
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Theunisrichter: ping20:04
*** MacYET__ has joined #zope3-dev20:04
srichterTheuni: pong20:06
Theunican you make me an administrator of the project in launchpad?20:06
Theunii just applied so you should be able to find me.20:06
srichteryep, just got the mail20:06
srichterfor some reason I cannot use the beta site20:07
srichterwhere you tried to apply20:07
srichteryeah, I am not listed as a beta tester20:08
* MacYET__ is away: Kraehe, wunderliches Tier, willst mich nicht verlassen, Kraehe lass mich endlich sehen, Treue bis zum Grabe20:09
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Theunisrichter: the data is the same20:16
Theunijust go to the normal site20:16
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srichterTheuni: done20:23
*** Airwolf- has quit IRC20:25
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Theunisrichter: can you make me an admin?20:30
Theunii'm just approved right now20:30
srichterhow can I do this?20:30
srichterI think only Philipp, who is the owner of the group, can make you an administrator of the zope-admin group20:33
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radixIf my first instinct is to want something like directlyProvides((a, b), IFoo), to make getMultiAdapter((a, b), IFoo) work, what do I actually want?21:33
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srichtermyTuple = (a, b)21:34
srichterdirectlyProvides(myTuple, IFoo)21:34
srichteraehm, forget this21:35
srichterI really do not understand what you are trying to do21:35
radixyeah, that's what I thought :)21:35
radixsrichter: write unit tests21:35
radixsrichter: there is code that I know is going to be getting a multiadapter from (a, b) to IFoo, and I just want to set it up so that it will work concisely in my unit test21:35
srichterah, in this case register an adapter from (Interface, Interface) -> IFoo21:37
srichterThis way the adaptation will always work21:37
radixwon't that affect all sorts of other things?21:38
radixisn't that bad?21:38
srichterotherwise you have to be more specific21:38
radixI would like to be very specific :)21:38
srichternot really, because more specific things will win21:38
radixhmm, ok21:38
srichteryou can also do:21:38
srichteradapter from class_of_a, class_of_b -> IFoo21:39
radixah yeah, that'd be better, and doable since my classes are local mocks that no one else has21:39
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radixit's still fairly awkward, I wonder if there's any chance there could be something like what I said in the future21:58
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mgedminwhat exactly is awkward?22:00
mgedminzope.component.provideMultiAdapter(lambda *a: None, adapts=[IA, IB], provides=IFoo) ?22:01
mgedminoops, actually that would cause component lookup errors, because None means the adapter is not available22:01
mgedminbesides, you need some object that actually provides the methods defined in IFoo22:02
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radixmaybe it's not22:11
radixor, well, it's slightly aesthetically displeasing that it's making a global change22:12
*** afd__ has quit IRC22:14
mgedmina temporary global change22:15
mgedminthe setUp of your tests calls
mgedminthen you register the adapters/utilities you need for the test22:15
mgedminthen your tearDown calls and all your adapters are unregistered, leaving a clean slate22:15
*** MacYET has joined #zope3-dev22:17
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radixright, and that is the reason that it is aesthetically displeasing :)22:22
radixno matter, I can deal with it22:22
mgedminzope 3 has too many globals, if you ask me22:23
radixtrue that22:23
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Theunii wonder from where the configure script in the zope release comes from ...23:53
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