IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-03-07

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zagy_hmm... the pagetemplate resource is not setting the content type in the reponse.09:47
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jodokTheuni: ping11:39
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Theunithe wiki is annoying17:53
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mgedminwhich wiki?17:55
ccombI guess wiki.zope.org17:56
ccombI wonder wether the Summer of Code could be turned into a Summer of Documentation ? :)17:58
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projekt01ccomb, or the Summer of fix the wiki for IE18:02
ccombor the Summer of Learn People Not To Use IE18:03
ccomb(oops, bad english)18:03
Theuniyeah. zwiki.18:09
Theuniit doesn't want me to make any changes.18:09
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softdevrhi, I'm having trouble accessing the interface of objects in a container.  I've added a require tag in the ZCML file though.18:13
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softdevrI can access the container's attributes, but not the contained objs - ForbiddenAttribute18:15
ccombYour object interface extends IContainer ?18:18
mgedminand specifically which attribute is forbidden?18:19
softdevrccomb - yeah18:20
softdevrmgedmin: I've added a couple of text / text lines attributes18:21
mgedminthat does not answer my question18:22
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ccombwhat does your require zcml declaration contain?18:23
softdevrmgedim: ok, so the one I'm trying to access is 'author'18:24
* mgedmin needs to see both the exception and the zcml permission declaration in order to give a useful answer18:25
softdevrccomb: zcml contains: <require interface="" permission="zope.Public" />18:26
ccombyou need set_schema18:27
mgedminyou also need <require interface="...IReadContainer" permission="..." />18:28
ccombI've understood he cannot write the attribute18:28
mgedmin"I can access the container's attributes, but not the contained objs"18:28
mgedminto access contained objs you need to allow __getitem__ at least18:29
mgedminbut IReadContainer is better18:29
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d2mTheuni: let me check edit permissions in zwiki18:29
Theunid2m: no. it's not edit permissions.18:30
Theuniit's *slooooooooooooooooooow*ness18:30
Theuniit took about 4 minutes to apply the last change i did18:30
d2moh, its gone to sleep again18:30
d2mTheuni: likely it has restarted and now it is not coming up again - this happens ever other day now18:31
Theuniwhy would it restart in the first place?18:31
d2mTheuni: no idea, low on ram likely18:32
Theunihow much ram does that machine have?18:32
d2mthis runs on a 256MB vhost18:32
Theunihow many objects in the ZODB cache?18:32
Theunihow many threads?18:32
d2mtoo many18:32
d2myou need to ask sm in #zwiki for detail (hardware and setup)18:33
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softdevrccomb / mgedin - thanks I'll try that out18:36
ccomba question, if you set the require permission on IReadContainer, won't you have the risk to set this permission for *every* ReadContainer, instead of just the wanted object ?18:38
mgedminIReadContainer is used to get a list of attribute names18:40
mgedminthe permissions are declared for your object only18:40
mgedminbut note that when you subclass some Zope 3 class like, say, SampleContainer, permissions are not inherited18:41
ccombah yes, it's inside  zope:class18:41
mgedminand you always have to add the security declarations18:41
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Theunijodok_: whazzaup?18:55
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softdevrmgedmin: I've tried to add a require tag for IReadContainer within the content class but that's causing compilations errors19:01
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softdevrA problem in the ZCML ... For: ('protectName', <class ''>, 'values')19:03
softdevrand ... For: ('protectName', <class ''>, 'keys')19:04
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softdevrin the bookmarker example online, in the configure.zcml file the content class has no implements tag for .interfaces.IBookmarker21:31
softdevrbut the code works21:31
softdevrmy code only works if I include the 'implements'21:33
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benjisoftdevr: (I don't know anything about bookmarker) does the class inherit from a class that does implement the interface, or perhaps implement a different interface that extens IBookmarker?21:35
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softdevrbenji: no, the class implements the interface21:37
benjisoftdevr: oh, I misunderstood your question; you're asking "why doesn't the ZCML mention implements", right?21:38
benjithe short answer is: because the class does; you only need to do it in ZCML if the class doesn't make it explicitly21:39
softdevri'm trying to create my own container/contained model, and it uses the same approach but it will only work if I put it into the ZCML too21:41
benjisorry, nothing jumps out at me21:44
softdevrthat's an aside really. I'm trying to create a view class for my custom container but am getting a ForbiddenAttribute error when I try to access data from the contained objs.21:46
softdevrWhile trying to find any differences between what I've done and the example that's what I noticed21:46
softdevrI can access the container's attributes.  Previously it was suggested that permission was given for IReadContainer on the container but that tutorial doesn't need to do that and it works21:48
softdevr(it displays the contained objects in a view)21:48
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mgedminthe fact that TAL apparently uses dictionary internal order when rendering tal:attributes makes doctests fun to write22:03
benjiI haven't noticed that, but it might not be that noticable22:04
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mgedminI don't know what I did, but doctest went crazy on me22:47
mgedmin  >>> widget = MyWidget(field, request)22:47
mgedmin   >>> print widget()22:47
mgedminit fails on the second line claiming that global 'widget' is not found22:47
mgedminno errors on the first line22:47
mgedminoh, duh, my fault22:48
* mgedmin forgot how to read tracebacks22:48
J1mTheuni, are you stil working on the download cache for buildout?22:51
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TheuniJ1m: Yes in general, no in the moment. I'm tied up with paid work again so it's a bit down my list.22:55
TheuniI do have some code ready though which I started working on but didn't get finished.22:56
TheuniAlso the notes that we made on the two types of caching.22:56
TheuniI'll check those in on a branch in case you want to use those.22:56
TheuniJ1m: see svn+ssh://
Theuninot as ctheune of course ;)22:59
J1mOK, I may want to pusue this quicker than you do.23:00
Theunithats what we have svn for :)23:00
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J1mI'm getting very tired of sites having the distros we need being down.23:15
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Theuniwhich one is it now?23:21
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J1mTheuni, it's amk's site for pycrypto.23:42
Theuniwe're getting eggs from there or externals?23:42
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