IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-03-08

mgedminrandom question: the US timezone changed recently, afaik; was pytz updated?00:02
mgedmin(and especially the copy of pytz that's bundled with zope 3)00:03
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TheuniThis is interesting.00:15
TheuniWhen I assign a built-in function to an attribute on a class and call self.builtinfunc() then this works00:15
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Theuniwhen I assign a function to a class the same way, it requires the signature to have the `self` argument00:16
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Jell-O-Fishihi. i think i found a bug in . if an entry is added to the cache without having a miss first (for example to calculate in advance some long calculation that is going to be looked up int the near furutre), then the miss counter for that object doesn't exist, and getStaistics in raises a KeyError.02:31
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Airwolf-anyone uses emacs ?08:53
zagyyes, but not me ;)08:53
Airwolf-it's so confusing ... i prefer wordstar over emacs ... hehehe08:53
Airwolf-but unfortunately ws is for printed output ...08:54
zagypirnt it and have a monkey type it in again08:54
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romanofskimoin :)09:30
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* baijum bored with eggification and buildout
* baijum anyway it will be finished by next week15:41
* baijum going for a tour think weekend :)15:41
philiKONbaijum: thanks for your hard work15:42
philiKONknow that it is highly appreciated15:42
baijumthanks !15:44
baijumbtw, philiKON, how we are going to attract students to join SoC ?15:44
baijumany palns ?15:44
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philiKONbaijum: make announcements15:45
philiKONon various lists15:45
philiKONtry to tell local user groups, etc.15:46
baijumok, I will write to Banagalore lists15:46
baijumalso in my blog15:46
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philiKONbaijum: note that the ZF isn't officially accepted yet16:02
philiKONand might not be16:02
philiKONso, until we actually hear from google, we shouldn't advertise16:02
baijumphiliKON, ok16:03
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* baijum leaving16:04
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projekt01benji, is Gary there?17:44
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benjiprojekt01: yep; he generally stays out of IRC of late18:00
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benjiphiliKON: if you give me a good reason, I might be able to persuade him to join us :)18:03
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philiKONbenji: um, it's my birtyday :)18:04
mgedminhappy birthday, philiKON18:04
philiKONbenji: talking about joining, just sent you guys an email18:05
ignasbenji: any particular reason why i can't do ctrl.displayValue = "Foo" instead of ctrl.displayValue = ["Foo"] for non multiple select widgets?18:05
* srichter wishes philiKON also a Happy Birthday!18:05
benjiignas: I think so, but don't recall off the top of my head18:05
* benji hears Gary's packets streaming toward the IRC server18:07
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lucieHappy birthday philiKON !18:15
philiKONthank you18:16
Theunihappy bday philiKON !18:16
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gary_posterhappy birthday philiKON ;-)18:18
philiKONhi gary18:18
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romanofskihappy birthday philiKON !!18:21
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WebMavenphiliKON: it's your birthday? Happy Birthday!18:25
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* philiKON wishes he had never said that out loud18:26
philiKONbut thanks guys :)18:26
projekt01beji, can you ask Gary which version of zc.catalog we can use with the trunk?18:27
benjigary_poster:  which version of zc.catalog we can use with the trunk?18:27
benjihow's that for service, projekt01? :)18:27
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projekt01benji, Ah, he is here, thanks18:30
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gary_posterwe *think* that the trunk of zc.catalog works with trunk of zope with legacy instances.  let me know if not and I'll pass it along18:30
projekt01gary_poster, all functional test are working, except the representation of the IFBTree18:31
projekt01    BTrees.IFBTree.IFBucket([(1, 1.0)])18:31
projekt01    BTrees._IFBTree.IFBucket([(1, 1.0)])18:31
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gary_posterprojekt01: looks like you have old ZODB, the _ is the bug I fixed.18:34
gary_postersuggest recompile.  Also ensure you have trunk of BTrees.  (I'm busy, so hope this makes sense)18:34
projekt01gary_poster, thanks, will try it18:35
algaprojekt01: try pinging me directly in case you have any problems18:35
projekt01alga, thanks, I let you know if gary's hint doesn't solve the problem18:36
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