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baijumJust now I tried to run buildout in zope.viewlet08:41
baijumit shows an error like:08:42
baijumCouldn't find index page for 'zope.documenttemplate' (maybe misspelled?)08:42
baijumNo local packages or download links found for zope.documenttemplate08:42
baijumbut this  zope.documenttemplate is there in
baijumwhich I have given as find-links = in buildout.cfg08:43
baijumWhy buildout not fetching that package from, It was working earlier ...08:44
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dobeedoes anybody know how to set the number of threads zserver starts?11:41
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narodobee: zope.conf11:46
dobeenaro: thx, finaly found it described in zope/app/server/schema.xml11:48
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timteWhat do you people do if you have projects that use different branches of a package? I can't add the package to site-packages because only one version can be used that way.13:57
timteand if I have the directory structure my.project/src/my/project the package won't be found13:58
timteif I put it in lib/python that is13:58
timtehmm, maybe symbolic links to some other path on your harddrive? but then bundles won't be as easy any more14:00
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Theunitimte: buildout and eggs make that easier14:01
Theunibecause they activate the packages for each project as needed14:01
timteok, I should learn buildout then, good suggestion14:02
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baijumJ1m, ayt ?14:07
baijumI am getting an error when running buidout in some packages (eg:- zope.viewlet)14:08
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baijumCouldn't find index page for 'zope.documenttemplate' (maybe misspelled?)14:08
baijumNo local packages or download links found for zope.documenttemplate14:09
baijum but this  zope.documenttemplate is there in
baijumI think buidout not fetching that package from, It was working earlier ...14:09
baijumI have given as find-links = in buildout.cfg14:09
baijuma bug ?14:10
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J1mI'm getting a similar error for zope.traversing.14:21
baijumyes, in the case of  zope.traversing ?14:22
J1mI don't know what you mean14:23
baijumwhen I run buildout from zope.traversing, it shows: Couldn't find index page for '' (maybe misspelled?)14:23
baijumNo local packages or download links found for zope.security14:24
baijumerror: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('') (--always-copy skips system and development eggs)14:24
baijum  Installing14:24
baijum  Processing develop directory /var/tmp/wa/buildeggs/zope.traversing/.14:24
baijumAn internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a14:24
baijumrecipe being used:14:24
J1mOne thing at a time.14:25
J1mI'm looking at the viewlet thing now.14:25
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baijumto make sure that is accessible, I tried: easy_install --find-links zope.location And it's worked.14:29
J1mlet me figure out what's going on.14:29
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J1mbaijum, This is going to take more digging than I have time for right now.14:36
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J1mI'll look at this later and get back to you.14:37
baijumJ1m, ok14:37
* baijum had already dig into zc.buildout for first time for this, but couldn't reach anywhere :(14:38
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baijumJ1m, the problem which I described earlier no more happens to me, earlier I was inside, may be it has something to do with that...16:06
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pcarduneignas: are there broken tests in attendance in resource-booking branch?17:39
ignashmm, let me check17:40
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natea|bbqsprintfaassen: ping18:22
faassennatea|bbqsprint: pong18:24
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chrome___hi all -- quick question regarding formlib: what does this --> error tell me?20:20
chrome___somehow it cant seem to find an adapter but i am at a loss why20:20
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ignasseems like widget registration for Set is missing20:24
ignasemm, seems like instead of looking it up for Set + request20:24
ignasit is being looked up for Set + None + Request20:24
ignaswhy is someone querying multi adapter for 3 items when he should only be looking it up for 2 items ?20:25
chrome___i dont know... i get this error when trying to view a formlib - generated page20:26
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ignascan't help you without seeing the code20:27
chrome___i'm trying to build a simple example to go along with philipps book; i'll try to narrow that down20:27
chrome___thx for now20:27
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ignaschrome___: i have to go now, but you should check if you are using the same version of Zope3 that the book was written for ...20:33
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faassenJ1m: do you have any vague ideas about ETAs for an egg cache?20:42
faassenJ1m: for zc.buildout?20:42
J1msoon, very soon20:42
faassenJ1m: cool20:42
faassenJ1m: I'm preparing sample code + buildouts for the grok tutorial20:42
faassenJ1m: and I want people to just be able to download the tgz, unpack it, bootstrap, bin/buildout and there ya go.20:43
faassenJ1m: and that needs to be fast. i'm already assuming they have z3 set up somehow so that doesn't need to repeat.20:43
J1mThe download cache won't make that use case go any faster.20:43
faassenwhy not?20:43
faassenoh, not for the *first* sample.20:44
J1mMaybe we're not talking about the same thing.20:44
faassenbut for the second and third and nth sample.20:44
faassenit should be faster.20:44
faassensorry, I skipped that minor detail. :)20:44
J1mBTW, for that use case, you don't need anything new.20:44
faassenit's already reasonably fast as long as you have a shared z3 install.20:44
J1mYou can aleady set up a shared eggs directory.20:44
faassenoh, I didn't know that.20:45
J1mJust set eggs-directory do a common directory.20:45
faassenaah, I see some in the docs about this, i think.20:45
J1mOften this is done in ~/.buildout/default.cfg20:45
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philiKONcouldn't we also provide a .tgz with eggs pre-installed?20:46
faasseneggs-directory in the buildout section, right?20:46
J1mphiliKON, that won't work for platform-specific eggs20:46
faassenas long as they're not binary eggs.20:46
philiKONJ1m: true20:46
faassenanyway, for z3 itself..20:47
J1mfaassen, jargon: platform-specific :)20:47
faassenI should experiment with the new egg-driven z3.20:47
faassenJ1m: oh, platform-specific eggs.20:47
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faassenJ1m: I will not use binary anymore, for reasons i'm not sure about. :)20:47
J1meggs are considered binary distributions.20:47
J1mso all eggs are binary. :)20:48
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faassenanyway, the best way to ship lots of sample apps is to have them share eggs.20:48
faassenand for it to use the eggified zope 3.20:48
faassenthat way bin/buildout should run really quick.20:48
faassenit would be nice if the step could somehow be skipped.20:48
J1mBut part of my plan for the download cache is to enable shipping tar balls with everything needed locally.20:49
faassenmaybe I'll ship a tiny python script that does os.system('python') and os.system('bin/buildout') :)20:49
faassenJ1m: yeah, that would be cool. not for this use case but for many application installation use cases it would.20:49
faassenJ1m: if I have some big complicated zope 3 app I want people to be able to install easily.20:50
J1mIt would be cool for this use case because you could ship all of the platform-independent eggs you need and source distros for the others.20:50
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faassenyes, in a separate download.20:50
J1mor in the same download20:51
faassenthat would at least stop things breaking should some URL with some essential egg become temporarily unavailable. :)20:51
faassenJ1m: right, if I have a single download with all the little sample buildouts.20:51
J1mNot that that ever happens.20:51
faassenJ1m: URLs suddenly breaking? never happens. :)20:51
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faassenanyway, all this stuff is really cool, thanks J1m :)20:52
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faassenJ1m: the zope 3 egg based buildout is Zope3.buildout, right?21:20
faassenJ1m: doulbe checking as the last checkin there is 2 weeks ago.21:21
J1mI'm not sure what state it's in.21:21
faassenJ1m: though I imagine work might've been taking place in the recipe there.21:21
faassenJ1m: ah okay :)21:21
faassenJ1m: anyway, thanks for the hint about sharing eggs.21:21
faassenJ1m: I now have a framework of sample apps which is pretty rapid if you do bin/buildout -o21:21
faassenhm,, does it look online?21:22
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faassenhm, is there a way to speed it up if you already have the eggs in a shared eggs directory?21:23
faassenby skipping online check?21:23
J1mtake a look at the zc.rebootstrap recipe project.21:23
faassenokay, will do.21:23
J1mIt installs a bootstrap script that uses relative path names.21:24
J1mWe use this when generating rpms.21:24
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J1mwhere we need to rebootstrap after installing the rpm.21:24
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faassenhm, it's a recipe.21:24
faassenI'm having a by its bootstraps moment here.21:25
J1mThis is too much to type.21:25
faassenyeah, sorry about that.21:25
J1mPlease start skype. :)21:25
faassenI'm just trying to understand.21:25
faassenah, will do, sure.21:26
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J1mThese are slides from my buildout tutorial at pycon21:41
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faassenJ1m: any idea what could be triggering this error?21:52
faassen  Installing recipe zc.recipe.egg21:52
faassenAn internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a21:52
faassenrecipe being used:21:52
faassenBuildout instance has no attribute '_logger'21:52
faassen(when I run
faassenoh, wait..21:53
faassenI think I know what.21:53
faassenI have two sections called [buildout].21:53
faassenthat's probably bad.21:53
J1mNo, it sounds like a bug.21:53
J1mRun with -D21:53
faassenwell, I suspect I triggered it because I had two sections called [buildout] in the same file.21:53
faassenI'll try that.21:54
J1mYou can repeat sections.21:54
faassenfyi, it's the following (braindead) buildout.cfg that triggers it.21:54
faasseneggs-directory = eggs21:55
faassenrecipe = zc.recipe.egg21:55
faasseneggs = zc.buildout21:55
faassenscripts = buildout=buildout21:55
faassenthe error is here:21:55
J1mIt is the recipe in the buildout section that confused it.21:55
faassen-> recipe_class = _install_and_load(reqs, 'zc.buildout', entry, buildout)21:55
faassen> /tmp/tmpc-zLIn/zc.buildout-1.0.0b22-py2.4.egg/zc/buildout/
faassenit was pretty braindead. :)21:55
J1mPlease submit a bug report.21:56
faassenwill do.21:56
J1mAnd rename your second section. :)21:56
faassenalready done.21:56
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faassenJ1m: all this (including restructured text inclusion) is working as planned, so thanks. :)22:46
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