IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-03-22

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BhaskarAny good IDE for Python ??10:47
dlkwith PyDev and optionally PyDev extensions.10:48
dlkPyDev is free, Extesions are a cheap add-on10:48
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dlkwith the subclipse add-on you also get svn integration10:50
Bhaskardlk, PyDEv, from where i can download?10:53
dlk2 secs10:53
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dlkI use it for all my development needs, even editing ZPT etc.10:54
dlkEclipse, I mean.10:54
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Bhaskardlk, thanks, Any GUI Builder for python like Netbean for java10:55
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dlkI am not familiera with the jav stuff, but I think there is some wxPython based stuff... and there are things like Dabo, that can be used as a GUI builder... Dabo is more of a platform for db.backed things, though...
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dlk has some references, most notably
dlkfor native windows,
dlkI have not used any of these things myself, but I try to keep track of them...11:01
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Bhaskardlk, for making rapid GUI what to do you?11:02
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dlkI don't :-) I am still in the webdevelopment niche, but I used to do GUI stuff a couple of years ago, hence my interest in these matters.11:03
dlkI have not yet had the opportunity to do GUI stuff in python, other than www-stuff.11:03
Bhaskardlk, u are web programmer?11:03
dlkI think Dabo might be a good choice, but like I said, it is only based on what Ive read about it.11:04
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dlkyes, mostly backend, but some front end too.11:04
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Bhaskardlk, PHP or what?11:05
dlkbtw, i thinkt the GUI discussion is getting a bit off topic for this particular chanell11:05
dlkzope2, to be more specific11:05
Bhaskari am also learning zope11:05
Bhaskardlk, i am beginner of zope11:06
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Bhaskardlk, best way of learning zope in short time ??11:07
dlkoh... there is none :-)11:09
Bhaskardlk, how u learn ?11:10
dlkfor zope3 I think the best way is to buy a copy of Phillip's book11:10
dlkand then look at the grok project,11:11
dlkthe main struggle with zope is to change the qay one thinks about web development. it is both easier and harder than in say php.11:11
dlkI learnt the hard way, but trial and error. I am still learning new things about zope2 and I have not yet begun to look into zope3.11:13
Bhaskardlk, can i find phillip book in pdf or online free?11:15
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dlkno, you have to buy it. the second edition came out just a couple of months ago.11:17
dlkhas some links. some of the online docs are a bit outdated, most of the zope2 stuff is pre zope 2.8, where some significant changes were made and in 2.9 (i think) things from zope3 were being incorporated in zope2.11:19
jpcw2002dlk:chalmers website is running with zope and cps11:27
jpcw2002maybe you can learn zope with Jean-Marc Orliaguet11:27
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jpcw2002dlk:sorry i confuse you with Bhaskar !11:29
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dlkjpcw2002: no problem :-)11:38
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baijumdobee, I saw your commit for buildoutification of, are you planning to do this for other packages in namespace ?13:42
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dobeebaijum: yes probably, we are eggifying some of the lovely packages, and when we have a specific dependency we do buildout for those14:43
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MarkB1how to I get the "direct" interface (not including creator, modifier, etc) for a Z3 object -- I found queryInterface somewheres, but appears to need a context obj23:03
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timteMarkB1: what do you mean?23:08
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MarkB1timte: dumping an old Z4I ZODB for a customer -- almost done, except for Z3 content objs (folders working)23:09
MarkB1mods to FSDump23:09
MarkB1I am a decent Py guy, but looking at 2003 Z3 -- argh -- just finished PhilW's course23:09
timtewhat do you mean by "direct" interface?23:10
MarkB1for a given Z3 obj, traversing ZODB, need to dump it's data by schema names (if I am correct)23:10
MarkB1already getting the metadata by ICreateModifyTracker interf23:10
MarkB1pseudo-codish attempt @ (realize, this is an add-on to FSDump product) ...23:13
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timtedo you have phil's book?23:14
timteiirc you can do something like "for field in interface: ..."23:15
MarkB1timte: sure, but I don't know what the interf is, all I have is an obj from the ZODB -- but thank u23:16
MarkB1timte: I do have PhilW's book23:16
timtedo you want to know what interface an object provides?23:17
timteinterfaces = directlyProvidedBy(object)23:17
MarkB1timte: thank u, forgot that -- need my 1 page Z3 ref (ha ha), like the 1-page TGears ref ;)23:18
MarkB1that's a big help23:18
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