IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-03-24

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drzoltronHi, I am trying to build a site object but it throws me a ForbiddenAttribute: ('__len__',  ? any idea ?19:19
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drzoltronits pretty much the same as the worldcookery example19:24
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philiKONdrzoltron: you're missing security declarations19:58
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drzoltronphiliKON: hi, hmmm, where ?20:10
drzoltronphiliKON: <require20:10
drzoltron        permission="zope.ManageServices"20:10
drzoltron        attributes="setSiteManager"20:10
drzoltron        />20:10
drzoltrondoes not change anything20:11
philiKONand then you need to protect/allow IContainer20:11
drzoltron<allow attributes="getSiteManager" />20:11
philiKONthat's still part of ISite20:11
philiKONISite is getSiteManager/setSiteManager20:11
philiKONIContainer is the dict interface20:11
philiKON(__len__, keys(), values(), etc.)20:11
philiKONin the book i simply do <require like_class=".folder.RecipeFolder" />20:11
drzoltronah, thats the only thing I am not using ;)20:12
drzoltronas I have no recipies here ;)20:12
philiKONyou could also copy the security declarations for IReadContainer and IWRiteContainer20:12
drzoltronOK, will try thanx a lot20:12
philiKONbasically, a forbiddenattribute error is always a sign for either:20:13
philiKON- you're missing security declarations20:13
philiKON- you're accessing something that you shouldn't be accessing20:13
drzoltronok, thanx20:13
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drzoltronphiliKON: cool, works now ! ;)20:14
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drzoltronmaybe I should write a robot, where your paste your traceback and it fixes your mistakes ;)20:14
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